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  1. Yeah, that seems alot easier... thanks for the tip.
  2. @bkenobi: Yeah,I know, but the title states what you want to do and the subtitle states what you're really going to be doing. Plus... we need to be picky, or we'll never accomplish anything. Note: the above implementation utilizes the Xbox360 controller... for testing purposes, but i'm sure a similar result could be achieved with something like JoyToKey for the true CabHeadz out there, and it would be better for games that require more actions than just clicking. (now, if I could only get java working... HeeHee) SHOUTOUTS go 2 Tempest & Obiwan for recognizing the contribution.
  3. usage could include... adding to screensaver (flash logos and video for your theme), simple flash forms (eg. content requests), etc. Quick note... also the flash player is set to always on top (application setting)
  4. After searching the forums and reading various posts, I remained stumped as how to emulate flash. So here's what I came up with... 1. XMouse360 (software) Get it here: http://download.softpedia.com/dl/31ea8081a8f760138fa54d8a70b31f1c/4b42eb5d/100099528/software/os_enhance/XMouse360v02.zip or here: http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/77b136cb516fd1f6557458322b5f023e/4b42eb5d/100099528/software/OS%20ENHANCE/XMouse360v02.zip 2. Flash Movie Player from eolsoft (software) get it here ---> http://www.eolsoft.com/download/get.php?url=fmp online help with commandline available here ---> http://www.eolsoft.com/freeware/flash_movie_player/help/ Application Settings, view options: exact fit, always on top 3. Something to test it with *.swf (flash Games); *.flv (flash video); the player uses an fmp file type for playlists Getting it to work: Enabled: Yes Emulator: Windows Rom Filter: *.swf Map Keys: Yes Wait: 2000 Keys To Send: "{F11}" Also Launch: \XMouse360.exe Command Line: "[ROMPath]\[ROMFile]" Launch After: tskill XMouse360 Advanced Config: [Mapping Off] Exit (ALT+F4) "" That's about it... but i'm sure there's a better way to do this. Let's brainstorm. In the mean time, the in-between time, hope this helps.
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