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  1. Regional GameEx Users Clubs

    Draw me that same logo with a US flag and I'll do that. I dig that idea! Maybe even schedule some online gaming, Xbox get togethers, retro tournies or something. Maybe do a US vs UK round robin Mario Kart tournament or something? This could be good!
  2. Nitroball

    As long as u have them updated in the DB, that's all you should need. No rush, and no need to do the extra work.
  3. Nitroball

    Sure thing, can you send them to me? I'll replace my server ones with your versions. I'm just using the ones from the artwork downloader. You can also save it using your own link in the DBM instead of defaulting to the server ones and that change is then permanent if it's easier for ya. I just went through a while ago and did a mass update because 90% of them were broken because of the hosting. I'm not likely gonna do that again any time soon.
  4. register

    Well for one your question doesn't make any sense. Please try again and we'll do our best to help you. It's also bad nettiquite to bump your own threads after less than a day, so please stop doing that or you'll have a hard time getting on with the people here that don't get paid to help you out. It makes you seem impatient and rude.
  5. How to activate GameEx with registration key

    As @Tom Speirs said, please contact him directly thorough PM.
  6. Set Up Question

    Yeah, welcome to GOTM, but you're in a Windows based FE forum. You'll have to go to RetroArch or RetroPie for those questions. No one here is gonna know the answers to this. :'(
  7. Gracias! I always appreciate a free game!!
  8. Metal Slug

    Sure can! Just send it over. Or I'll make a new one over the weekend if you don't hear back.
  9. [TYPE] as paramater

    PBX and GameEx both function very similarly on the back-end, and this plugin is ported from GameEx (which I actively use). So for a developer, if you know one you know the other ( the only real notable difference is the named variables) and I have a great deal of experience with GameEx.
  10. [TYPE] as paramater

    I have a plugin that adds some functionality to launch before and after, I can look at adding this functionality to it. I have a major revision/update I've been sitting on I can put out if you're willing to test for me... I unfortunately don't use PBX and can't really do any testing.
  11. [APPLICATION] Abobo's Big Adventure (Offline GUI)

    Unfortunately this project didn't make it into my git, I might have it archived somewhere though. I'll have to look around a bit.
  12. Good read! I saw brainsmoke's tweet on the 3rd and knew that didn't look good... More surprised it wasn't a deliberate backdoor forced into architecture by Homeland Security... Or was it? Lol
  13. Nintendo Switch

    It's a little more than a tablet... Ours stays in the dock 99% of the time. It's kinda of like a hybrid between a Wii U and a tablet really, I suppose you could say. Nintendo fanboy over here though, I really love me some Pokemon/SMB/Mario Kart/Zelda/Metroid/etc. They can do no wrong by me! And Golf Story may be one of the best indie games I've ever played. Can't get enough of it!
  14. Nintendo Switch

    Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but a Switch exploit has already been found that grants full access prior to boot and it will require a hardware revision to address. I'll let you Google for details, since it's frowned upon to talk about that stuff at length here. That's kind of been the "kiss of death" for any of Nintendo's more recent wave of systems... You'd think they'd have a much more robust security team by this point. If you see a sharp drop off 1st party support, it's pretty much over.
  15. Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy New Year!