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  1. Yes, i would just keep the folder MAME. You also don't need 2 instances of PBX because you can have a MAME.xml and MAME ONLY.xml which then you can isolate only those in the game listing of PBX
  2. Yeah, I was so excited everything was running that I took the pics before going into service mode and adjusting geometry. I have corrected the problem and am very happy with it.
  3. It an almost perfect match to what I'm using now. I got my PS1 hooked up with S-Video and PC w/ CRT Emudriver going component. It makes retro gaming very nice. https://imgur.com/a/uOHGB
  4. That's really awesome. Nice setup there
  5. PBX doesn't scan your roms folder to generate a game listing, it reads an XML file to generate that listing. If you have the games listed in GameEX that you want shown in PBX then it's a simple mater of copying over the XML at location *GameEx\DATA\PINBALLX* VERTICAL.XML or w/e you want to use. In the setup wizard of PBX it must be [TABLEFILE] and are you sure your executable is named mame.exe? It's usually mame64.exe due to 64-bit being the best these days. Is MAME working and launching games outside of PBX? You might need to adjust rompath option in mame.ini
  6. It would be nice if I could map 2 different buttons on my joypad in the setup wizard for advancing to next letter and going to previous letter when browsing through a game list.
  7. I have a GroovyMAME PC setup that uses an old ATI Radeon card w/ component transcoder that's connected to a Sony Trinitron consumer grade CRT TV This PC has a barebones windows 7 Ultimate X64 with no updates because it's offline only. I've noticed after I installed Evo on this PC I get an error when I attempt to run Evo E_NOINTERFACE The requested COM interface is not available (-2147467262) EVO error.txt
  8. I found 15.20 using google and put that on my GroovyMAME setup that's always offline with a bare-bones windows 7 Ultimate X64 and while it remedies the video/stuttering issues, it crashes with a message about missing database files. Unfortunately, Evo doesn't run on that setup either as it crashes with a message. I've put the latest version of GameEX back on the GM setup and I'll see if I can figure something out by tinkering around with settings.
  9. I can reproduce this issue as I've just updated my GameEX because it informed me that an update was available. On my main PC after GameEX 32-bit version finished updating, it looks like the videos are playing about 1.5X - 2X speed compared to an older version I had installed. As A result of this I've noticed more RAM being used. I don't think this is strictly just a 64-bit issue. When I upgraded my GroovyMAME setup because Calamity released 0.202, I upgraded GameEX their too and get constant freezes/unresponsiveness as a result of the videos trying to play too fast. If a Mod or Administrator could send me 15.41 in a PM I'd love to see if this issue happens on multiple setups when rolling back. I might need 15.30 as well as I can't remember which version I had installed previously.
  10. If I had a direct link to them I could attempt to convert it to horizont.zip and vertical.zip Everything I've seen though isn't generic and so you wouldn't want to see X-Men or some specific game when launching many different games. It would have to be generic.
  11. Understood. It looks great on my 27" display but I don't have the means to try it on a giant HDTV so I'm unsure how that would look. Yeah, I wish I could have the filter and glass effect without the scratches and imperfections and such. I'll have to figure out how to make my own if I can. Thanks for giving it a look Yeah the Krakerman bezels look pretty nice. I dislike the fact though that it requires RocketLauncher. A guy named Phulshof takes them and converts them for direct MAME usage. I hope he can keep up with all the work KM does because I don't know how he converts them
  12. That's the thing is this *is* considered a bezel which is applied to all games so it's meant to be used alone. If one is pleased with the look then the sacrifice would have to be acceptable. There's always the option of switching back and forth as well depending on mood.
  13. @tthurman @Draco1962 I might have found something even better. I've really been enjoying the look I'm getting from using the artwork override feature in the mame.ini It seems to be a kind of filter that gives your LCD a glass look. I really like it on my display. So while you're using -video d3d with hlsl using the raster.ini, have MAME use the attached horizont.zip and vertical.zip I recommend to put them in an empty folder along with shadow-mask.png, or any other PNG files you might use and then change the artpath in mame.ini to point to this folder. In the Core Artwork options of mame.ini change it to match what I've posted here: artwork_crop 1 use_backdrops 1 use_overlays 1 use_bezels 1 use_cpanels 1 use_marquees 1 fallback_artwork 1 override_artwork Last thing is to stick horizont.ini and vertical.ini in the ini folder. Let me know if you guys like it test.zip
  14. If you're running RA you may want to check out Analog Shader Pack version 3 It's got tons of shaders you can choose from including Arcade monitors, Professional monitors, Televisions and more.
  15. Yes, yes it is Pretty active sub here --> https://www.reddit.com/r/crtgaming/
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