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  1. I'm gonna be devil's advocate here, but GameEx won't do that, unless you told it to. It does not group 'Nintendo' systems at all, Sega or anything else. I'm gonna leave you in the capable hands of Draco. I would suggest you update immediately.
  2. I can't test this which makes it a bit of a bugger for me, but what Draco and I too advise is: Keep your games on the drive you want, BUT, uninstall, then reinstall Origin on your OS drive. Mostly that will be your C: drive. Then, tell Origin where your games are, ie - on your ext drive.
  3. I think OP has found out that you can create your own .lay files and assumed it is simple. OP is misguided but we won't condemn OP because he has gathered advice elsewhere. What you seek is possible, misguided one, but it is not GameEx that thwarts you - it is MAME. You must learn MAME inside and out to understand what .lay files are and what they can do. Then, and only then can you understand how to manipulate them. Whence you have gained this knowledge, you will wonder why you made this post, and we will accept you as a new acolyte
  4. Played that machine to death - it was like Double Dragon 2 - way before Double Dragon 2 This incarnation of 'Shadow Warrior' though as a promo is great, but is also behind some years. What's the target? Coz if you'll recall last year, a certain game tried to bring back a play-style, and although it sold quite well, it actually flopped. No disrespect, but times do change, and they change fast nowadays.
  5. MAN! when i saw the title i immediately thought of this: BTW, NO relation! That is not me lol
  6. He/she can, under both of your pretenses. And it may well work. To start with. But what when your library becomes over 200 entries? Not including game updates as well as GameEx itself. The issue the OP is highlighting is the limitations of Steam itself, not the mechanisms of GameEx.
  7. I should have been more thorough in my previous reply, i was in a bit of a hurry ^.^ The G920 is the Xbox replacement of the G27 (the G29 being the PS version). It works on Xbox One, the upcoming Xbox One X and PC. (W10 recognises it as soon as it is attached) A ridiculously detailed (and honest) review: https://www.techspot.com/review/1070-logitech-g920-g29-driving-force/
  8. Hey @Black Mage, If GameEx Arcade works at all like GameEx proper then no, you can't. Steam, Uplay etc are all plug n play, which basically means they can be launched, media and info gathered, but they cannot be manipulated. (to the extent that you want) You can manipulate them however, but within Steam itself (using your scripts)
  9. Glad you worked it out @Black Mage, unfortunately i am not so familiar with the Arcade version, but trying to help you also helped me, i learnt something here
  10. When PC was all like: "Dafuq? You kiddin right?" Man i miss them days, when people could laugh at each other, without the threat of violence or prejudice. Now everyone is offended lol.
  11. Nothing to add but @Draco1962 - you should! I would!
  12. Hi @Black Mage, There is a NullDC Exit setting in GameEx's 'Advanced Emulator Setup' section. Try enabling it - it must be there for a reason, though i've not tested it myself. To access it, load the Setup Wizard, choose Custom, put a 'tick/check' in 'Advanced Emulator Setup', click next then find 'Advanced Config'. Click the drop-down and choose: [Mapping On] Exit NullDC (Process Close) - make sure you have your NullDC emulator selected when you do this. Click the right pointing arrow, close the Setup Wizard and then reboot GameEx.
  13. I was gonna protest, i clicked play and now i have the biggest grin you've ever fekkin seen! Man stop hijackin threads - have you no taste?
  14. I was there, and for me it was the birth of Chemical Brothers mainstream! I was young and impressionable! Many tunes owe Chemical Brothers! They went on to make (because of Wipeout): 1: 2: That is just TWO. I can give you many more hehehe
  15. Could not have put it better! To clarify, MAME will overwrite your .cfg in realtime, depending on what devices are attached when you launch a rom. So, launch a rom, configure it (with desired controls attached), then make its .cfg read only. Kudos @Rochabian.