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  2. Would this work in the case of the MESS software list though? This is part of the reason that I was asking about the create snaps feature. The internal software list for MESS uses similar naming convention for ROMS as MAME. Hence the No-intro/Good.... naming convention used on EmuMovies is not easily transferable.
  3. Hello All, I am wondering if the Create Snaps options still works and whether or not it can be used for emulators other than MAME. I currently use MESS for most of my emulators and am interested in creating snaps and videos for my collection. I am able to enable and launch the "Create Snaps" feature, unfortunately I only get blank black snaps while it is running. Is there a specific codec that is required for a snap? Thanks again, Rychem
  4. Maybe the other roms not showing up are due to verification. Once I "fixed" the history.dat file I got roms past Carnevil with verification turned on. Prior to the change not all roms were listed regardless of verification and the database that was built for MAME stopped at Carnevil. When I pulled the history.day out from the pointer in the Setup Wizard all roms appeared, albeit with no history.
  5. Never even noticed that, maybe the same issue is contained within those descriptions. I am going to go take a look to see if my XCOTA is there.
  6. See the attached png. It is in the Carnevil description and located between the words shotgun and shotgun's
  7. It has to do with the history.dat file. There is a | separator placed in the description of Carnevil. If you go do a manual edit of the history.dat and takeaway the separator, then rebuild the list everything will be fine. Took me a while to figure this one out.
  8. You can try here, it does not have the intermediate updates only the full releases though. http://www.mamedev.org/oldrel.html If you want the intermediates you can also use this: http://www.mamedev.org/updates/0139u1_diff.zip <-- change the u update that you are looking for and you should be redirected to the source code package: ie change 0139u1 to 139u2 and you will be redirected to the u2 update package.
  9. I would like to see future version of Gameex support the new history.dat from Arcade History.
  10. Thanks for your help, I should be able to have my emu's up and running in no time. I never bothered opening the advanced config editor so never knew that this was an option. Take care.
  11. Not to sound like a total dolt, how do I go about doing that? I opened the MameEmu Magician included with the GameEx install and mapped the rom to correct emulator. Then I tried placing that rom in the list I wanted it to show up in, but is still does not seem to be running the correct command line. Thanks.
  12. I am wondering if the GameEx MAP files have the ability to send different command lines to a given emulator (in this case MESS) for any given rom file. For example, I have one list for all Genesis/Megadrive games, however MESS can not distinguish and automatically select the appropriate clone in order to run some of the Megadrive games, if using Genesis as system in the MESS command line (and the GameEx ini) I will get an error saying that the rom is not playable on the genesis. Before GameEx, I had been using MAMEWah and it had allowed for separate ini's to be created for each rom, so that I only had one Genesis/Megadrive list but was able (albeit after a little work)to run any rom by changing the command line on the fly. It appears that the Map files allow custom naming, but can custom command lines also be sent along. Or am I stuck creating a separate MegaDrive emulator. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the help. Everything is back to normal.
  14. Hi all, I have recently upgraded to GameEx 11.18 and all my game lists now only show text as opposed to the images that they were showing with 11.15. I replaced the GameEx.ini file with the back-up and manual checked that my Display images is set to Yes-big (using the set-up wizard and GameEx config utility), but have not been able to get it back to normal. One other note, I no longer see the loading screen when GameEx is loading. Any suggestions?
  15. For Epsxe the command line that I use to launch an image file is this: epsxe.exe -nogui -slowboot -loadbin "[rompath]\[romfile]" -loadmemc0 "memcards\[rom]" This will also launch the bios screen and load memory cards automatically, but you may not want this. For GameEx make sure that in the setup file you set the show desktop option for this emulator to true or else epsxe will never take focus. And for epsxe use the standard plug-in for the Cd-rom. I think it is called epsxe cdr win2k 1.70, it now has the ability to load image files and has the least compatibility issues compared to the other plugins.
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