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  1. Happy birthday home slice! Have a beer on us... Specifically on Stigz!
  2. I would ask the RocketLauncher people, that's most certainly not a PBX issue.
  3. Like I said up there, I've totally moved on to HyperList sets myself, so I won't be mad at ya for saying it. 😋
  4. Same! I can go farther back to the INTV, man if I could get that time back I might have learned something when I was a kid!!
  5. Well I was using MapFileMaker and NoIntro sets back when I did this manually. I sorted my table so the USA ROMs came up first, then filled in the missing ones. For the GoodName ones, I was looking for ! when I could find them, and filling in the blanks with the ones that seemed recent or more stable. Then I would export my new map file, and used a feature in that program to copy only the ROMs on the map file into the directory my cab was using.
  6. Hi@dalob ... I edited your post already but please make note of the forum rules and don't mention where you get your ROM sets from. Next time we'll have to formally warn you. 😉
  7. This is definitely documented somewhere, probably in feature requests. This is exactly the reason I decided to manually pick through my ROM sets for the best ones instead of using the merge option. Of course, nowadays there are Hyperlists that take all the guesswork out of it so I've moved on to those. In all honesty, I don't need 14 versions of River Raid, since on the off chance I play it I'll want the one that works best. I know that doesn't help much, but I think it's a pretty good insight into why this feature is rarely used , because of that, why it hasn't been fixed. /my 2c
  8. If you have it put in manually, you should still be able to configure plugins in the Setup Wizard, you only need a subscription to use the download service. Do you not see it in the list of installed plugins? It's maybe am issue with the dll.
  9. It was, it came out yesterday. Suicide by hanging. Shame really, he secured his place in my memories with the great music and even greater live performances I was lucky enough to attend.
  10. I've been using this for a while. I actually switched to this emulator solely for the overlays. It's good enough for me, not that you need my endorsement.
  11. Oh and@tthurman : hope that helps out ol' buddy.
  12. Well Dazz, you see... Jellö is a product, or a brand name. Seems they didn't fancy the band using it, so they sued and the band had to change their name to Jelly. But enough history, I might have accidentally dropped something... ...up there...
  13. It's not my first rodeo, got 2 heat sinks for like $2. I got a fan on mine too that runs on GPIO. No heat issues there!
  14. Well, it starts with a cool case. If you don't know someone with a 3D printer, this is the next best thing.
  15. Nope, it still uses the lnk method, but there's a bit of work to prep the launcher before you make the shortcuts. "Close ArcadePC Launcher and create some shortcuts In each game's folder, you will find an EXE that launches the game (for example, SFIV_Launcher.exe). Right-click this file and select "Create Shortcut". Name it how you like it, just make sure your artwork matches it if you want it to display properly. Take that shortcut and put it in a "shortcuts" folder you can point GameEx to for your game list. Set GameEx to use the LNK method for launching Windows games If you set your ROM filter to *.LNK and turn on "Show Desktop", and also set your working folder to the shortcuts folder you'll be golden. Your Cmd Line will be: ""[ROMPath]/[ROMFile]""