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  1. Adultery

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    I meant to update you on this, mine was a faulty USB port. I replaced the hub and I'm not having an issue any longer. Was watching it in Function Logger and my key presses are all processing fine. I'll holler back about the audio after I play around in there some.
  2. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    You should also add me!
  3. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    You should add me! Adultery on PSN.
  4. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    I gotta agree with @RedDog on this one... Once I got the setup how I like it, I've not had a single issue with this. I'm glad I bought it. Really enjoying the convenience of being able to chill on the couch and play PC games. It's what was missing in my life. Lol However, I still mostly just play PS4 console games like Everybody's Golf (or more recently Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Ultimate), and as soon as the new Dragon Quest on PS4 comes out, I'll be dumping immoral amounts of time into that and I'm not going to be doing much with it. But it's nice to know it's there. @stigzler It's gotta be something specific to your environment or the one you got is just eff'd, five other people at my work all got one and none of those guys have any complaints either... FWIW, I'd see if I could get a replacement from Valve before you rule it out.
  5. Adultery

    Humble Jackbox Party Bundle

  6. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] PinballX 3.07 though 3.10 MP4 playback

    Thanks for the follow-up!
  7. I would just Google around and see if you can't find a MAME exe with the nonag patch already applied if you're not willing to compile it yourself.
  8. ^^ specifically LCD/LED Plugin by the look of it (I was really more making sure it wasn't one of mine, lol).
  9. Adultery

    Arcade 1UP

    The cabs are kinda cute though! Depending on how they're constructed, it may be worth getting one to gut it out.
  10. Adultery

    Ahh, the weekend

    You'll just have to drink really fast then.
  11. Adultery

    Create Single Video

    3.06 is PinballX. I'll move it.
  12. Adultery

    [PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT] Function Logger

    Updated to 1.1.0, added GameEx account integration and some other things.
  13. Adultery

    I'll just leave this here.

    Interesting, my 360 wireless controllers work absolutely fine. Is it only Bluetooth that requires VirtualHere?
  14. Adultery

    New Build Coming...

    Especially cool that Han seems to have found his niche! Nothing more satisfying than a hobby that others can benefit from and enjoy!
  15. Adultery

    Remembering the 1982 World's Fair

    That was a nice bright spot on an otherwise dreary day. Thanks @tthurman for the share.