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  1. Pet Peeves

    Haha! So it bugs you and you did it on purpose to someone else? Love it!!!!
  2. Several "global exit combos" for different gamepads?

    Hi there! I have an exit combo in Xpadder to exit my emulators, meaning I use a keyboard combo and then map that through Xpadder using emulator profiles. I don't think you can make different types of controllers each have their own combos unfortunately. You can always put in a feature request.
  3. Suggestions for managing MAME

    It goes by file name, so it doesn't matter at all. I might just do something else though, I have a bunch of code in my MAME Commander plugin that pulls the list out of MAME itself, can support/pull the BIOS too, and grab your assets if you already have them. There's also a ton of search criteria you can use to find the games you're looking for. There are also filters there that would be helpful. I would really just need to import a class I wrote for that and wrap a GUI around it... But that will take time of course.
  4. Suggestions for managing MAME

    Are they already in your GameEx favorites list? Shame if not, because there's this thing which would do what you're asking...
  5. Pet Peeves

    ^^ If only it were derailed *AND* in the wrong forum... Heh heh!
  6. Pet Peeves

    ...people who think we can't complain about politics just because we don't vote, knowing full well our vote doesn't count anyway because of the electoral college and redistricting. I vote often btw. Just wanted to see if I could make your list. Lol!
  7. Pet Peeves

    You dirty SOB... Double fisted. Now I can't sit down for a while. Thanks a lot! That second one is remarkably accurate though, I'm definitely a Squidward these days. I forgot to mention predictive text on my phone that seems to think I wanna say 'fir' instead of 'for' all the time, even though I've never mentioned any type of trees in any texts. And people who talk during movies, which are usually the same people that try to guess the ending. And kettle corn. And Square-Enix porting classic games straight from iPhone to PC. Oh, and Facebook in general. Especially people who post what they're having for dinner. To flip it: a good thing... That a lot of the YouTube kids videos my daughter watches repeatedly have unreasonably hot chicks in them. Let's have more of that please.
  8. Pet Peeves

    I'd rather deal with people who don't say sorry than the many who say it, don't mean it, and do the same damn thing again. And people on Reddit, or any forum really, who don't answer questions politely because they think the question was stupid. And SpongeBob memes. And people who aren't programmers that say something shouldn't be hard to code.
  9. Why does this thread not exist already? RetroArch does a really great job integrating with the API for RetroAchievements, which for those that don't know, adds achievements to your retro games much like modern systems do. There is also a Leaderboard, which is a pretty cool hook that allows you to compete against others in the community. It's pretty baller. In addition to the officially supported systems, RetroArch also supports cheevos for Atari 2600 and FBA. I hear they're adding PS1 as well! The list of supported systems is pretty big, and I'm pretty sure there's others that RetroArch supports that don't have a RetroAchievements equivalent. There's a RetroArch bounty for improving the pop-ups to make them look more like a modern console (right now it uses the in-built message display), so it's good to know that's gonna happen. Well long story short, I like to see what others are up to. So if you aren't in there, get in there! If you are in there, add me to your friend list! http://retroachievements.org/user/Adultery Learn how to configure RetroArch and which cores support it here: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/retroachievements/ Read a brief overview about it here: http://www.retroarch.com/index.php?page=achievements If you want to join me in supporting the bounty for pop-up beautification, you can do that here (until they finally put it on bountysource): https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/3946#issuecomment-379507788 Trust me, it's worth the small bit of work it takes to get this rolling.
  10. Updating emulators automatically on Gameex

    Lol! Wait, was my comment that transparent?
  11. Updating emulators automatically on Gameex

    Keeping those updated should be up to the community IMHO. Too much work for staff to keep track of all the many emulators out there.
  12. Jumped into the Pi frenzy

    N64 runs pretty fair on Android, at least the games I've played do. Admittedly I haven't "thrown the book" at N64, but I have my favorites that run great. And I use a Fire TV 2, which is a small form factor... Never had too much of an issue on PC either personally, maybe I'm just lucky.
  13. Jumped into the Pi frenzy

    It fits in there, but the heat sink doesn't fit and the scripts don't work that control the sliders. But I'm sure the script will be updated, so it's really more about how important the heat sink is to you. I just bought one, it's pretty dope looking!! Nice find!
  14. Jumped into the Pi frenzy

    Doesn't Street Fighter use 6 buttons? Plus Start is 7. N64 had 9, not that there's enough joystick for that console, but still.
  15. Jumped into the Pi frenzy

    I hear ya there for sure, and I've been playing too. RetroAchievements give me purpose.