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  1. Thanks for the help but in the end i got the -f -0 switches to work. This worked well, only draw back is the need to set up all the games individually along with each games machine settings. But this did work so may be a long term project. Yes found this thread an used it to set up CD32 it work very well. in the end i just used this for the command line "Winuae.exe -f A1200.UAE -0 "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]"" This way i only had to set up 1 machine the "A1200.UAE" obviously i still have to change discs with multi disc games. So after a fews days messing around WinUAE iv learnt the community here know what there talking about and if they can be bothered to write a loader "WinUAE Loader" then i should just bloody well use it.
  2. Happy new year to all. I woud like to set up WinUAE to use some NOINTRO roms I HAVE set up WINUAE Loader to use my WHD set so im ok there. But i cant for the life of me find a command line to run WinUAE with out a loader. After searching the internet i have only found 2 switches -f -0 and i cant start WinUAE with these. Any help?
  3. Tom you update quicker then i change my underwear. Thanks.
  4. Request Would it be possible to see a preview of the .png while choosing the logo for a given system in the emulator set up.
  5. Hi Krakerman Thanks for the reply ok i went to Custom, then Emulator Selection but only the option to export the emulator ini is in the centre of the 2 columns, im trying to set up WinUAE with Winuae loader, when i downloaded the ZIP a file name "[PC] Commodore Amiga (GameBase).ini" was in the gamex file of the download and i would like to import this single file. You might need to hold my hand as im getting old LOL.
  6. Hi all Not had a chance to mess with GameEX for a while what with life and kids.... so i updated a week or so ago and found the set up wizard has changed and very nice it is to. But i can find how to import an emulator ini file. Answers on a post card please.
  7. First off i would like to say thanks to Headkase for uploading the 3D console models for us use and work with. In this set i have taken these models and give them a slight tilt so we can see all of the model and not just the side view. i have also added some original box art models for consoles that i can not find 3D models of, they are just a simple box with the original box art and game box covers layered on to them. This set contains the following models, 2600 5200 7800 Amiga CD32 Atari Jaguar Atari Lynx Coleco Vision Commodore Commodore Amiga Fairchild Channel F Magnavox Mattel Intellivision Nintendo DS Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo Game Boy Color Nintendo GameCube Nintendo N64 Nintendo NES Nintendo SNES Pinball Sega 32x Sega Dreamcast Sega Game Gear Sega Genesis Sega Master System Sony Playstation Sony Playstation 2 ZX Spectrum ZZCommodore PET Download 3D Console Models Set 1 (TSPEIRS: Link corrected)
  8. Ok thanks to the both of you that was nice and easy
  9. I am trying to play a text adventure on the 48K spectrum but when i press the L key Game Ex drops back to the in game menu, how can i stop this?
  10. I have been following this post with interest and the models are looking great in Game Ex. I decided to convert a few models myself i was using the .x converters from this post but had a few problems with a jukebox model for the multimedia page when either one was used to convert the model sketch-up 8 would crash. A quick search and i found this plug-in .x converter so far its converted all the models i have found, as i know sod all about 3D models thought you might like to try it out to see if its up to scratch. Thanks to headkaze for the up load of console models some of them are very nice but look a bit "flat" with the front on view so i have had a look around Google warehouse for the consoles and have started a set that i have tilted forward to show the top of the model as well will up load in a few days time with the Game Ex main pages models e.g. Random game, search, emulated games e.c.t.
  11. Hi all, Just for fun i i thought i would reinstall Game Ex all was well and i downloaded the selected emulators and things went there happy way. After installation i chose the advanced setup and while setting up MAME i ticked the box to "show on game page", after running Game Ex i decided i would rather have MAME on the start page. I went back to advanced setup and changed the setting back to "show on start page". Now the problem is that MAME will not move form the game page even after un-instaling Game EX with Revo Uninstall & running CCleaner installing a fresh copy of Game Ex. it seems to be stuck lol, the reason for moving it back to the start page is when set to game page none of the games were listed with there correct names just the .zip names no big deal but this lead me to the problem i have now. Any help with this one? EDIT* I had an older version of Game Ex installer saved on my HD v10.33 so installed that and MAME is back to the start page and not listed as an emulator.
  12. Thanks for the answers boys. I asked as i was over at the Dolphin site with the official build at Rev 2 but there is a list of SNV builds. I think you need to compile them yourself but thats beyond my grasp of computing at the moment so i went with Rev 2
  13. Hi All just a quick question about SNV Builds, so what does it mean.
  14. LOL your not the fist person to say that, my doctor told its a fetish, id say more of an interest. I have a lovely collection in my loft, if you in England visiting the Queen your more then welcome to pop round to see them.
  15. My conclusion is we all love our retro games with most of us playing just a hand full of old favourites from the 2 gazillion roms we own. We build cabs just for the fun of it and for the sparkly buttons . We love the pain of setting up new emulators working out command lines and generally making things ordered and looking nice. We are all as bonkers as chocolate rocket ships...... right im off to put my marshmallow space helmet on
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