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  1. Thanks! Solely .mp4's, meaning there is not one video file that is not mp4, not one, between either of you?
  2. Hey guys, Which OS are you running? And are all your video files in the same format? For example are they all .mp4, all .wmv, all .flv etc or are they a mixture?
  3. Hi there! A little more descriptive detail would help also. For example at what point does GameEx get 'stuck'? Is it the GameEx Setup for example, or the GameEx program itself?
  4. You said it
  5. I know right! I'm such an asshole. Apologies.
  6. Here here, it's about time someone said it. I'm glad it was you.
  7. As, tthurman asserted above, you MUST have the matching file versions to your MAME version. I don't know how many times i need to explain it, or how many times i need to give an example. It is very simple. IF you have MAME 0.64, then you NEED 0.64 support files. If you have 0.43 MAME, then you NEED 0.43 support files. If you have 0.34 MAME then you NEED 0.34 support files. Do i really need to spell it out, time and time again?? Coz that is what i seem to be doing! But it's obvious, right? Right?
  8. OMGZ this is EXACTLY what i'm talkin' bout! I always on my own! Now THIS. Brings a tear to my eye man, you guys
  9. Bottom line: uninstall Raptr and/or GeForce Experience (they are the same thing), reboot. If still problems, then wipe your registry. You'll need to look this up as there are many ways to do this.
  10. That is exactly what i was asking, and you know it. I also think that is exactly what you are doing. However at the moment i am speculating. I am known however to do my research, i hope you do yours.
  11. Ah, this is a common misconception. With each GameEx update a lot of files get updated with it. They may look the same, and be in the same place, but they are specific to that release. Because of this i can't give a reliable solution to your problem. I was actually thinking you might be running the two different versions, on separate systems using the same configs. Then i might have had an idea as to what is going on. Because of the switching though I can't honestly help you out (coz it opens a massive can of worms ). Someone might have a clue though. GL Gildahl, i'll be keeping an eye on your progress
  12. I feel i could start the greatest AC/DC vs Iron Maiden thread ever now i have you guys on board It won't be every "cool kid" with Iron Maiden against me anymore
  13. Hmmmm, I think this might be a base GameEx setting that is getting overwritten in realtime depending on the version. This would apply to both your Theme.ini and your GamEx.ini. Assuming you are using the exact same theme in both versions, i think one might be overriding the other depending on which you run. How are you switching these two versions of GameEx when you tested this? For instance, do you have two installations of GameEx, one with each version you tested? Or, do you have one installation, and you switched out the .exe each time? Did you perform any cache clearance between each test (if one installation) If two (or more) installations are they on separate drives on the same OS, or different OS? Excuse the 100 questions, but i need to ask them to get to the bottom of your query
  14. What @tthurman said. I understand what you want, but you really can't get this kind of list without auditing your own collection. Even then you'd have to be really specific on your parameters, and you'd have to do it multiple times. Believe me, I've gone down this road before and wasted many hours of my life before i realised it's just too much of a niche and too personal for one person to take on. In the end i was very grateful of the in-built filters of GameEx when it comes to MAME, and i have used them religiously ever since! Bear in mind, you can always make manual lists for MAME that can portray anything you like, from "Top Ten's" to "Family Fave's". Just follow this guide.
  15. I see you are a fan of the Ori AC/DC singer! Unfortunately i was only 2 years old when he met his untimely demise so can't really comment on him directly. However, i grew up with AC/DC, and my Dad explained it all as best he could... to a kid. Regardless, to this day, they are my fave band of all time. You may have noticed