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  1. Why couldn't you just use the QuickLaunch plugin for this?
  2. It's a $49.99 value! Offer is only good for the ext 24 hours or so, so act now!
  3. Y'all know it's gonna be a Droid machine with Atari games preloaded on it, right?
  4. It's in the %appdata% temp folder, extracted7zip
  5. Interestingly enough, it's also free on for the same amount of time!
  6. One day only, get Jotun free on Steam! Save yourself $15! Get it here:
  7. Toy section. In my store they were at the end of the board game aisle near the playing cards and the monochrome handheld ones, like Yahtzee and poker and whatnot.
  8. Picked it up at my local Wal*Mart for $7 on Clearance. They also had a Centipede I may go back for tomorrow. Thinking of trying to put a Nano in it, but not sure how nice that'll turn out... The screen is pretty small, but there's definitely enough room in it. If I could pull it off it would look really nice on my desk at work! Thoughts?
  9. Mine runs an Xbox One, my cable box and my Fire TV. My kids would have mentioned last of there was any since they play a lot of FPS.
  10. This is the switch I have. Maybe it works for you too.
  11. Keeping it real with ya, I just found Gamesome for my Fire TV, and it looks like it's a much better alternative since it works like a front end for all sorts of Android emulators (including RetroArch cores), so my SNES games are just as playable, I get the benefits of s front end (box art, database info, etc) and I have the freedom to choose my ROMs. I just can't justify the expense for the case and the need to add another component to my entertainment center. /my 2c
  12. How much for and where did you get that mini screen? I have a web cam in the exact same spot and don't use it at all, that would be a nice upgrade if it's not too expensive.
  13. Beats my 2006 Stratus that's on it's last leg. I'm thinking of getting a Focus this time around... And I put my own bells and whistles in.
  14. Ahh so it looks like the command line changed again. I'll update the plugin. Thanks!