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    Version 1.1.8


    Add applications to launch before, after, and with your games using this simple plugin! Specify variables to build your command lines on the fly! Launch as many programs as you want (as long as you give each one a unique name)! It's like GameEx's Launch Commands on steroids! SETUP Select the emulator you wish to add your applications/BAT files to from the drop down menu Click [ADD] to add a new application Click [EDIT] to edit the currently selected application Click [REMOVE] to delete the currently selected application ADD NEW APPS QUICKLY Enter a unique name for the process (If you don't, your previous app info will be overwritten!) Click the [...] button and browse to your EXE or BAT file Enter your command line arguments Select the launch type (Launch Before, Launch After and Also Launch fully supported!) Save it and play! SUPPORTED COMMAND LINE VARIABLES Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask 'em. I also like feature requests and very much appreciate bug reports. Thanks again for using it!
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    [PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT] Function Logger

    Updated to 1.1.0, added GameEx account integration and some other things.
  3. Function Logger - 1.1.0 - What is it? It's a Plugin Development tool that does some logging of plugin data. If you need to know what event is triggered when, this tool is your friend! You can log everything, only events, only menu changes, and only inputs with a check in the appropriate box. Select the option to log GameData if you're tracking the GameExInfo variables, and select the UI Timer option to log GameEx timer ticks. I've been using this plugin for a while so I can learn my way around GameEx's PlugIn system, and I added an interface for the end user so you don't have to struggle to learn the ins and outs like I did my first time. How do I use it? Configure it, and enable it in the PlugIn Manager. By default (in its unconfigured state) it logs all activity and game data. What if I find a bug? Report it here! Any questions? Ask away. Feel free to offer suggestions on how I can make it better. Download it here: Download @ The GameEx Community Download Portal NOTES: I'm still working on enumerating the MenuChange event. If you use this and you get an "Unknown Menu!" popup in GameEx when you select an item, it would be helpful to me if you could post the menu number and the menu that was up on the screen at the time it was displayed so I can add it in to the MenuNumber enum in the plugin system. If you miss the popup, you can also find it in the log.
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    I'll just leave this here.

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    I'll just leave this here.

    Interesting, my 360 wireless controllers work absolutely fine. Is it only Bluetooth that requires VirtualHere?
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    New Build Coming...

    Especially cool that Han seems to have found his niche! Nothing more satisfying than a hobby that others can benefit from and enjoy!
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    Remembering the 1982 World's Fair

    That was a nice bright spot on an otherwise dreary day. Thanks @tthurman for the share.
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    Troubleshooting woes

    I feel that... The most annoying thing in the world (probably) is when you ask for screenshots and they don't include the URL in them. Or another favorite: "This very specific issue has been reported by one of our users" and then not telling us who the g**d**n user is. Oy vey!
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    The MEG

    Jason Statham, how I love thee!!!!
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    [PLUGIN] Xpadder Plugin

    Big ole update. FIxed some bugs, did quite an overhaul of the code, hooked it into your GameEx account, and just made it a little tiny bit better. Enjoy!
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    [PLUGIN] Xpadder Plugin

