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  1. For cabinets users with a second screen for backglass it would be very usefull to be able to chose the location of the XML file and all artwork folders (backglass, tables, wheels....) or else we have some duplicates folders..... as I explain in the picture.
  2. mariozeferino

    UltraVPServer and B2S tables

    thanks i ll have a look. but every table exits fine in both visual pinball and hyperpin. i was hoping to hear from other users about UltraVPServer and B2S tables
  3. mariozeferino

    UltraVPServer and B2S tables

    first off all, PinballX is great, thank for this great frontend. it works perfectly. I was using GameeX before to launch pinball tables. and i had a problem exiting UltraVPServer and B2S tables, the table exits but the backglass stays in place now i have the same problem with PinballX , Any ideas?
  4. mariozeferino

    Video not showing in multimedia

    I can't se the Video folder in multimedia, is there something i can do?
  5. mariozeferino

    gameex with Visual or future pinball

    someone should post the video of the Cocktail Virtual Pinball Machine on www.vpforums.org, i am sure lots of people want a frontend other than Hiperpin witch slows down most of the tables.
  6. mariozeferino

    GameEx Hires Icon

    did this one helps ?
  7. mariozeferino

    marquee magician

    i'm trying to get marquee magician working with no success, is there any tutorial? i have two monitors on my cab, one for vertical games and another for horizontal games, will i be able to get marquee magician to display pictures on both displays.
  8. mariozeferino

    mame vert. and horiz. games

    hey bkenobi, i was reading the other post I've made , and you actualy sugest an INI file the first time, I just thought it was something out of my league.
  9. mariozeferino

    mame vert. and horiz. games

    the good thing is, after the file is create by mameui, we can still use cmdlinemame. by having both mame in the same folder.
  10. mariozeferino

    mame vert. and horiz. games

    nop. .ini file in ini folder
  11. mariozeferino

    mame vert. and horiz. games

    i've post before about sending vertical games to one monitor and horizontal games to the other, i found a simple solution, if we use a mame with user interface (mameui32). on the left column we have games filters (all games, availble games,etc...) and we have vertical and horizontal games. right clck on vertical, chose properties, on screen tab chose wich display we want vertical games, a txt file is generate for vertical games. should be enough.
  12. mariozeferino

    VP9.12 and ATI

    it's not that big the measurments are in metric system
  13. mariozeferino

    VP9.12 and ATI

    great news, by the way i'd like to share my next project: Pinball/arcade cabinet 3d rendering and simple plans
  14. mariozeferino

    [ RESOLVED ] Future Pinball

    can you post a link, i don't find them
  15. mariozeferino

    I think i read somewere......

    I think i read somewere about a script for MAME to send vertical games to one monitor and horizontal games to the other, but cant found it. did anybody can help? thanks in advance