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    Build an Arcade MAchine

    Not what I pictured at all. That's not a bad thing, just not even close to what I had carved out in my brain is all.
  2. Adultery

    Separate "Workspace" from "Homespace?"

    Virtualization is great, I use VirtualBox on my Ubuntu server as well. You'll still want to consider a jail though, it's best to keep everything isolated so you don't break anything else, especially if you plan on having your systems set up on the same server. I even run Plex in a jail, it's just a safer option really. Especially if you don't know what you're doing in there. Linux is lots of fun, especially when you toss Python in there. Have fun!
  3. Adultery

    Separate "Workspace" from "Homespace?"

    You should use a chroot jail for starters... https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/linux-virtualization-using-chroot-jail/ It's kinda complicated, but once you get up and running it's less intimidating than it seems.
  4. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

  5. Adultery

    Extra Life 24 Hour Game-A-Thon Fund Raising

    So you're literally just playing randoms for 24 hrs straight? That sounds like fun, but also sounds exhausting! I drop in and out while Pat the NES Punk does a 24-hour "let's play" every year, but of course he only plays NES games and donations drive what gets played. Is there a Twitch stream or some way to drop in and see what you're up to?
  6. Adultery

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tthurman (belated)

    Shit, sorry I missed it! Hope your day was filled with magic and chicken wings, Todd! You're the best there ever was! <3
  7. Adultery


    It shouldn't have to be that involved, there's a Plug-in Manager right in the Start Menu group for PBX that handles these, just uncheck it.
  8. Adultery

    cant download?

    Basic members can't download files from the repo. Consider a subscription. https://www.gameex.info/forums/explanation-of-member-groups/
  9. Adultery

    Gaming friendships

    I don't have any analog friends, all mine are digital. i prefer it that way, it makes life easier and I don't have to worry about the occasional pop-in.
  10. Adultery

    Firefox Monitor

    They got me on shotbow (Minecraft site) and Last.fm I've been to both of them. Pwn'd. Except I've been through multiple password cycles and switched to randoms in LastPass since then. I'll take my chances.
  11. Adultery


    Although this does look pretty cool, all in it's a bit expensive. However, that being said... I dig it. I have a pretty good collection of PS1/Sega CD games, and have been thinking about getting some more Saturn discs (but I don't have a working Saturn sadly). If they can really pull off a playable Saturn experience, I'd probably buy in just for that... But only if I can buy the base unit and the CD attachment only. I've already got a RetroN 5 for my Famicom/NES/SNES/Genesis cartridges, and that's been good to me so far (despite the reviews on the early models). For my GC/GBA collection, nothing beats the Cube with the Gameboy Advance Player (although the RetroN plays GBA too, I've never used it). I have an n64, but if you ask me it just doesn't hold up well and I have little to no interest to buy carts for it. The 15 or so I have are more than enough. Don't need too much more than that. Although I agree with @hansolo77, the Pi is a decent piece of kit... Sometimes you just wanna experience the console feeling.
  12. Adultery

    UltraStick Plugin

    How about a log or an ini? Or something for us to look at? Right now we have nothing to go on other than a vague description of something that could really be caused by about a million and one things.
  13. But how come they're able to do it in a not sketchy way, unlike PA? I thought either Williams or Gottlieb was firmly opposed to cab support... I can't remember which one. So PA side stepped it by having someone else implement cabinet mode (which is rumored on the intrewebz is why they lost their license to begin with). Maybe it's all wrong, the Internet doesn't always check out. Lol
  14. Yeah I've seen some gameplay via Twitter, and yeah, I'm gonna have to buy in on this. Supposedly the physics are superior in nearly every way. But I love pinball so much... It's worth it to me. I can't help but wonder... Will they keep cabinet mode now that they got that new flashy license?
  15. Adultery


    Wisconsin is real nice and quiet if you don't mind the winters. Super low unemployment rate too.
  16. Adultery

    We noticed you're using an Adblocker

    To be fair, I completely agree with ya, so I guess that makes us both psycho! I only use the ad blocker on the super dodgy sites I'm on anyhow. And a VPN. And my kid's computer. Lol
  17. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] Dolphin 5.0-8578 stopped working on GameEx

    You're forgiven. Now you gotta change your username. Lol
  18. Adultery

    Is Netflix Pigeonholing you?

    ^^ this. I routinely look at this website instead, lots of gems in there that don't make it into my recommendations... It's also nice that Amazon stuff is posted there too. https://instantwatcher.com Of course, most of my viewing is through Plex nowadays anyhow.
  19. Adultery

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    I meant to update you on this, mine was a faulty USB port. I replaced the hub and I'm not having an issue any longer. Was watching it in Function Logger and my key presses are all processing fine. I'll holler back about the audio after I play around in there some.
  20. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    You should also add me!
  21. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    You should add me! Adultery on PSN.
  22. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    I gotta agree with @RedDog on this one... Once I got the setup how I like it, I've not had a single issue with this. I'm glad I bought it. Really enjoying the convenience of being able to chill on the couch and play PC games. It's what was missing in my life. Lol However, I still mostly just play PS4 console games like Everybody's Golf (or more recently Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Ultimate), and as soon as the new Dragon Quest on PS4 comes out, I'll be dumping immoral amounts of time into that and I'm not going to be doing much with it. But it's nice to know it's there. @stigzler It's gotta be something specific to your environment or the one you got is just eff'd, five other people at my work all got one and none of those guys have any complaints either... FWIW, I'd see if I could get a replacement from Valve before you rule it out.
  23. Adultery

    Humble Jackbox Party Bundle

  24. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] PinballX 3.07 though 3.10 MP4 playback

    Thanks for the follow-up!
  25. I would just Google around and see if you can't find a MAME exe with the nonag patch already applied if you're not willing to compile it yourself.