    XPADDER PLUGIN Current Version: 1.3.6 What is this thing? It's an Xpadder plugin for GameEx! Seamlessly integrate Xpadder with GameEx with just a few simple clicks. Set the path to your Xpadder.exe, select your emulators from the drop down list, then set up your controller profiles. When GameEx runs the emulator you select, the magic happens in the background. No need to worry about .bat files or messy LaunchBefore/LaunchAfter commands. Say farewell to blank Xpadder profiles! This plugin handles the launching, the closing, and the profile switching quickly and easily without the hassle. If you use Xpadder, you'll love it! /end sales pitch OK, so how do I use it? It's simple really. Here's the rundown: Create your Xpadder profiles, or use your existing ones. Unzip the PLUGINS folder to your GameEx directory. Launch the Plugin Manager from your GameEx start menu folder. Point the plugin at Xpadder.exe Select the emulator (or GameEx interface) from the drop-down list. Browse to your Xpadder profiles. Click "SAVE" Play your games! OTHER FEATURES: Click the "EDIT" button next to your profile to launch Xpadder and change your key mappings on the fly Check the box to leave Xpadder running when GameEx updates Check the box to load blank profiles instead of closing Xpadder while GameEx is running Check the games in subfolders option if you keep your games in subdirectories Set up profiles for each individual game installed, or set the option to disable Xpadder for the game Wow that's super easy! What if I find a bug? Report it here! Any questions? Ask away. Feel free to offer suggestions on how I can make it better. If you have a bug, please upload a copy of both your GameEx log and the plugin log so I can address it in a timely manner. Download it here: Download @ GameEx Community Download Portal. Changelog 1.3.5 Added better window focus recovery for GameEx in fullscreen Code optimization for profile loading and process starting 1.3.3-1.3.4 Added backup and restore options for your configuration Added automatic backup option: Plugin can now backup your settings file each time GameEx launches Added option to disable controller enumeration 1.3.2 Added controller detection support Supports plugging in controllers for specific systems before the emulator launches If no controllers are detected Xpadder will not launch Updated plugin framweork to latest base code 1.3.1 Fixed a bug introduced in 1.3.0 where new installations were not creating the settings XML file before it was loaded Added much better exception handling to keep the plugin running even if there's an issue Added a check and refresh for the Xpadder.exe in the configuration Set the profile section to be disabled if there was no exe set Moved some code to debug mode to produce a cleaner log during normal use Minor plugin framework code improvements and/or enhancements 1.3.0 Fixed bug where GameEx menu wasn't being loaded for new installations Optimized XML reading/writing Removed a bug where data was not saving to XML if GameEx didn't close gracefully Removed old debugging code Optimized the plugin configuration code 1.2.4 - 1.2.9 Updated to latest code base Added support for up to 8 profiles Fixed a bug where unchecking enable game profiles did not disable existing ones Added support for Games In Zip/7zip/RAR Added support for multiple ROM filters in emulator setup Added better debug logging Fixed a bug when launching games for integrated systems Code tweaks and bug fixes 1.2.3 Updated GameEx core to new version Lots of tweaks to main Xpadder code Re-wrote launcher and Xpadder backend code Lots of UI fixes and tweaks Added new status info strip to UI Re-wrote Windows/GameEx code for smoother transitions where window focus is lost 1.2.2 Added support for EA Origin Native Support Added support for UbiSoft UPlay Native Support Moved Emulator Number from drop-down to the info group Added/improved integrated online game support Fixed bug where "Games In Subfolders" option was available for Steam, GX Arcade, and GX Interface options Added some improvements to the logging and emu details populating Added support for the new GameEx options to enable/disable Steam, Origin, and UPlay in Setup Wizard 1.2.1 Bug fix for Attract Mode profile Added some additional logging A couple more visual updates A minor code fix in the plugin (not critical, just redundant code) 1.2.0 Added a lookup for emulators that share similar namings using the Emulator Number in GameEx This will break compatibility with old versions of the plugin, all emulators will need this attribute no matter if they are duplicates or not (sorry, it's honestly for the best. I promise!) You're going to have to go through your xml and either add the "num" attribute to that emulator like so: num="3"> The "3" is the Emulator Number given by GameEx.If you don't know your emulator number, it's the number in the Settings Wizard pull-down for Emulator Setup. If you don't have a ton of