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  1. Seems we still gotta do this. Man, if Mame runs ok and how you want it, without GameEx, guess what - it will still run the same without GameEx and how you want it. All GameEx does is provide a UI to Mame, (and many other emulators), so if MAME isn't working for you, GameEx didn't do it. You did. You need to figure out which commands you fluffed etc because GameEx didn't do it.
  2. As RedDog said, this is basic stuff
  3. Exactly. Everyone should be digging! A good start would be the article Felix linked
  4. First of all "freedom of speech" only exists in the US. Those laws do not apply to Europe anymore. Secondly, "A very small percentage of women coming forward are lying" is a lie in itself. Just like the "wage gap", just like other "statistics". It's all easily debunked. Something needs to happen to false accusers because they ruin lives with a free pass. Nothing happens to them, yet their accused have their lives ruined, they lose their job, their children, their family, everything! For merely an accusation. The accuser though, just carries on regardless, no charges, without a second thought on what they have done. Doesn't seem right to me.
  5. Not "technically", they do. Why do you need to trust devices that blatantly violate your privacy? So your logic is: Everything is invading my life, so therefore, i'll let everything invade my life.
  6. This is how mass surveillance has become a thing, because you would rather be lazy than diligent. You actually just said you would rather be monitored, day in day out, instead of making some effort not to be. That is a scary mindset if you ask me. Honestly it astounds me how quick people are willing to give up every aspect of theirs lives because of likes and "friends". Hate to break it to ya, but none of those people are your friends.
  7. Happy most yes to you too.
  8. Wishing a rockin Christmas to you all!
  9. Grab a cart each. You do beer and wine, i'll do spirits. GO!
  10. All information helps my man, even if not immediately. Thanks for the share.
  11. Can you run (double click) runitgame.bat found in your /GameEx/DATA folder and let us know the results. At the same time paste the contents of it here so we can confirm the commands being used (right-click runtitgame.bat, choose Edit, open in Notepad).
  12. Agreed, also i would change these: to this:
  13. Just setting up my rig, so get ready for some extremely average scores!
  14. Dang my score is pitiful i might have to start posting around here...
  15. Hey Stigz, Any particular reason you have 2 entries for the rompath in your .ini? One of them is an imposter It's probably nothing but i notice these things and they niggle at me
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