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    Welcome @Badazzwi! Please do let us know if you need anything, the community here is pretty epically awesome!
  2. Adultery

    attract mode isn't working with non mame emulators

    Can I get some log files taken after the Attract Mide kicks in and falls back to GameEx so I can take a look at the Command Line?
  3. Adultery

    [PLUGIN] QuickLaunch

    QuickLaunch GameEx Edition: 1.1.9 PinballX Edition: 1.0.2 Add applications to launch before, after, and with your games using this simple plugin! Specify variables to build your command lines on the fly! Launch as many programs as you want (as long as you give each one a unique name)! It's like GameEx's Launch Commands on steroids! SETUP Select the emulator you wish to add your applications/BAT files to from the drop down menu Click [ADD] to add a new application Click [EDIT] to edit the currently selected application Click [REMOVE] to delete the currently selected application ADD NEW APPS QUICKLY Enter a unique name for the process (If you don't, your previous app info will be overwritten!) Click the [...] button and browse to your EXE or BAT file Enter your command line arguments Select the launch type (Launch Before, Launch After and Also Launch fully supported!) Save it and play! SUPPORTED COMMAND LINE VARIABLES FOR GAMEEX SUPPORTED COMMAND LINE VARIABLES FOR PINBALLX Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask 'em. I also like feature requests and very much appreciate bug reports. Thanks again for using it! [GAMEEX VERSION] DOWNLOAD LINK: Get it from the Community Download Portal, or use the DracLabs Plugin Downloader. [PINBALLX VERSION] DOWNLOAD LINK: Get it from the Community Download Portal.
  4. Adultery

    [PLUGIN] QuickLaunch

    I honestly haven't really touched the PinballX plug-in much since I initially released it, I was porting over the GameEx one, but I don't use PinballX so I didn't get too far. I can take another crack at it if you'd be willing to do some testing on it for me... A lot of what you're reporting was already fixed in the GameEx version. I have to change the build target so it'll run in x64 architecture, update the .NET framework version, add some missing variables, clean up some horribly inefficient routines, and fix a couple bugs I know are in there (bat file running is definitely one of those bugs). Gonna take a little time, but I can work on it while I watch AGDQ this week. Wanna be a guinea pig for me? I'll PM ya.
  5. Adultery

    [PLUGIN] Xpadder Plugin

    XPADDER PLUGIN Current Version: 1.3.8 What is this thing? It's an Xpadder plugin for GameEx! Seamlessly integrate Xpadder with GameEx with just a few simple clicks. Set the path to your Xpadder.exe, select your emulators from the drop down list, then set up your controller profiles. When GameEx runs the emulator you select, the magic happens in the background. No need to worry about .bat files or messy LaunchBefore/LaunchAfter commands. Say farewell to blank Xpadder profiles! This plugin handles the launching, the closing, and the profile switching quickly and easily without the hassle. If you use Xpadder, you'll love it! /end sales pitch OK, so how do I use it? It's simple really. Here's the rundown: Create your Xpadder profiles, or use your existing ones. Unzip the PLUGINS folder to your GameEx directory. Launch the Plugin Manager from your GameEx start menu folder. Point the plugin at Xpadder.exe Select the emulator (or GameEx interface) from the drop-down list. Browse to your Xpadder profiles. Click "SAVE" Play your games! OTHER FEATURES: Click the "EDIT" button next to your profile to launch Xpadder and change your key mappings on the fly Check the box to leave Xpadder running when GameEx updates Check the box to load blank profiles instead of closing Xpadder while GameEx is running Check the games in subfolders option if you keep your games in subdirectories Set up profiles for each individual game installed, or set the option to disable Xpadder for the game Wow that's super easy! What if I find a bug? Report it here! Any questions? Ask away. Feel free to offer suggestions on how I can make it better. If you have a bug, please upload a copy of both your GameEx log and the plugin log so I can address it in a timely manner. Download it here: Download @ GameEx Community Download Portal.
  6. Adultery

    Zero input Lag in Retroarch?

    I have, especially with Punch Out in particular. It's been great, I've been using that setup since it came through on NES, but haven't set it up for any other cores yet. It's really about as cool an advancement in emulation as I've seen since Nesticle hit the scene back in the day.
  7. Can you please post the solution for others who may have a similar issue?
  8. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] ACDC Table has no sound

    Is what right? There's no error in the log.
  9. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] ACDC Table has no sound

    I'm sure this is a silly question but I gotta ask... You do know it doesn't come with tables or anything, right? We also need your logs after you run a table please. Follow the instructions provided by @Draco1962.
  10. Adultery

    Happy Birthday Adultery!

