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  1. I like them, they are clearly talented. But, in the vid you posted, they are trying to follow in the footsteps of legends... If that is your game, then you need more challenge. Many have fought, many have lost. Coz in my dreams...
  2. Also you do realise i have to, right? And the best cover: I hate Jack Black with a passion, but: He got me with this one
  3. God it's so soothing!
  4. OMG! This thread turned out to be bad ass! Totally unintentional. For that reason i have to post this: Trivia: Tia Carrere actually played the guitar (bass) and sang this cover!
  5. For the record, this is a well known song that got buried. But to hear it again, WOW. How i remember it: But ClassicGMR's version is much better!
  6. Go off script! If this is your cautious, i wanna see your best! Damn...
  7. OK, i gotta post another, again i encourage y'all, post yours! Had to. This is one of the best anthems in my day The lyrics are so well constructed!
  8. I realised i quoted the same vid twice I'm not sporty and so: In that case, i hope i'm not stepping on any feet but this my thread: It's my library if you will, and y'all can add to it
  9. If you could tell us what theme you are using and provide a link to it, we could give you an easy way to disable/alter it.
  10. By your own admission, you re-installed from scratch, so everything went to default - touchscreen is enabled by default It's easy to miss something when you wipe, we've all been there
  11. Apologies - i may have come across a bit bitter there It's just because i've seen this time and time again, and we given the advice, and it gets ignored, then we get comeback. "Oh, it did not work, i listened, but i did not what do you said, now it all went wrong, cries, boo! You guys suck! Fxxk you! If people can be rational, and calm down a lil, everything will be all right!
  12. I'm not very sporty (can you tell?!) but anyone, or any county that uses Thunderstruck in ANY capacity has my vote!
  13. Why oh why did you not?? I understand, i've been gone for a while lately, and so i get why you will not take my advice on face value - to be honest i'd be the same! But know that i only post if i feel i can help you out, whether you're a noob or an old hat, i won't bother to post unless i think i can contribute If i'm wrong, i'll put my hands up and accpept it.
  14. No way, you know this, don't get me started...