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  1. Greetings all! I have 3 machines setup with Gameex running for many years now. I have been away for a while but have time now and would love to play with evo. What is the preferred way to play with Evo. Can I pull in the gameex configs so I don't have to reconfigure everything? I am pretty sure at least 2 of my licenses have EVO capability. Is there a way to confirm that?
  2. bclinton

    Help Please, Gameex does not load my config

    The exact same thing happened to me last week. I launched Gameex and it loaded a default theme....I thought that's weird. Upon looking further I noticed the time stamp on the config file was that morning and it was basically empty. After panicking I saw that Gameex backups the config file. I appeared to have a file date of 2 weeks earlier. I overwrote the empty one with that one and all is fine. Look in dir where your config file is and you will see a backup. I thought it was just me or my computer that screwed up because I was having issues with Windows 10 at the same time.
  3. bclinton

    [RESOLVED] Trackball not working in mame games

    This is resolved. I went in and checked enable mouse support in the options/controller section of mameuifx. That seemed to only get the Y axis to work. I then deleted the .cfg file associated with each trackball game in the cfg folder. That did the trick.
  4. bclinton

    [RESOLVED] Trackball not working in mame games

    Thanks! I will try these things tonight. The help is appreciated.
  5. bclinton

    [RESOLVED] Trackball not working in mame games

    No it does not.
  6. I have a small barttop machine that is driving me nuts. Windows 10 running mameui64. It has a trackball that works fine in windows, fine in gameex and fine navigating the windows when I tab out of a mame game and go to settings but will not work in game. For instance in missle command the only thing that will move the cursor is the joystick which makes it unplayable. If I hit tab in game the trackball moves the menu options up and down. I was hoping that someone could point me in a direction to look.
  7. bclinton

    [RESOLVED] Gameex will not show after startup

    Well, I ran Windows update and after a restart it seems to be ok now...most likely a Windows 10 issue but all is well now....
  8. Hi folks. I wanted to see if someone had a suggestion before I started to dig into the problem. Gameex starts and I hear the startup routing but after that nothing but a black screen. If I leave it alone the attract mode kicks in and I can see the demos running fine. When I exit the demo game same ole black screen. I just downloaded and installed the latest version with the same results. Anyone ran into this? I start it once a week and last week it was fine.
  9. bclinton

    Mapping controls to work with Steam games

    Yes, the steam version. I am pretty sure joy2key will do what I want, I was just afraid it would interfere with my mame/gameex mappings. I will try that tonight. Thanks!
  10. bclinton

    Mapping controls to work with Steam games

    I am not sure as I got it off of Ebay. I know it shows up as a joystick. When I map in Mame the controls map as joystick button 1....etc....when I tried to map in PinballFX2 nothing would register when I tried to reassign them to the flippers and other controls.
  11. Hi folks....so I finally got around to using Steam support with my gameex bartop. I have a question.....the first game I wanted to use was Pinball Fx2. I am unable to map my 2 side buttons (mouse left right) as the flipper. It does not recognize it. Mame sees my buttons as joystick buttons 1..2..3..etc but pinballfx2 does not. What is the preferred method to convert my joystick buttons to be recognizable. I do not need them mapped for Mame. I noticed there is a run before and run after option - is there something that I can run before I launch the steam game and turn off after it closes that will map the joystick buttons to inputs that PinballX2 will recognize?
  12. bclinton

    Windows 10 and GameEx

    The driver issue worried me the most. Especially after the install going into device manager and seeing 4-5 ! marks. It automatically went out and updated everyone of them. Took about 30 minutes but it worked. Not much good if your network devices are hosed but I was impressed.
  13. bclinton

    Windows 10 and GameEx

    Added another 4 gigs and installed a Geforce GT220 video card to the machine. It helped quite a bit. When larger SSD drives get cheaper I'll move everything to one SSD drive rather than havind gameex on one and the roms/assets on a regular drive. So far so good.
  14. bclinton

    Windows 10 and GameEx

    I have everything installed and running with Windows 10 now. Everything seems to be fine but it seems a lot more sluggish going from menu items to menu items. Loading games causes a pause of about 8 seconds and adding/deleting favorites about the same. I do have a large amount of games (4000) but I do not recall the win 7 build doing this. I am running AMD dual core E1-2100 dual core with 4 gigs. Probably has something to do with it. I am running the Gameex program off of an SSD with the ROM/Assets on a normal HD.
  15. bclinton

    Windows 10 and GameEx

    Did a clean install last night with the latest RTM build that is supposed to be upgraded to release. Like you said. took no time and found every driver I needed. Loaded Gameex and will configure it tonight. I have 3 arcade machine and all of them are set up identical as far as paths are concerned so that should make it a little easier.