emulator or game profiles, you can simply start over fresh Added a profile mode for "Attract Mode" Basically this profile will be called when GameEx enters Attract Mode On my machine, I have F5 mapped to "Select" and "Esc" mapped to "Start", and then I use a shift key to revert "Select" back to coin in and "Start" back to 1P Start. This way I can play games inside Attract Mode as is the original GameEx functionality instead of Xpadder resting. Added some additional information to the configuration screen's drop down menu The list now shows like so: Emulator Name [GameBase If Applicable] [Emulator Number] Here's an example of how games are displayed: Arcadia 2001 [GameBase] [#500] Sega CD [#27] Added icons to the Edit Xpadder Profile and Browse For Xpadder Profile buttons/minor graphical tweaks Some code improvements to speed up loading and browsing 1.1.9 Added option not to change Xpadder state when game exits Added a label displaying your current version of Xpadder and your host ID 1.1.6 <> 1.1.8 Added option to load blank Xpadder profiles instead of closing Xpadder This will remove the issue where Windows plays an error sound upon closing Xpadder in some settings Big XML overhaul The individual game XMLs have been merged with the settings.xml, making loading faster and more efficient If you update the plugin, the conversion will happen automatically before the plugin is initialized NOTE: If you update the plugin, you will lose compatibility with any previous versions. Soon this will not be an issue as it will be included with GameEx, unless Tom forgets to add it to the next build 1.1.7: Fixed a bug where game setting to disable was not working 1.1.7: Fixed a bug where the blank profile was being loaded all the time (my bad!) 1.1.8: Fixed a critical bug where emulator list was not being populated if GameBase was not installed 1.1.3 <> 1.1.5 Added options to set per-game profiles for the following emulators: Daphne MAME GameBase GameEx Arcade Steam Cosmetic changes to make things look a little nicer, including ToolTips that were missing before (among other things) Nice new logo for the configuration window, when clicked takes you to the GameEx release thread Quite a few performance enhancements to make things run smooth and fast Fixed a couple bugs in the XML class and a few in the configuration settings Tweaked the back-end quite a bit to enhance performance when GameEx is running NOTE: There was a bug in 1.1.4 where I was looking for the ROM name in MAME instead of the file name. This has been fixed in 1.1.5 1.1.2 Fixed a bug where Xpadder was not being terminated if no profile was found. The plugin will now check for the process and close it if it is not needed for that game or emulator. 1.1.1 Added basic support for Steam and GameBase Added feature to allow editing of your profiles within the configuration Fixed a bug where a game list was being populated incorrectly for Steam and GameBase games GameBase support is currently in BETA. Until I can snag someone to test this, I can't confirm it's functioning, but it *should* work for a universal profile Steam and GameBase will eventually get per-game support, for now this feature is disabled pending testing If you would like to volunteer for Steam or GameBase testing, please PM me. I don't use GameBase so it's gonna be tough for me to get it running on a per-game basis. 1.1.0 Updated PlugIn version to 1.41 Bug fixes 1.0.9 Added option to not close Xpadder when GameEx closes 1.0.8 Complete XML overhaul Increased stability Minor bug fixes 1.0.7 Added Steam support 1.0.6 Fixed a bug where GameEx loses focus after Xpadder launches 1.0.5 Fixed a bug with emu names that start with numbers Re-wrote the launch process to speed it up some Possibly a bug or two I forgot about 1.0.4 Added all emulators to the list as opposed to the ones only enabled in GameEx Stopped the XML writer from writing empty nodes for unused profiles in game mode and emulator mode Changed a few things for the Info box on the bottom: Unknown emulator names (or emus that the configs weren't imported for when you initially set them up) are now populated using GameEx's internal emulator name Disabled emulators now appear in red text Saving a disabled emulator provides a popup reminding you to enable it 1.0.3 Fixed a minor XML writing bug in Game Mode Added GameEx logging A couple really minor performance tweaks to the gamelist box, including an alphabetical sort for the list 1.0.2 Added "Game Mode" options Added "CLEAR" buttons to delete entries from the XML Added a new "INFO" section and a clickable GameEx logo Various other tweaks and fixes to the program and XML system 1.0.1 Whoops! Forgot to add MAME and DAPHNE. My bad! Take note that MAME uses RawInput instead of DirectInput now, so unless you use your own compile of MAME you can't use Xpadder with it. It's beyond my control. 1.0.0 Initial Release
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    Xpadder Plugin

