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  1. Retro Achievements

    RetroArch is built for ease of use, I'd be surprised if you had any problem with it.
  2. Is it worth upgrading the following...?

    Yeah that's just MS, they are anal bout major hardware reworks. All one has to do is get in contact and bitch a lil bit and they cave real quick They're almost apologetic if you get the right guys hehehe.
  3. [POLL] GOTM November 2017

    Cybattler is freakin awesome! It's one of only a few good shmups that let you change direction of fire with only one stick (no right thumbstick way back when ) , and it does it so well i can't help think that probably all "twin stick" shooters derive mostly from this game. And Gunlock? Well, need i say anything else? OK, i will - it is the obvious inspiration for Siter Skain's 'Kamui', one of the best modern retro shmups ever made. I'll give anyone a cookie who can guess my two votes (-29.99 P&P) EDIT - Alltynex 2nd! Not Kamui!
  4. wIth MAME you must do this. You must get the support files that match your MAME version. This is not a GameEx caveat, it is a MAME restriction.
  5. I wasn't either Stigz, I have to work on my people skills i think, - they is a lil rusty
  6. I'm on my way back...

    hehehe Hello folks
  7. Yes, well, the GameEx staff are not responsible for other dev's crazy moments My point is still valid wouldn't you agree? That mostly commands don't change, especially with the more established emulators.
  8. No games Found - Update List not working

    If it's halting that fast, it's most likely a path issue (not finding any roms at all). Please double check your MAME paths.
  9. If you have your roms, and you have the latest GameEx, that is all that matters. GameEx will download pre-configured emulators these days if you ask it to. Then, all you have to do is tell it where your roms are, if you want a quick start. It's just as quick to configure your own emu's too - the commands don't change - if they worked 5 years ago, they probably still do I say go for it, do your best, and if you get stuck... guess who'll be here to help you out Yup, we will
  10. [Dev Diary] TypeXtra - A Taito TypeX launcher

    ATI or Nvidia? At the time i had an ATI card an they ran like a dropped curry. No matter what i did. Now i have an Nvidia, so it would be difficult to compare performance, but hey, if you can sort them out you are def a hero of mine
  11. [Dev Diary] TypeXtra - A Taito TypeX launcher

    HA! So true! Have you tried the Raiden's yet? I had real trouble with them. EDIT: BEFORE Stigz' venture i should add! I'm talking about two years ago they were trouble
  12. I'd say this - if you know GameEx already, then it is just about commands and paths. Even if you melt your pc by some bizarre accident, and if you spent that long in the past getting to know it, it'll take you 1-2 hours tops to get back where you started. Provided you have all your roms and media backed up. You DO have them backed up don't you ?!
  13. [Dev Diary] TypeXtra - A Taito TypeX launcher

    OMGZ! Totally forgot bout Giga Wing Gens!! *ahem* As for commands, does it not work like the original? Set up as PC and create shortcuts to each .exe? i'm sure that's how i did it before but my memory is total shite tbh and may be stigz does have a plan
  14. Atari Logo

    I'd like to think so, but their absolute disregard to western fans lately has me concerned. I'm of course talking about PSO. Us loyal fans in the west waited 8 years for a sequel, then they made one, but for Asian audiences only. The most loyal of us still jumped through hoops to join in, i know i did for a couple of years And they promised a western release - 4 years ago. So it seems that the Sega we all once knew (at least to me) is a lost cause, and they will keep shooting themselves till they are dead. After they release Sonic 27 that is. Scuse that, i went a bit dark there! DC re-release!!!! WOOOOOOO
  15. Hey Asfaleia and welcome to the forum, Could you verify what type of rom set you have - is it merged or split? QUICK EDIT - also you mention your Custom.ini - what do you mean by that? Could you also post it so we can get a better grasp of the situation.