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  1. ATTN: 32 bit CCleaner users

  2. [PLUGIN] Game Tagger

    Hmm, your last update in my DB was today... Not sure, but everything on my end seems OK.
  3. Another day, another carrot

    N64 emulation is still in it's infantry on RetroArch, but it's one of the most actively updated cores out. They'll get there before ya know it and RetroPie will dominate.
  4. The GameEx Awards 2017

    I dig it personally, so long as we keep them positive. Could be fun!
  5. Assembling my Hurricane Irma playlist

    Hope Drac is doing ok, just saw Jacksonville is pretty much underwater...
  6. The GameEx Awards 2017

    Most Arrogant: @stigzler Lol! JK!
  7. [RESOLVED] gameex plugin disappear

    They're in the repository manager now.
  8. Assembling my Hurricane Irma playlist

    No "Riders On The Storm" on your playlist?? For shame!
  9. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    I'm the same. I'd much rather get to work solving a problem. For me it's the satisfaction of doing something, not the worry of someone else making it right later. It's like solving a puzzle even though you can probably find the picture somewhere else. But as was put so beautifully before, if you've been in this hobby for more than 5 minutes, it becomes apparent that waiting for the product owner is almost never the solution. Steam was a pleasant (and extremely rare) exception. I was impressed at their responsiveness, and I'm sure they had no idea it was causing an issue at the time they implemented it.
  10. [NEWS] GameEx 14.90

    All of these are good suggestions. I was thinking about embedding a media player, but all of these seem more approachable to me. I think I'll start with a menu for the High Score comp, though. Should be able to harness a good amount of test users for that. I have a pretty good idea of how that will work. I'm interested in a Last.FM plugin though, but I don't know how I can hook the menu list through there. Another project for another day.
  11. Definitely a completely worthwhile giveaway this time around! Expires on 9/9 so grab it now!
  12. [NEWS] GameEx 14.90

    /me already has a dll ready to go for that... Ponder...
  13. [NEWS] GameEx 14.90

    I glanced at it last night and I don't know what to do with it. I need an idea first I think, or some simple project to get my bearings.
  14. NEStalgia Project (Mini NESpi)

    I thought it was part of one of those monthly boxes? Loot Crate or some such thing? Maybe they come back online and I get one reasonably cheap!!
  15. Addin Example 1

    Epic. Awesome.