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  1. Pretty sure its normal for the bin and cue file to only be 1kb after you exit GameEx. Have you run GameEx with the - Run As Administrator - unchecked in 7za.exe properties? (I realise I said check the option in a previous post, but thats because I thought by default it came unchecked. I think its the other way around)
  2. Try this: In your gameex folder right click on 7za.exe, select properties, click compatibility and check run as administrator. See if it works, it will take a little while for the games to unzip. You could just unzip all your games first, bit of a chew if you have a lot of games, then change the 7zip option back to no.
  3. I have ePSXe running on my pc without using any batch files and have attached the - GameExConfig - .ini file I use. (Make sure you change the Rom / Snap / Working path to suit your system once imported into your - GameExConfig -) You will need to change the - ZIP / 7-Zip / Goodmerge - option to - Yes - to use your 7-zipped games. Use the latest version of ePSXe (1.7.0), ** EDIT ** No need to mount Games, just need to use *.cue in the Rom Filter option (as in the attached .ini) ePSXe.zip
  4. Hard to say personally as this is my first update since about 11.26, and it was working fine then. Great update by the way, lovin' the on-screen keyboard. ** EDIT ** When I navigate away from GameEx and then go back to it, the mouse is working as normal.
  5. I have a similar problem. The cursor appears over image / home / exit, but disappears when navigating to list / menu. The scroll bar appears as normal but any press of a mouse button be it left / right / back / forward sends GameEx to a black, non-responsive screen. Joypad and Keyboard work as normal. log.txt
  6. Fantastic Stuff Tom! ... Appreciate all the work, Thanks.
  7. Just to point out that a new version of PCSX2 0.9.7 is out with command line support. Download Links: PCSX2 0.9.7 r3878 Links Use command line: pcsx2-r3878.exe --fullscreen --nogui "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]"
  8. Well I never ... command line support, thats a bonus! (If I hadn't already adapted 0.5.5 scripts, updated .map & .ini files to suit 0.5.6... grrr... should have gone to specsavers!) Embarrassing link
  9. Any PC compatible Steering wheel should work. Mine is far from the best but does the job great; Logitech Formula Force EX Steering wheel The force feedback works a treat in model 2
  10. Really, Got to say the emulation is near flawless on my system and using a steering wheel definitely adds to the experience
  11. No probs, NullDC will play them both well. I use Sega Model 2 for Daytona MameUI64 for San Francisco Rush (decent spec required) NullDC for San Francisco Rush 2049
  12. Since NullDC became open-source it now has xbox 360 controller support. Download latest NullDC emu here Read this thread - NullDC Loader 1.0.4 - for how to get NullDC running through GameEx
  13. I have attached the Adv Config .ini I use for PCSX2. I can't remember which version of Brian's Loader from the top of the page I used so I've attached this also. I still have the same issue when I can hear PCSX2 running a game in the background but focus returns to GameEx. It may work for you though, but if not I select Resume Game and then ALT + ENTER for fullscreen. pcsx2.rar
  14. I don't have Atari setup on my system and I don't use a .map file for my Nintendo Emulators, but you may find them in the pinned topic User Submitted Configs, Map Files, Wrappers and Databases (Uploads) Otherwise perhaps someone who has the Emulators set up with .map files could upload. As for Zinc, I set it up through the built-in setup but I found that these games ran quicker for me just through MAME, think this is system dependant though. Can anyone else confirm this is the case?
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