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  2. Thank you so much! I've said it before, I'll say it again, this is the best damn forum on the internet!
  3. Like maybe actually PLAYING some videogames? Nah. Funny, ham and family is exactly what Easter meant in this house this year, and we normally don't do anything.
  4. Thanks fRequEnCy, I kinda figured that was the case anyway, since not a whole lot goes on around here besides people asking for advice (And I've never been the best advice giver.) But anyway, I am actually feeling somewhat better, but unfortunately Cancer is one of those problems that just doesn't GO AWAY on it's own. I'm doing really good though and I'm hanging in there.
  5. Yeah I found it, and it's excellent. Can't praise it enough!
  6. Hey guys, just stopping by to say I'm back. I've been away for a long time thanks to my illness, but hopefully I'll be more active once again! So Hello again, hope to be of some help!
  7. This is amazing... thank you Tom!
  8. That is excellent news! Thank you Tom.
  9. From my experience, no, Mame runs them just as well.
  10. A MAP file would also give you total freedom as to what you want your roms named. (Doh' but wait a minute, I don't remember how to use Map files with MAME, only emulators.)
  11. I use NeoRaine for the NeoGeo CD console... and I use Winkawaks so I can have NeoGeo games set up as console games in a separate list. I like having both NeoGeo console and Arcade versions set up, and WinKawaks works great for the console versions.
  12. So it's NOT just me! Whew... I noticed a few updates ago that the preview videos were no longer random... I'm positive they used to be... but now it shows preview videos in some sort of order, every time without fail.
  13. Just open up the advanced config for ZSNES, change "Map escape" to "Send keyes on exit" Send "%{F4}" and you'll save everytime.
  14. I second Starbuck on the system icons thing, as I was going to suggest the exact same! It looks bizzare when MAME games have their own icons but are surrounded by games with no icon. The same could be said for search results. I also would like his idea about the first page of comics to be shown, the empty boxes on the comics page is upsetting. Not sure about his idea for the rating system but I like his other ideas!
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