    Version 1.3.6


    What is it? It's an Xpadder plugin for GameEx, silly! Seamlessly integrate Xpadder with GameEx with just a few simple clicks. Set the path to your Xpadder.exe, select your emulators from the drop down list, then set up your controller profiles. When GameEx runs the emulator you select, the magic happens in the background. No need to worry about .bat files or messy LaunchBefore/LaunchAfter commands. Say farewell to blank Xpadder profiles! This plugin handles the launching, the closing, and the profile switching quickly and easily without the hassle. If you use Xpadder, you'll love it! /end sales pitch How do I use it? It's simple really. Here's the rundown: Create your Xpadder profiles, or use your existing ones. Unzip the PLUGINS folder to your GameEx directory. Launch the Plugin Manager from your GameEx start menu folder. Point the plugin at Xpadder.exe Select the emulator (or GameEx interface) from the drop-down list. Browse to your Xpadder profiles. Click "SAVE" Click the "EDIT" button next to the profile to load it and edit it from the configuration screen. Play your games! Check the box to leave Xpadder running when GameEx exits Check the box to enable using blank Xpadder profiles instead of killing the process Questions or comments? Head to the official release thread located here.
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    Need help!

    You can't assume we're all adults, this is the internet after all. I'm going to have to start moderating this thread more closely it looks like...
  14. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    My first suggestion is that you sign up for https://isthereanydeal.com , you'll get notified everytime something is free somewhere (which is more often than you would think). If your computer can handle it and you haven't got a console version yet... GTA V is a good one. I play it on PS4, but it's decent for sure. I also can't plug River City Ransom Underground enough! And of course Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is most excellent, I'm sure most of the folks here will back me up on that.
  15. Adultery


