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  1. B2K24

    3 MAME Errors

    What o/s and video card are you using? update your DirectX end-user redistributable from Microsoft's site. http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35
  2. B2K24

    -video d3d raster.ini (HLSL)

    I forget exactly. Maybe 0.180 or so. I recommend for anyone to simply use the latest version to avoid problems and conflicts. 158 is 3 years old and it's even before MAME/MESS even merged. You're missing out on so many newly added games, protos, bugfixes, etc. Read the last 3 years of posts by Haze on his blog and ask yourself if you're willing to give up so much progress by sticking with an inferior outdated version of MAME https://mamedev.emulab.it/haze/
  3. B2K24

    -video d3d raster.ini (HLSL)

    Sure. For those that have extracted official or a recent MAME build you'll notice files in location MAME\ini\presets These files take effect when running -video d3d -hlsl_enable from command-line or having video d3d hlsl_enable 1 in mame.ini For those that want to try my modified raster.ini just chuck it in locations MAME\ini and MAME\ini\presets overwriting the one there. (I put it in both locations to make sure it takes effect) What this does is it gives you a really nice HLSL look upon launching any raster game (which is the majority of them) because MAME prioritizes what's in these ini files over what's set in mame.ini
  4. I've been enjoying the look of this the last couple of days I've worked on tweaking settings. It might be too dark for some but on my display it looks really good depending on game chosen. Feedback, opinions, insults, welcome Enjoy! raster.zip
  5. I heard about the game x adnd hyperspin front end and I just cant get this one going

    any ideas On how to help


    1. Kdwrightsr62


      I paid and I think I still have the nag screen 


    2. B2K24


      Please make an appropriate forum thread and the community will assist you.

  6. For GameEX Arcade and even GameEX it would be cool if they can incorporate Wheel Sounds like HyperSpin does. These Wheel Sounds HyperSpin uses are 321 different MP3s in a folder. Every time you arrow up or arrow down on the game listing it plays a random one. It would also be nice if a random one was played when selecting a game or viewing something like flyers, marquee, etc. In GameEX Arcade. I played a lot of GameEX Arcade last night and it grew repetitive always hearing the same Galaga sound when picking a game. GameEX already supports and can play the Arcade Ambiance which is nice, but a random cycle of Arcade sounds when pressing keys on the game listing whould make GameEX Arcade even better Wheel Sounds NEW.zip
  7. B2K24

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.04

    Very impressive work, Tom. The update process is totally fast and looks like it's top-notch now. I'm really appreciating this updates. Would love to read how you changed this to be much faster and much more efficient. Thanks again, Tom
  8. I don't like using the artwork and have it turned off the majority of the time. Be sure you're using video d3d with hlsl enabled. I'll attach my ini folder to this post with settings I really enjoy. ini.zip A big display shouldn't matter as long as you're keeping proper aspect ratio and not stretching to fill the entire screen. mame.ini ini.zip
  9. In the GameEX setup wizard there's a section called MameOptions where GameEX will send command line parameters to MAME upon launching. As of right now you seem to be sending: MameOptions=-nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo -readconfig I would try removing all of that then fire up GameEX and give a random game a run to see if that fixes your issue. If it does not then I would have to recommend getting the latest official binary from mamedev.org (baseline, command line version), and setting that up to your GameEX rather than using a MAMEUI. Many many bugfixes have been applied to critical things like UI handling and such, so it's critical that people update the build that they use. Since GameEX is your UI so to speak it's not necessary to use MAMEUI when you can use a more stable official release build. It helps to know your way around the mame.ini and simply set what you want there rather than trying to do it through clunky MAMEUI tabs.
  10. B2K24

    Rotate display via button?

    This is the exact reason why I run GameEX for horizontal games only and you can hook MAME into PinballX for those vertical games. Tom has added a wonderful feature where GameEX creates XMLs for use with PinballX. Check location GameEx\DATA\PINBALLX
  11. I agree man. Thank You gStAv for all your work and everything you've contributed.
  12. B2K24

    ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    One thing is MAME has dropped ddraw which ArcadeVGA depends on for the custom resolutions and refresh rates that it can support. Another thing is ArcadeVGA only supports fixed resolutions and refresh rates as listed here Many games exist in MAME that run at non fixed or decimal values. 60.606061 Hz or 54.706840 Hz GroovyMAME is just the all-around better option with the proper hardware.
  13. B2K24

    ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    Sorry that this post doesn't offer you a solution or answer your question, but ArcadeVGA is rather obsolete now. Recent changes in MAME have also made it obsolete as well. The better option is GroovyMAME w/ switchres and or CRT Emudriver. I'd have to suggest getting GroovyMAME working and pointing GameEX to that. I'm willing to bet that it will dramatically improve your mame experience. You can always try it in an empty folder so it doesn't mess with what you already have working.
  14. B2K24

    ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    If the option forces your -video to gdi then -switchres option won't work. -switchres doesn't work with -video gdi
  15. B2K24

    [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    Oh wow, I didn't even know about that feature either. Glad you got it all sorted.