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  1. I'll have to look at #1. I cant see the podt attachments on myobile. For #2, the plugin isn't set up to use multiple drives. I might be able to work with that though, let me look at the code.
  2. 1. No 2. Not that I'm aware of 3. The configuration shouldn't be saved over, but typically there is a config.ini backup in the GameEx > Config folder.
  3. My cab used to be a (broken) Big Buck Hunter machine! The CP space is a little different though.
  4. ^^ this
  5. Hey stigz! Hope it was epic!!
  6. Ouch... Maybe it's my age but the consoles these days are just too much, and without having all day to devote to playing games the online component loses me. We have a PS4 and two Xbox Ones (one for each of my kids) and I'm not interested in either. Nintendo games are more my speed. I can pick up and play, and in most cases the story is more than 10% of the game (or should I say I can get my money's worth without having to play online, campaigns are a home nowadays). For kids? Sure, maybe. But I also approve on behalf of old people.
  7. That's what makes the switch great, it's not like evert other cookie cutter game system, and the games aren't the same as all the other offerings out there. /my 2c
  8. It's not that it would be impossible, just really hard. There is a file that is saved to your computer with the hi-score saved on it. One could maybe make that centrally available, but if more than one person plays at a time the whole thing is a wash. Maybe something in their new LUA engine though...
  9. If you see snapshots with initials and stuff, that's probably my hi-score snapshot plugin.
  10. No way! I will own a Switch and love it! Dragon Quest FTW! But admittedly most of my gaming is on break from work or traveling.