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  1. jayk914

    nestopia control lag???

    I am running Xp on this machine, and my control panel consists of an ipac keyboard encoder connected to all happ controls. Thanks for the fast response, although the solution may be a bit above my head, (I am pretty new at all this) if so i can still launch nestopia outside of gameex and it works great so if it comes to it that is what I will have to do....
  2. jayk914

    nestopia control lag???

    just wondering if anyone else has experienced any lag with nestopia controls through gameex? I have my mame cab setup with an ipac, and nestopia seems to control great on its own, but when I play nes games through gameex the controls seem sluggish and awfull laggy, not sure if there was anything I could do to correct this or not?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jay
  3. jayk914

    nestopia loading problems

    Thank you sir, that was not the exact problem, but my issue was in that line=) I had originally set it up for virtua nes and changed all the command lines except virtuanes.exe"[rompath]\[romfile]" And amazingly enough when I replaced that with the correct nestopia command.....it worked, I thought I had quadruple checked all those commands=( oh well it works now and have it all set up to work with my CP so I am happy, again thanks, And I will post the log and emu config next time as I sure you would have caught this off from that.
  4. jayk914

    nestopia loading problems

    HI everybody, I a noob here so please be patient, I have my gameex setup and running mame wonderfully, but my problem right now is with nestopia, it is all set up and apears in my emulator list , my roms are all there, and when I click on one to play the description and everything is there as well, but when I actually click on play this game the screen goes black like it is going to load but after a few seconds it just goes back to the description page and shows an additional play count for the game? The nestopia works fine on it's own and most all games seem to play perfect only has the problem when launching games from the front end???? If it would help I could video what it is doing and post, just let me know......thanks in advance.....