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  1. Gonna tell you a story, Bout a woman i know, When it comes to love, OH!, She steal the show... @tthurman thumbsup *likies*
  2. Magic Engine is a licensed product, therefore you must pay for the license to use it. It is worth it IMO. i did grow up in that era though, so to ME, it is so worth it.
  3. I didn't expect that! I was being blatant... So, then, just for the hell of it, i do it again...
  4. If you haven't already since W10 i would make sure you have all OS updates. If you have an integrated GPU, i would then download the latest drivers for your dedicated GPU, uninstall them completely, reboot and then install them (your GPU drivers) again. Like many decent programs, GameEx is not very portable, this applies across OS versions too.
  5. There's a lot more to it, look a lil deeper my friend
  6. The "Update List" argument is completely relevant because GameEx is database driven. When you "Update List" you are writing to the database. This is when games get flagged, written off, marked as unusable etc. If you don't Update List (no matter how long it takes) then you are only including roms that have already been flagged as ok under the wrong conditions!. This is why we insist that you update list each time you make any changes, otherwise the list gets smaller and smaller and sooner enough it's all "I have 32.000 roms but GameEx is only showing 54" All in all, the reason GameEx is as awesome as it is, is because of the databases, but to get the most out of them, you must respect them.
  7. Yes, completely remove/uninstall any codecs/packs you have installed, reboot, then use a registry cleaner. CCleaner is a popular and reliable one. Reboot again using an account that has Admin privileges. Install Sharks Codecs for W7 (using Admin), reboot GameEx. Report back whether good or bad
  8. RedDog knows what he is talking about and he gives excellent advice. I would do it this way: find a MAME that you like and are comfortable with, then find the corresponding romset for it. If it is MAME 1.64 then find a Mame 1.64 romset, if it is Mame 1.43 then find a Mame 1.43 romset, you see where this is going? If you match the right roms with right Mame then you'll be fine. If, however you try to run Mame 1.64 with a Mame 1.43 romset, you will start to get major problems. Makes sense when you think about it doesn't it
  9. Oh, no, that wasn't what i was getting at My point was, that if you use the integrated Steam Mod you should be getting screens, vids and descriptions anyway, but if you try to use Steam as a regular emulator then you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage, as per the reason in my previous post To answer your question honestly in other words: You can setup steam as a regular emulator, you can setup pretty much anything that has a command line in GameEx, it is very flexible. But Steam is... i'm trying to think of an appropriate word... b..., f....r, nope, nothing i can think of will describe the absolute assholery of this stupid ass client and what it takes to keep up with it. I guess in a way i'm just trying to prevent you from stepping into a room full of wolves holding a rump in your hand
  10. Had to post it. This is my binge. B-b-b-boom.
  11. Well this way of doing it is laborious and will cause a lot of hassle, basically negating a LOT of work that members went through to make the Steam feature work in the first place If you insist, it can be done, but you will need to mess around with advanced configs, with each and every game to get it working, something as i said before has already been done, painstakingly i might add, to get the Steam feature working in the first place.. Don't take it lightly either, it took 100's of hours of manpower within a well established team to be the first to have Steam Integration, and it still takes a lot to keep up with the ever changing client. If you think you can do this on your own, then all i can say is fair play and good luck. But my personal advice would be... stick with what you got
  12. Yes you can do this, Load the GameEx Setup Wizard, choose Custom> Display Settings. In "Display Settings" find the entry: Menu Transitions Change it from 3D Alpha Blended to 2D This should be what you are looking for.
  13. Exactly. Literally all you need to do is enter your username in the GameEx Wizard in the appropriate section IRRC.
  14. Pretty much this. Image box 1 will display whatever path you have it set to, so you can manipulate it somewhat (ie change paths) Image box 2 however is far more dependent on the theme and is a bit limited. This, among many other reasons is why i believe Evo was conceived.
  15. Moved. And all you need to do is change paths