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  1. I can confirm that I had to do this at one point, I just forgot until you mentioned it just now.
  2. Sounds like you have a focus issue. I get around this in my plugins by grabbing the window handle and bringing it to the top and then setting the focus back on the primary monitor.
  3. I ran into the same issue pulling the GUID for 360 pads. They're all the same. You'll need to use the index, which I believe is the Device ID under Control Panel > Controllers
  4. Ohh, d'oh!! Didn't look far enough up!
  5. That's Stigz to you bub!
  7. Isn't that the file that taps onto the Windows codes? Do you all have LAV codec installed? Are there any Windows updates waiting?
  8. Depends on the "assets" in the "repo"!
  9. No offense taken if it was intended. I'm pretty good about bug fixing if I can reproduce it, and FWIW I use Xpadder and Windows 10 with no issues currently.
  10. All of it please. And your logs. gameex.ini
  11. Post your configuration for starters.
  12. I think once we get some of these video theme people looking to use it, the themeing will get much better. We just need those people to take notice. Your suggestions are legit@RedDog !
  13. I think GameEx AE should be first. It's gonna help sell your product. It really looks great on a cab, it's more of what I suspect the future of FE's is gonna be, so long as it doesn't get over-developed with features. /my 2c
  14. Same, it seems we're all slowly drifting away. Here's hoping he comes back safely. Happy birthday mi amigo!
  15. Well they say that, but in my account it says unlimited. Amazon has unlimited for $59 a year also, but I didn't jump on it because Plex can't access it.