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  1. Adultery

    cant get retroarch working

    It's an emulator, nothing to it really. I'll let you know what you need to do as soon as you supply the requested materials. I'm sure it's your command line. Thanks.
  2. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] favorites gone

    I got you, fam.
  3. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    No problem, I'm happy to hear you got it sorted! Welcome back!!
  4. Adultery

    Happy Birthday Draco!

    Will shit! Happy birthday, my friend! At least you can say this: dirt is still (a few days) older than you!
  5. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

  6. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    I wish I had a full changelog for GameEx all in one page... I know there were a couple times we had to update GameEx because MAME broke the xml structure, and I know there was a pretty major update right around GameEx 14.82 (or maybe it was 14.83). I'm trying to find the update we did for MAME compatibility, since your old GX version may not play nice with MAME 0.198. I'll let you know when I find it, because if you can't get MAME to help generate a proper GameList, that's your problem right there. And MAME's -listxml would certainly be a problem if GameEx isn't able to parse it.
  7. The Switch is indeed revolutionary, but what we really need is a portable Windows solution with the power of a gaming PC. Thanks to Moore's Law (if that's still a thing), this is completely possible if not probable.
  8. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    No, he was just pointing you to the wrong spot. They're in the DATA folder. I'm making the assumption that you were able to get update list to show. Is that right? You said earlier that you can run roms from MAMEui, right? Can you run roms from CL in mame64.exe ? They are totally different, the results of one won't be anything to do with the other. What happens if you sub out mame64.exe with MAMEui.exe (or whatever that executable is called) and change your working path to there? Did you verify that the working path for MAME is truly the path it's located in? Is your MAME in a weird spot that needs administrator permission? Did you run a search and make sure you don't have GameEx installed in two places? Or MAME? We're just getting started, friend! I got tons of ideas. I'll do my best to get ya through this.
  9. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    I still need this also please.
  10. Adultery

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    Ok, first things first. Turn this off: EnableTouchScreen=True Supply the theme.ini for your custom theme: theme=AP01MAME There's also this that sticks out: 17:27:22.33 6/6/2018: Attempting to load game list 17:27:23.28 6/6/2018: Not Restoring Emulator Database From Cache: 1000 Did you delete your cache files?
  11. Adultery

    pass [DESCRIPTION] as parameter

    This does that, unless it's broken for some reason...
  12. Adultery

    déjà vu

    ^^ This. Maybe I show m age on this one, but that system got some play in my house. It would be cool to have, but I wouldn't spend more than $50 on it. I'm pretty sure my mom still has ours in storage and we had a slew of games for it too. I'll have to check.
  13. Adultery

    Happy Birthday Hansolo77!

    Happy birthday friend! Hope you do something extra special! Catch a movie? I hear Solo is out, kinda has your name all over it...
  14. Adultery

    pass [DESCRIPTION] as parameter

    ^^ Those probably.
  15. Adultery

    possible cabinet mode in Pinball Arcade

    Surprise surprise.