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  1. Very cool! Nice work, and a wonderful idea!
  2. Yo @hansolo77 Google ended support for shortened URLs Monday, so I'm going to have to move to bit.ly , as soon as I program that integration I'll push out an update.
  3. Adultery


    Same here. This and Pi-Hole are the ultimate team.
  4. It's a decent place actually, the website doesn't do it justice. They focus on the alcohol because Geeks Mania is a bigger, better arcade but doesn't serve any alcohol.
  5. @flocke28 How about providing the log file and the GameEx.ini as requested? No one can/will help you if you don't provide the absolute minimum.
  6. Adultery


    Welcome @Badazzwi! Please do let us know if you need anything, the community here is pretty epically awesome!
  7. Can I get some log files taken after the Attract Mide kicks in and falls back to GameEx so I can take a look at the Command Line?
  8. I honestly haven't really touched the PinballX plug-in much since I initially released it, I was porting over the GameEx one, but I don't use PinballX so I didn't get too far. I can take another crack at it if you'd be willing to do some testing on it for me... A lot of what you're reporting was already fixed in the GameEx version. I have to change the build target so it'll run in x64 architecture, update the .NET framework version, add some missing variables, clean up some horribly inefficient routines, and fix a couple bugs I know are in there (bat file running is definitely one of those bugs). Gonna take a little time, but I can work on it while I watch AGDQ this week. Wanna be a guinea pig for me? I'll PM ya.
  9. I have, especially with Punch Out in particular. It's been great, I've been using that setup since it came through on NES, but haven't set it up for any other cores yet. It's really about as cool an advancement in emulation as I've seen since Nesticle hit the scene back in the day.
  10. Can you please post the solution for others who may have a similar issue?
  11. Is what right? There's no error in the log.
  12. I'm sure this is a silly question but I gotta ask... You do know it doesn't come with tables or anything, right? We also need your logs after you run a table please. Follow the instructions provided by @Draco1962.
  13. Oof, haha! Thanks @tthurman, I think... @Draco1962 I'm at the point in my life where there's so much less hair up there, that grey would be a welcome addition!! It's really hard to justify that $15 for a haircut.
  14. I don't think it's compatible, I don't remember exactly how the code looks though. I know for certain the supporting apps (setup wizard et al) won't work without some programming. I'll dig into options, but there's some other stuff in the queue first... I'm working on adding achievement popups to my Twitch stream right now. But I'll get around to it.
  15. Well thank ya kindly! Gonna celebrate hard... By getting my driver's license renewed. Huzzah!!
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