    Oh, if that were here in the states, the dude on the bus would have grabbed a phone to record it and hope the cyclist got the guy (for the YouTube hits of course), the cyclist would have blamed the pedestrian for being in the way and popped off, and the pedestrian would have laid on the ground next to the bike holding his neck.
  16. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    I've been playing Pinball Arcade on it (and considering what games I play latency is mostly just important with pinball), and haven't had any issues at all. But as I said earlier, I'm hard wired so I may not be the best advisor on that.
  17. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    It really eff'd up my experience on the PC for my first go round, I'll say that. I could say a few bad things, but still no remorse for the price. My complaints are probably more related to my lack of knowledge when it comes to 'big picture' mode. It was really nice playing River City Ransom Underground from the couch. No lag here (I know that's a major complaint) but I have cat6 snaked in through the wall so no need for wifi. i have the YDKJ collection too... Haven't really taken a swing at mouse/kbd games. You'll have to let me know how it goes!
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    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    Hi @Tom Speirs: Just to throw my hat in the ring, I have the missing audio when returning from a game as well. Nothing suspicious in the logs. After I run a game and use ESC to exit the emulator, all my GameEx menu sounds are gone. I also lose my pagination controls on the joystick, although the menu nav controls and the confirm/cancel buttons still work. I can reproduce this reliably every time I exit a game. 23:12:33.18 7/10/2018: Opening Configuration File 23:12:33.20 7/10/2018: GameEx: Version 15.34: Starting Log 23:12:33.28 7/10/2018: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 23:12:33.28 7/10/2018: Aero running 23:12:33.29 7/10/2018: Initializing Vista/Windows 7 volume control 23:12:33.30 7/10/2018: Getting CPU and RAM info 23:12:33.30 7/10/2018: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 32601MB 23:12:33.31 7/10/2018: 3.49Ghz - 8 Cores or CPU's 23:12:33.31 7/10/2018: Running Randomize() 23:12:33.37 7/10/2018: Loading PlugIns 23:12:33.38 7/10/2018: Loaded Plugin:"Game Info Plugin" Version 1.3.6 By Adultery 23:12:33.84 7/10/2018: PlugIn: "Game Info Plugin" Initialized OK 23:12:33.84 7/10/2018: Using Plugin System Version: 1.41 23:12:33.99 7/10/2018: Loaded Plugin:"Game Tagger" Version 1.1.5 By Adultery 23:12:35.69 7/10/2018: PlugIn: "Game Tagger" Initialized OK 23:12:35.70 7/10/2018: Using Plugin System Version: 1.41 23:12:35.71 7/10/2018: Loaded Plugin:"Hi-Score Snapper" Version 1.0.8 By Adultery 23:12:37.10 7/10/2018: PlugIn: "Hi-Score Snapper" Initialized OK 23:12:37.11 7/10/2018: Using Plugin System Version: 1.41 23:12:37.12 7/10/2018: Checking for applications to Launch On Startup 23:12:37.13 7/10/2018: Setting default net connection limit to 15 23:12:37.13 7/10/2018: Running Misc startup tasks 23:12:37.13 7/10/2018: Setting Menu types 23:12:37.14 7/10/2018: Getting Configuration Values 23:12:37.14 7/10/2018: Using Theme: MegaMAME 23:12:37.14 7/10/2018: Checking for alternate Image Directory for Theme: MegaMAME 23:12:37.15 7/10/2018: Launching HideOS.exe 23:12:37.15 7/10/2018: Initialising Video/MNG DLL's 23:12:37.15 7/10/2018: GameEx will check for media insertion (may affect performance) 23:12:37.16 7/10/2018: Hiding Taskbar 23:12:37.16 7/10/2018: Using Cabinet Friendly Control System 23:12:37.17 7/10/2018: Is Media Center running? 23:12:37.18 7/10/2018: Checking/Creating LCD Registry values 23:12:37.18 7/10/2018: Check Media Center Exit/Start Mode 23:12:37.18 7/10/2018: Media Center Mode 2 23:12:37.20 7/10/2018: Video previews on. Warning: Only recommended on modern systems 23:12:37.20 7/10/2018: Custom Game Device Input enabled: Getting custom codes 23:12:37.21 7/10/2018: Snap Delay set to: 4 23:12:37.21 7/10/2018: Get other settings 23:12:37.21 7/10/2018: Set: Find emulator artwork on best match basis 23:12:37.22 7/10/2018: Start work for Form 23:12:37.22 7/10/2018: Getting Original Screen Size 23:12:37.23 7/10/2018: Opening Database Connection 23:12:37.23 7/10/2018: Data Source=C:\GameEx\DATA\data.db3;Pooling=true;FailIfMissing=true 23:12:37.28 7/10/2018: Initializing Component 23:12:37.29 7/10/2018: MAME Path is: E:\Emulators\Mame 23:12:37.30 7/10/2018: MAME EXE file is: mame64.exe 23:12:37.30 7/10/2018: ROM Path is: T:\Roms\MAME\roms 23:12:37.31 7/10/2018: Catver.