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  1. Rotate display via button?

    This is the exact reason why I run GameEX for horizontal games only and you can hook MAME into PinballX for those vertical games. Tom has added a wonderful feature where GameEX creates XMLs for use with PinballX. Check location GameEx\DATA\PINBALLX
  2. I agree man. Thank You gStAv for all your work and everything you've contributed.
  3. ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    One thing is MAME has dropped ddraw which ArcadeVGA depends on for the custom resolutions and refresh rates that it can support. Another thing is ArcadeVGA only supports fixed resolutions and refresh rates as listed here Many games exist in MAME that run at non fixed or decimal values. 60.606061 Hz or 54.706840 Hz GroovyMAME is just the all-around better option with the proper hardware.
  4. ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    Sorry that this post doesn't offer you a solution or answer your question, but ArcadeVGA is rather obsolete now. Recent changes in MAME have also made it obsolete as well. The better option is GroovyMAME w/ switchres and or CRT Emudriver. I'd have to suggest getting GroovyMAME working and pointing GameEX to that. I'm willing to bet that it will dramatically improve your mame experience. You can always try it in an empty folder so it doesn't mess with what you already have working.
  5. ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    If the option forces your -video to gdi then -switchres option won't work. -switchres doesn't work with -video gdi
  6. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    Oh wow, I didn't even know about that feature either. Glad you got it all sorted.
  7. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    Did you grab the new GameEX Arcade Install that got updated yesterday? Please grab that and after installing, double check that all paths are set correctly in the Setup Wizard. Keep in mind you can copy and paste the paths in there as you browse them locally. After that's done then preform an Update List in GameEX Arcade Edition itself. After I fixed some minor problems from not running the Arcade Edition for a long time, I've noticed my log doesn't use -verifysets anymore. This isn't something you can enable or disable as tthurman pointed out. You just need to be sure your paths are correct in setup wizard as well as rompath option in mame.ini MAME has it's own internal UI that you can preform a test with to see if it works and launches games without errors without GameEX being involved. To have a successful GameEX experience you obviously want MAME to work without throwing any errors. Double click mame64.exe and type the name of a game you want to run in the search. If you can run a few games without MAME complaining then we need to figure out the issue with GameEX Arcade edition itself. Here's my latest log after my paths are set correctly and I installed the latest. You'll notice -verifysets isn't used and what it sends to MAME is MAME approved. log.txt
  8. [PLUGIN] Game Tagger

    It seems to have fixed itself. Thanks!
  9. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    @spiffo I was able to reproduce your problem when my rompath was set wrong in the GameEX AE Setup Wizard. Once I corrected that then the games show as they should based on my settings. Here's a log of my last run but am unsure if it will actually help you. log.txt
  10. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    I'm having a look at Arcade Edition right now in an attempt to figure it out. I searched your posted gameEX.ini and didn't find it in there so it's not making sense to me at the moment. Will keep looking to try and figure it out for you if no one else beats me to it
  11. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    I looked at your log.txt after I posted and you insert an unknown option -verifysets Running: C: C:\Emulation\Emulators\MAME\mame64.exe -verifysets -rompath "C:\Emulation\ROMs\MAME" > C:\Users\User1\AppData\Local\Temp\verify.dat This needs to be corrected. I run MAME from my J:\ drive and my command-line argument is valid for MAME usage. Running: cmd.exe /c J: J:\MAME\mame64.exe xexexj -rompath J:\MAME ROMs (T7Z-Merged);J:\MAME CHDs;J:\SOFTWARE LIST ROMs;L:\MAME SOFTWARE LIST CHDs
  12. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    With your GameEX closed download the full install and manually install it to the same location that you already use. It won't wipe out or delete anything important. Doing this might fix your issues and then you can make the appropriate adjustments in setup wizard then preform an update list.
  13. [RESOLVED in 14.91] Setup Wizard Issue

    Is your machine fully updated with Windows Updates and the optional ones? You might need some Microsoft Visual C++ or framework packages.
  14. In addition to the other suggestions, it's easy to test with MAME itself either by attempting to launch the same games with command-line or MAME's own built-in UI. Sometimes what happens is you can be kicked back to the GameEX menu if MAME itself throws an error about missing files/devices/bioses or other issues like conflicting nvram/diff files which need to be deleted.
  15. [RESOLVED] Changing MAME Versions

    This is why I prefer to just run the latest version of MAME with the latest ROMs and update the support files myself with custom path to root of my mame folder. I don't have GameEX verify my roms because I can do that manually with a rom manager like ClrMamePro. I never have any problems with games not showing up or lists being empty.