    Oof, haha! Thanks @tthurman, I think... @Draco1962 I'm at the point in my life where there's so much less hair up there, that grey would be a welcome addition!! It's really hard to justify that $15 for a haircut.
  11. Adultery

    [APPLICATION] Launcher-X

    Launcher-X -1.0.3- What is it? A simple EXE that is made to be launched instead of GameEx or PinballX on Windows startup for folks that don't use Instant Sheller and still use their dedicated gaming machine as a PC from time to time. There are some customizable features, you can launch setup apps from within it, and it supports some command line arguments. How do I use it? Click on the EXE, set it to launch on startup or set a command line to run. WINDOWS 7-10 USERS: Couldn't be easier to get it going! Simply make a shortcut to Launcher-X and drop it in the START>Startup folder and the EXE will launch after Windows boots up. You can also specify command-line arguments like so: LauncherX.exe -timer 60 -gameexLauncherX.exe -timer 30 -pinballx -Timer {value} Set the value to whatever you'd like for the timer to be in seconds. -GameEx Launch GameEx directly. -PinballX Launch PinballX directly. -Reset Rest all user-defined settings back to their original state. -Debug Toggle debug mode. What does it do? The EXE launches GameEx or PinballX after a user defined number of seconds, or aborts if EXIT is pressed. Switch between either front-end by pressing the logo button, and the launcher will remember your choice next time you boot it up. You can set it to launch in GameEx Login mode, GameEx Lite, PinballX Lite or many of the setup utilities included in GameEx/PinballX (ie Setup Wizard, Plugin/Repository Manager, and the PinballX Game Manager) and returns you to the timer screen afterwards. There is also a pause button next to the progress bar if you have an update, something you want to do quick, or your system is slower than normal to load and you need a little extra time. Wow that's super easy! What if I find a bug? Report it here! Any questions? Ask away. Feel free to offer suggestions on how I can make it better. Download it from the GameEx Community Download Portal! NOTES: GameExLaunch is dead. Long live GameExLaunch! This is a complete reboot of that app. I've removed the download links and would appreesh if anyone who was using the old version would switch to this nicer, cleaner, prettier, more efficient version. Shouts to Draco1962 for the header logo and the suggestions. CHANGELOG:
  12. Adultery

    [APPLICATION] Launcher-X

    I don't think it's compatible, I don't remember exactly how the code looks though. I know for certain the supporting apps (setup wizard et al) won't work without some programming. I'll dig into options, but there's some other stuff in the queue first... I'm working on adding achievement popups to my Twitch stream right now. But I'll get around to it.
  13. Adultery

    Happy Birthday Adultery!

    Well thank ya kindly! Gonna celebrate hard... By getting my driver's license renewed. Huzzah!!
  14. Adultery

    The History of Final Fight arcade documentary

    Thanks for the share, it was an interesting video. I knew alot about this game already, but you still taught me some things too. Kudos!
  15. Adultery

    Steam’s winter sale kicks off

    I was wondering why my Steam app was going crazy!!
  16. Adultery

    The Garcade

    Aww yeah!! Like 1:45 from me, but looks dope!!
  17. Love this time of year! I might have mentioned that before... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/lego-the-lord-of-the-rings
  18. Adultery

    Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

    So much free stuff this year!!
  19. Adultery

    Subnautica Free on Epic Launcher

    Love this time of year! Here's another one and it also looks kinda cool... https://store.steampowered.com/app/769920/Odysseus_Kosmos_and_his_Robot_Quest_Episode_1/
  20. Adultery

    Subnautica Free on Epic Launcher

    There's this thing also, but I've never heard of it. SUBNAUTICA FREE https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/subnautica/home
  21. Adultery

    Top 10 Scores

    I could probably do this, it may take a little time to add an option to the DBM to set the current GOTM and generate a feed for it, but I'll work on that. I'd prefer to do an RSS feed for this if that's okay with everyone? I already built the framework for that for the overall scores.
  22. Adultery

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+

    I may pick one of these up and do something with it, just don't know what. Same as @tthurman however... My B+ it's still where it's at though.
  23. Adultery

    New plugin for key mapping

    Short answer: yes, it is laborious if possible at all. It would be a whole new plug-in, it can't just be ported to another thing. Sorry! :'(
  24. I've already started working on a plugin to send some data over to Twitch from GameEx. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in streaming some retro games? I still need a mic and a decent video camera to get going, and I'm working on getting all the bugs out of the plugin (specifically with MAME) and making a configuration UI, but what I have works. It's just up to you to make the layout you want (I've been using Streamlabs OBS, which is free)... I figure if we can get a pack of us, we can do a bunch of specialty stuff through GameEx. I was thinking I would do a GameEx Retro Roulette, where every Wednesday I will play random games through the GameEx interface and force myself to play through 30 minute intervals. Here's something I came up with on rather short notice, where the images and the crawler update with the game (still playing with the layout): I'm working on another layout that taps into the RetroAchievements API as well, and will list the user's last 5 achievements on the side by the web cam. Maybe we could have some online multiplayer sessions, like a Dusty Diamond or NBA Ja bracket tournament? Maybe a Street Fighter playthrough? We can even post it back here since the forum has a decent integration with Twitch already... What do y'all think? Would you be down for Twitching? Maybe passing off a stream hosting on some official GameEx channel? What else would you like to see in the plugin? I'm thinking of leveraging the Streamlabs API to push in custom events for some cool thing or another (achievements probably). I know we don't have the time and won't keep up with the young kids, but maybe collectively we might have something? Here's my profile if ya wanna throw me a follow:
  25. Adultery

    Twitch & GameEx: Integration Anyone?

    I got the layout figured out. Still need a decent mic though... The broadcast screen came out pretty nice imho. @Draco1962 I was thinking about the next level up for the same cam, I wanna be able to put a nice background in there without having to go through the trouble of a green screen. The mic is my main priority right now though.