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\catver.ini 23:12:37.31 7/10/2018: controls.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\controls.ini 23:12:37.35 7/10/2018: History.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\history.dat 23:12:37.35 7/10/2018: nplayers.ini is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\nplayers.ini 23:12:37.36 7/10/2018: command.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\command.dat 23:12:37.36 7/10/2018: MAMEinfo.dat is located at: C:\GameEx\DATA\mameinfo.dat 23:12:37.37 7/10/2018: Loading Controls.ini map file 23:12:37.37 7/10/2018: Snap Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Snap 23:12:37.37 7/10/2018: Database Snap Path: Not Found 23:12:37.38 7/10/2018: Background Snap Path: Not Found 23:12:37.38 7/10/2018: AVI Snap Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Video_MP4 23:12:37.38 7/10/2018: Flyer Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Advert 23:12:37.39 7/10/2018: Cabinet Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Cabinet 23:12:37.39 7/10/2018: Cabinet 3D Path: Not Found 23:12:37.39 7/10/2018: Title Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Title 23:12:37.40 7/10/2018: Title Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Logos 23:12:37.40 7/10/2018: PCB Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\PCB 23:12:37.40 7/10/2018: Artwork Preview Path: Not Found 23:12:37.41 7/10/2018: Panel Path: Not Found 23:12:37.41 7/10/2018: Manual Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Manual 23:12:37.41 7/10/2018: Icon Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Icon 23:12:37.42 7/10/2018: Marquee Path is: E:\Artwork\MAME\Marquee 23:12:37.42 7/10/2018: Applying Language/Text 23:12:37.43 7/10/2018: Text/Language: English 23:12:37.44 7/10/2018: Loading Language/Text 23:12:37.45 7/10/2018: Loading Addins 23:12:37.45 7/10/2018: Using Version 3 Themes Animations 23:12:37.45 7/10/2018: Retrieving resolution setting 23:12:37.46 7/10/2018: Using General Font: Tahoma 23:12:37.46 7/10/2018: Using Title Font: Tahoma 23:12:37.47 7/10/2018: GameEx will try to reduce CPU usage 23:12:37.52 7/10/2018: Initialising Direct3D 23:12:37.74 7/10/2018: Applying GameEx is Loading Image 23:12:37.77 7/10/2018: Setting Resolution to 1920x1080 32 bit color 23:12:37.78 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces 23:12:37.93 7/10/2018: Creating Back Buffer 23:12:37.94 7/10/2018: Version 2 Theme being used. Loading. 23:12:37.95 7/10/2018: Loading Button Data 23:12:37.95 7/10/2018: Loading Font Data 23:12:37.95 7/10/2018: Loading Layout Data 23:12:37.96 7/10/2018: Loading Taskbar Data 23:12:37.96 7/10/2018: Loading graphic Surfaces 23:12:37.97 7/10/2018: Display is running at: 1920x1080 32bit color, 60hz 23:12:37.97 7/10/2018: Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 23:12:37.98 7/10/2018: Max texture size: 16384x16384 23:12:37.98 7/10/2018: Available texture memory: 4056MB 23:12:38.01 7/10/2018: Available video memory: 2176MB 23:12:38.09 7/10/2018: Initialising Bass Audio Library 23:12:38.11 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Misc and Dialogs 23:12:38.16 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Volume 23:12:38.16 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Arrows 23:12:38.17 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces GameEXlogo Text 23:12:38.17 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Toolbar 23:12:38.21 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Toolbar Controls 23:12:38.22 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Backgrounds 23:12:38.23 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces GameEx Logo 23:12:38.23 7/10/2018: Creating Surface Unselected 23:12:38.24 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Snaps 23:12:38.24 7/10/2018: Creating Surfaces Menu and List Bars 23:12:38.28 7/10/2018: Creating Fonts 23:12:38.29 7/10/2018: Creating Game Font 23:12:38.33 7/10/2018: Creating Game Font Faded 23:12:38.36 7/10/2018: Creating Title Font 23:12:38.37 7/10/2018: Restoring Title Font From Cache 23:12:38.45 7/10/2018: Creating Font Black 23:12:38.47 7/10/2018: Creating Font Black Small 23:12:38.51 7/10/2018: Fonts Created Succesfully 23:12:38.52 7/10/2018: Loading News Feed: http://www.gameex.net/gameexnews.xml 23:12:39.31 7/10/2018: 31MB Video Memory Used 23:12:39.32 7/10/2018: Initial Emulator Load 23:12:39.35 7/10/2018: Loading Custom Emulators 23:12:39.35 7/10/2018: Loading Emulator 1: Nintendo NES 23:12:39.37 7/10/2018: Checking if Steam enabled 23:12:39.38 7/10/2018: Steam is installed correctly 23:12:39.38 7/10/2018: Found Steam