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  1. iral

    [MAP FILES] ScummVM

    I will! I tried to make one for the latest Demul, I failed... Maybe not the good Datfile. I will search!
  2. iral

    [MAP FILES] ScummVM

    Thanks, I will look at this Map File maker!
  3. iral

    [MAP FILES] ScummVM

    Hello! Is it possible to have an updated Scumm VM 2.0 Map Files? The one avalaible here is for Scumm 1.5, so many games are missing. Thanks!
  4. Ok! I understand what you mean. No global item via these ini files without re-programming the interface! As I can still run games via this ini file, I will just use it for only 2 or 3 company, Cave and PGM for exemple, It will just add two folders to the menu and won't be too intrusive... Thanks for your answers.
  5. Excuse me, but I don't understand... You can see in my screenshot that using a custom ini add some things to the interface... No? There are those lines in the beginning of the . ini: [FOLDER_SETTINGS] RootFolderIcon custom SubFolderIcon custom Maybe they could be changed...
  6. I'm progressing! I have took two ini files from a MameUI 0.197 install: Years.ini and Manufacturers.ini. I use the manufacturers as a custom ini file for my GameEx after cleaning it a bit, removing a lot of manufactureres, only keeping 40 of them. It works! Taito, Konami, Cave, Data East, etc... games are sorted. BUT there is still two problems: 1) The Manufacturers names don't appear in a "Manufacturer" folder. Every company appears in the Mame menu, before CPS games, CHD games, etc... It's a bit messy.... It would be perfect if a new folder could appears. Sure someone know how to do this. 2) every game is in double or triple now, in the list of is company an,d in the generale mame list... 3) Not a problem, but it would be cool if we can add icons for every company. There is one for Capcom, but none for the others. File is attached if someone would help. Manufacturer.ini
  7. As you can see, with customs catfiles, lots of other items are shown inside the menu of GameEx. But no one for years or company. Maybe I'm confusing with my bad english, sorry... In fact, I'm just searching for an .ini files for years and another one for company, like those attached in the second screenshot.
  8. Not sure... I tried another Catver.ini and many many new categories are shown in the Mame menu in GameEx... So you could add new categories when changing catver. I will try to post an image.
  9. Hi Tom, As suggested by Draco1962, I submit my request! I think that It will be a great thing if we can sort Mame games by year and company in GameEx Arcade. Maybe this feature is alredy covered by some Catfiles, but I don't find them. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, I will! But I'm sure that there is an existing Catfile.ini with year and company sorting. When you launch Mame with no front-end, you can sort games by year and company.
    Excellent programm! Works perfectly with an old XP computer and a high end rig on windows 10.
    Just perfect work! Easy to install, works perfectly. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I have just finished to configure and install my Gameex Arcade latest version with Mame 0.197 romset. Everything works fine and I have even add Atomiswave, Naomi, Model 2/3 and Zinc games. I have the Draconus Theme, with video themes, artworks, videos, snap for all my games. It's just perfect. BUT, I'm missing one thing. In the Mame menu, I have games sorted by Type, CHD, Trackball, Lightgun, CPS Games etc... I really like to have just two others things: sorting games by Year and by Company (Taito, Konami, PGM, Cave....) I think that I have to add custom ini files in the custom folder. But I don't find any Catlist with year and company, just with genre, version... Does anyone have this file? Thanks in advance!
  12. Try to update your video codec like i did after reading the faq. It solved my issues Hope it will help you, it made me crazy for 2 days
  13. Ok, I'm a douchbag. I installed the codecs AS THE FAQS said and it works Sorry
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