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  1. DazzleHP

    Ahh, the weekend

    Grab a cart each. You do beer and wine, i'll do spirits. GO!
  2. DazzleHP

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    All information helps my man, even if not immediately. Thanks for the share.
  3. DazzleHP

    new to GamEX and Mame, can't play game

    Can you run (double click) runitgame.bat found in your /GameEx/DATA folder and let us know the results. At the same time paste the contents of it here so we can confirm the commands being used (right-click runtitgame.bat, choose Edit, open in Notepad).
  4. DazzleHP

    new to GamEX and Mame, can't play game

    Agreed, also i would change these: to this:
  5. DazzleHP

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    Just setting up my rig, so get ready for some extremely average scores!
  6. DazzleHP

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    Dang my score is pitiful i might have to start posting around here...
  7. DazzleHP

    Advice for new MAME setup

    Hey Stigz, Any particular reason you have 2 entries for the rompath in your .ini? One of them is an imposter It's probably nothing but i notice these things and they niggle at me
  8. Ubisoft are clowns so not interested in their opinion. The console gaming market has gone to shit coz of corps like Ubi Activision EA etc. Next gen can eat my pixelated durdle. Nintendo are well on the ball this time and once i own a Switch that'll do me. Back to retro where the challenge and satisfaction is real, instead of all this catering to the worst (type of) players with the most money.
  9. DazzleHP

    Pinball FX3 / Fx2 MegaBalls

    These are sweet! Thanks.
  10. DazzleHP

    Happy Birthday Draco!

    'appy birthday me ole china! of course you put a "dent in the garage" on your birthday - who wouldn't?? yup, i do euphemisms folks. catch me next week...
  11. DazzleHP

    Sup folks

    Hey guys, hope y'all doing good. Missed you much! Hope all is good here and y'all doing well.
  12. Yup, HideOS is only advantageous in certain circumstances, otherwise it should be disabled.
  13. DazzleHP

    RIP Tom Petty

    OK. am i have to do it? Fair enough, here goes: I wish you a good trip brother.
  14. Forgive me @Macguvyer, But the complexity of micro's is not the issue, it's the fact that nobody can unify them. The whole point/reason of a front-end is to make it as simple as possible for anyone to launch a rom/game/app/program. This is literally absurd when it comes to micro's. They are too complex, which is why, after many many years, there is still no unifying code, no go-to, nothing. All FE's suffer this fate, because there simply is no real solution.
  15. DazzleHP

    Atari?! What the whaaaaaaaaaaat?

    Yup. Two options, way cheaper, nuff said