Base Install Folder: c:/program files (x86)/steam 23:12:39.38 7/10/2018: Found Steam Base Install Folder: D:\\SteamLibrary 23:12:39.39 7/10/2018: Found Steam Game: River City Ransom: Underground. AppID=422810. Location:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\River City Ransom Underground 23:12:39.40 7/10/2018: Found Steam Game: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection. AppID=212480. Location:D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 23:12:39.40 7/10/2018: Found Steam Game: Pinball Arcade. AppID=238260. Location:D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\PinballArcade 23:12:39.40 7/10/2018: Found Steam Game: Broforce. AppID=274190. Location:D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Broforce 23:12:39.41 7/10/2018: Found Steam Game: 8BitBoy. AppID=296910. Location:D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\8BitBoy 23:12:39.41 7/10/2018: Found Steam games. Steam enabled. 23:12:39.42 7/10/2018: Checking if Origin enabled 23:12:39.43 7/10/2018: Cannot find origin executable 23:12:39.44 7/10/2018: Checking if Uplay enabled 23:12:39.44 7/10/2018: Cannot find UPlay executable 23:12:39.67 7/10/2018: MAME CMD options: -nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo -keyboardprovider dinput -noka 23:12:39.70 7/10/2018: Initialising DirectInput for Gamepad support 23:12:39.75 7/10/2018: Using Device Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows) 23:12:39.76 7/10/2018: Loading Start Page 23:12:39.82 7/10/2018: Initializing MCE Remote 23:12:39.82 7/10/2018: Playing intro sound file 23:12:39.83 7/10/2018: Initialization OK! Starting GameEx! 23:12:39.84 7/10/2018: Testing Main Loop Once: Processing Frame 23:12:40.00 7/10/2018: Testing Main Loop Once: Main Loop ran successfully 23:12:43.50 7/10/2018: Attempting to load game list 23:12:43.61 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Custom Background: back-nintendo_nes.png 23:12:43.61 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Snap Path: E:\Artwork\Nintendo_NES\Snap 23:12:43.62 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Video Snap Path: E:\Artwork\Nintendo_NES\Video_MP4 23:12:43.62 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Database: [Console] Nintendo NES 23:12:43.62 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Title Snap Path: E:\Artwork\Nintendo_NES\Title 23:12:43.63 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Logo Snap Path: E:\Artwork\Nintendo_NES\Logos 23:12:43.63 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Box Art Path: E:\Artwork\Nintendo_NES\Box 23:12:43.63 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Cart Art Path: E:\Artwork\Nintendo_NES\Cart 23:12:43.64 7/10/2018: Validating: Emulator_1: Manual Path: E:\Artwork\Nintendo_NES\Manual 23:12:43.88 7/10/2018: Not Restoring Emulator Database From Cache: 1 23:12:45.39 7/10/2018: Restoring Cached ICONS from File 23:12:48.03 7/10/2018: Loading News Feed: http://www.1up.com/rss/latestUpdates?event=&platform= 23:12:54.83 7/10/2018: Running: cmd.exe /c C: retroarch.exe -L "C:\Emulators\RetroArch\cores\fceumm_libretro.dll" "T:\Roms\Nintendo\Nintendo Entertainment System\Super Mario Bros. 3 (USA) (Rev A).7z" -c "C:\Emulators\RetroArch\retroarch.cfg" -f 23:12:55.10 7/10/2018: Shutting down display 23:13:19.43 7/10/2018: Writing Stats 23:13:19.46 7/10/2018: Plugin: Game Exit 23:13:19.75 7/10/2018: Plugin: Process Commands 23:13:19.75 7/10/2018: Refreshing Keyboard 23:13:19.89 7/10/2018: Initialising Audio 23:13:20.20 7/10/2018: Restoring Window 23:13:20.21 7/10/2018: Reinitializing Graphics System 23:13:20.37 7/10/2018: initialized display 23:13:20.38 7/10/2018: Display is running at: 1920x1080 32bit color, 60hz 23:13:20.75 7/10/2018: Loading News Feed: http://www.1up.com/rss/latestUpdates?event=&platform= 23:13:21.50 7/10/2018: Reloading Game Info Page 23:13:21.72 7/10/2018: Returning to GameEx 23:13:26.93 7/10/2018: Exiting GameEx! 23:13:26.94 7/10/2018: Closing HideOS.exe 23:13:29.27 7/10/2018: Disposing all videos 23:13:29.27 7/10/2018: Deleting temporary Karaoke videos 23:13:29.28 7/10/2018: Disposing Image List 23:13:29.28 7/10/2018: Disposing Fonts 23:13:29.28 7/10/2018: Disposing Surfaces 23:13:29.30 7/10/2018: Saving Settings 23:13:29.30 7/10/2018: Saving Settings 23:13:29.31 7/10/2018: Shutting down Bass 23:13:29.36 7/10/2018: Disposing Plugins 23:13:29.37 7/10/2018: Disposing Plugins 23:13:29.37 7/10/2018: Closing database connection 23:13:29.38 7/10/2018: Checking for applications to Launch On Exit 23:13:29.39 7/10/2018: Logging out of GameEx Online 23:13:30.02 7/10/2018: Bye
  19. Adultery

