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  1. Just for the hell of it I'll post again After trying every setting I could find in Mame, The screensaver works perfectly in the screensaver preview or with sound on (except the jukebox issue that's constant). With sound off it fails to load when 5 is pressed and crashes, I can play the games in silent by ticking the sound box but adding -nosound to the command line but it will not let me play the screensaver without sound but then be able to play the games with sound (but does in the preview mode) I can't even find an older version to try that.
  2. Not sure if I should be expecting any replies here but I've also just noticed that games won't launch with the sound off. No problems with the sound on, hit 5 and it starts in the game fine, exit and everything else is still ready to go but with the sound off it seems to try to restart but then closes. It's not as big an issue for me as the other sound problems but does anyone know why it might work with the sound on and not sound off?
  3. Loving the mame screensaver, it's a great way to finish off a cabinet. I got it working fine except when I have the jukebox running (arcade jukebox 8) as each game starts there's 2 or 3 distinct stutterings (I have the screensaver set to no sound). I like having the timer down low at 2 minutes a game but at the moment that means that every song is being interupted, can anyone suggest anything that might help me get around this? I'm using Mameuifx32 (0.122) and Mala and it happens even if the jukebox is running seperately.
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