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  1. Hi Raven_Kilit and Welcome to the forums! Thanks for giving SwitchDisc a shot. I have to tell you that it's been quite a while since I've looked at the internals of this app. Having said that I'd be glad to try and assist. When you have a moment, would you please post the contents of your SwitchDisc.xml? It's found in your SwitchDisc directory under config\. Based on your log it appears that your config is empty or that SwitchDisc was launched without command line params (possibly both). I'll also put this out there. I used to be a diehard ePSXe user, but these days for the purposes of PlayStation emulation, I've fully converted to using RetroArch and never looked back. It's such a solid base for emulation and among other things it offers a really slick in built solution for changing discs directly within the interface. So even as the author of SwitchDisc I currently use RetroArch for this purpose. Shameful I know.
  2. If you have a variety of original hardware that you're looking to have plugged in at all times, BlissBox is the best option out there hands down. If you only have a couple of controllers, or you don't intend to have everything plugged in at all times, there are also a variety of single adapters out there (I've had good luck with Mayflash in the past, but I know others who have had issues, YMMV). FWIW I'm not a fanatic about using original hardware for emulated systems, but there are certainly some systems out there for which original hardware is really the only way to make it seem "natural" (N64 is one huge example of this).
  3. Congrats Stigz! This is one of the oldest requested features in GameEx. Well done man.
  4. Hi smkinney, welcome to the Spesoft forums! You inadvertently posted this into the Convert-It support forums which is a whole separate application suite from the one for which you're seeking assistance. I moved it to the GameEx General forum where it will receive more attention. In regards to your issue please provide your GameEx.ini and your most recent log file. If you're unsure of how to access that information, please check the GameEx: How to Ask for Help link in my signature. Your MAME issue may wind up being an issue in which your ROM set doesn't match up with your version of MAME. All the same, you GameEx settings and log will help us to determine what's happenning. Game control settings can be accessed through the tab menu in MAME and can be modified at the global level or a per game level.
  5. Life is short. Emulate.

  6. Awesome update Tom! Thanks for always being so responsive to the voice of GameEx users.
  7. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Good stuff. But yeah ... Stanis sucks.
  8. Hell yeah, that's a name you don't hear everyday! Good call! (Sorry for OT) Back on topic I modified the title of the thread to alert Tom that there may be an issue with alpha rendering as others have suggested.
  9. Heh, I'm pretty sure he meant game logo files in place of snaps (so rather then using a snap of the game play or whatevs you're using the logos). I definitely wouldn't recommend converting to a more obscure format! Beautiful game room man! Is that a bar cab sitting on top of a steamer chest? I never would have thought about it, but it's a really cool look, kinda like a Pirate Cove or something!
  10. Great additions @gStAv! Thanks for your great work on these!
  11. Yes he had his hand in quite a number of applications and projects related both to GameEx and emulation in general. One might say he was a bit of a "Magician"
  12. Yeah @Tempest officially changed his title to "Retired" a while back (check out the rank on his profile page). That said, he'll certainly always be a legend in this community! Happy Birthday Tempest! I hope you're living high on the hog, fat, and happy!
  13. Another awesome clip of Prince. At this point it's almost cliche to say that his flamboyant persona often overshadowed the fact that he was a bit of a genius on guitar, but there it is. Dude could shred. On a stage full of noteworthy guitar players, Prince's solo work absolutely burns the house down. Amazing stuff (solo starts around 3:25).
  14. Good night sweet Prince

  15. The past six months could almost not have been any worse for the world of music. Unfortunately we've lost another legend. It is with a heavy heart that I report that Prince was found dead today in his recording studio. An eccentric visionary from the start, his contributions to the world of pop and rock music are practically innumerable. I just don't even ... (Sorry for the shitty embed. Turns out there aren't too many good clips of Prince on YouTube)
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