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  1. So Draco do you supose that this request that that I have made is "reasonable?" or doable?
  2. So I take it it will not be implemented then ? It really would be a good idea
  3. Is there a way to set up a separate favorites menu for each type of emulator Not just a favouites menu with all games ? Same with random games option is it possible to have random games sellection for each type of emulator ? Eg Mame favorites list , nintendo favorites list , pinball favorites list ...etc Eg Random Mame game, random nintendo game , random pinball game
  4. I disabled video snaps and it worked fine, but no vids I just updated again and now it works with video snaps enabled Thanks
  5. I thought I attached my log file on first post .I'll try again log.txt
  6. I have been using Gameex with "Default - amimated" theme , it has been working fine. I have recently updated Gameex and now every time I go to Favourites or Mame games select screen every thing freezes. It all works well with "default" theme, but I like the "default - animated" theme. Has anyone else had this problem or can anyone help ?
  7. How do I get Game Base Videos into my Gameex They are all live videos ,is their a download link ? I specifically want c-64 videos I have the GB64 v07 any idea were to get videos downloaded ?
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