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    Discussion on new features in 1.96/1.97

    loving the latest update with Pinball Fx2 support, thank you. I am having a couple of small issues though. When i run steam in online mode after i play one game it doesn't seem to close steam properly and i get an error that an app is already running if i try to launch a second game. I don't get this problem with steam in offline mode, but this creates another problem; when steam first launches i need to use the mouse to click "start in offline mode" from the prompt. does anyone know a solution to either problem?
  2. Hi, I'm getting any error when trying to access the page can somebody please upload the pinballx.exe to the ftp? I want to update thanks
  3. jadflat

    [APP] NukeLauncher - NukeFX for (Pinball FX2)

    real dmd videos look great, nice work!
  4. is there a way to display the system underlay images at a smaller size?
  5. jadflat

    Real DMD support is here!

    these are awesome, thank you
  6. jadflat

    Real PinMAME DMD in PinballX - Beta Attached

    latest version is working much better now. thank you
  7. jadflat

    Real PinMAME DMD in PinballX - Beta Attached

    is there a quick way to assign the roms? at the moment i've been using the test function of pinmame to see what the rom name is for each table, but with 270 tables it will take a long time... using pindmd with a vishay dmd
  8. Has anyone got this working successfully yet? Now that it runs properly when the windows desktop is in portrait mode it would be great to get this launching from PinballX, but I'm having trouble getting it work. I've created an ahk script to rotate the desktop before launch using iRotate http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/irotate.shtm, but when pinball arcade launches it's not in focus, I need to alt-tab to it and press enter to get past the pop up window that selects "launch game or configuration utility" this is what I've managed so far [system_3]Name=Pinball ArcadeEnabled=TrueWorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamTablePath=Executable=Steam.exeParameters=-applaunch 238260LaunchBeforeWorkingPath=C:\PinballX\ScriptsLaunchBeforeExecutable=rotate portrait.exeLaunchBeforeParameters=LaunchAfterWorkingPath=LaunchBeforeEnabled=TrueLaunchAfterEnabled=FalseLaunchAfterExecutable=LaunchBeforeHideWindow=FalseLaunchBeforeWaitForExit=False
  9. jadflat

    1.67 Started to crash on menu navigation

    I started out with 1.67 and had it crashing frequently also. Re-recording and replacing some of my bg videos fixed it up for me, no more crashes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yj4vc3rbckpei5e/pinballx%20fix.rar try replacing these and see if it helps I'm using the shark codecs with the recommended settings on Win 7 x64
  10. This is great, thank you.
  11. Thanks, I'll investigate
  12. Is there a way to have more than 25?
  13. Running it on my arcade cab only at the moment, been thinking of putting it on my htpc sometime soon though. Currently have mame and a handful of consoles set up, will add more one day...
  14. jadflat

    start up problem

    thanks, I'll give that a go
  15. jadflat

    start up problem

    when i start up my system gameex loads but just sits on the task bar, i need to select it with the mouse or alt-tab to bring it up. it used to start up fine. any suggestions as to what the problem might be?