    Trying to buy GameEx but PayPal not supported in my country

    You may also want to just pm him so he gets an email. @Tom Speirs
  20. Adultery

    Happy Independence Day! (U.S.)

    /USA-executed mic drop!!
  21. Adultery

    new to GamEX and Mame, can't play game

    The problem based on your screenshot is that you either don't have the same set in those two places or you don't have a full set. MAME is very delicate. You need a full set for your build... Yes, the rom set changes every MAME release. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, hang on tight.
  22. Adultery

    [PLUGIN] Game Info Plugin

    In the words of DJ Khaled: Anotha one!
  23. Adultery

    [PLUGIN] Game Info Plugin

    Game Info Plugin - 1.3.5 - Game Info (In-Game) Jukebox Info (Last.FM patch enabled) Demo Videos WHAT IS IT? Have a secondary monitor? This plugin displays some game info on a banner on the bottom of the screen. If you use GameExtender, there's a light transparency on the form so you can see the image below it as well. HOW DO I USE IT? Simply set (or don't set) your extra options via the Plugin Manager's configuration, or use the command lines outlined below. You can also skin the Game Info interface to suit your tastes since the 1.0.7 update. It's simple really... Themes go in the Game Info/Themes folder. A green "check" next to the list indicates the theme is the one applied for GameEx, and a red "X" indicates that it isn't. Press "APPLY" on any theme to start using it. Click on the "PREVIEW" image to get an idea of what it will look like in GameEx: WHAT DOES IT DO? Here's a list of features so far: The plugin keeps track of total time played for that game, and session time played. The timer view alternates every 60 seconds. There are two main views which rotate every 5 minutes. The first displays the following Game Title Snap Game Name (or ROM name if you don't use a database for said system or no entry is found) System Name (your emulator's Title Text setting) Developer and [YEAR] Category If either of the previous two is unavailable, Number of Players is displayed The second display includes Game Name and System Name in addition to the following: In Game Snap Last Played Data (This is the last time you played the game with the plugin enabled) and [Overall Play Count] Game Description if available The current time is displayed in the lower right corner Text now is measured against screen length and scrolls to accommodate long info (No more auto ellipse!) Custom user-defined images for Game Mode and Attract Mode Screensaver mode that prevents screen burn-in while Game Extender is running Attract Mode popup shows game info when the game changes Dialog forms that display on certain functions Update notification if a newer version of Game Info is available (disabled by default) Jukebox Mode that displays "Now Playing" data (REGISTERED USER FEATURE ONLY!) Jukebox integration for the screen saver (album art displayed in the logo field) (REGISTERED USER FEATURE ONLY!) Dialog form shows brief info about the game you select before you even start it up! Plugin update notification lets you know if a new version of the plugin is available when you launch GameEx Custom themeing/skinnig If you wanted to disable it for a certain emulator, just add [NOGAMEINFO] or [NOINFO] to the emulator's command line. To hide/show the Game Info while in a game or hide/show the jukebox info, press SHIFT+TAB To refresh or force update the jukebox info, press SHIFT+SPACE Integrated support for GameEx *.db3 and *.mdb files to keep better track of play times NEW! Supports GameEx's Hi-Score competition directly *Online only feature! Custom text for labels via the Plugin configuration NEW! Replaces GameExtender Viewer in some situations with a more customized image viewer NEW! Add sound effects to specific actions in the plugin's theme WHAT IF I FIND A BUG? Report it here! Any questions? Ask away. Feel free to offer suggestions on how I can make it better. DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS: This plugin can now be downloaded using GameEx's Repository Manager or via the plugin administration menu in the Setup Wizard. Alternately you can Download @ Community Download Portal, or using the DracLabs Plugin Downloader software. NOTES: The font included doesn't have special language chars, so I'm not entirely sure how it'll work for you if you don't use English. I'm interested in seeing snapshots in the case of foreign languages though. If you wanted the Last.FM features, you can download the patch here. This will modify the way the plugin behaves with the jukebox, and is a huge addition to the cool factor. Check it out! CHANGELOG
  24. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    Same here. I didn't even realize there was more than one version of the controller (although I did know there was more than one version of the console). I'm a Nintendo/PS4 kid.
  25. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    I just grabbed the latest version of Xpadder, I'll install it and see if it works. It's crazy though, lots of people using it and no one has reported anything except that one person, and I couldn't recreate it then... There's also some things in that post that don't make sense. Right off the bat, Xbox 1 controllers don't have a wireless dongle, do they? I thought they were Bluetooth? Also, OP says the problem is real, but I don't see any evidence of that anywhere, not even in the Xpadder forums (OP says he posted there, I don't see it). That specific report seems suspect. @RIP-Felix, do you have a specific issue I can take a look at? I'd love to see if I can fix it.