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  1. Long Time No See

    It's been awhile since I've come to check back on GameEx but every time I do, I get shocked by all of the updates and new features I read. I would like to thank Tom for his continue support on this and I can't wait to try this out once Windows 8 hits the shelves. I can't wait to see what the future brings, thanks again and I love everything.
  2. [NEWS] GameEx 12.60

    No problem guys. Just doing what I can for Tom to help him out in any little way possible. Glad you guys like this small work.
  3. Keep up the work dude! Take all the time you need, don't rush things
  4. Can't wait for it man! Keep it up!
  5. Happy birthday Stilkdog! :)

  6. [NEWS] GameEx 11.97

    (Sits back a waits the coming of 11.98)
  7. [NEWS] GameEx 11.96

    So many updates, this is awesome, keep up the work you two!
  8. [NEWS] GameEx 11.91

    YES!!! I've been waiting for this, thanks so much Tom!
  9. NEWS: GameEx 11.64

    Nice update, seems to be starting up a lot faster now
  10. [RESOLVED] mame 141u4

    I believe it's using U3 still due to the memory leak? So that's why I probably don't have the problem.
  11. [RESOLVED] mame 141u4

    I use MAMEUI over the default MAME and I don't have this issue.
  12. NEWS: GameEx 11.63

    I have Auto Update on and so once I update to this, it keeps wanting to "UPDATE" to the newest one so it will keep looping.
  13. NEWS: GameEx 11.61

    I can't get GameExTender to work, when I click START MAME button in the web browser it then displays that a link has been incorrectly typed, and then GameExTender then tells me that the connection to the server is lost and I must restart GameEx to get it up again.
  14. NEWS: GameEx 11.58

    I'll make a quick video showing what I mean for you.
  15. Change Exit GameEx from ESC

    Actually is their a way to map it to a different key? I'm trying to setup an "escape" key for my setup but I think I might be overlooking it.