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  1. Here it is. Thanx for taking a look! 21:01:27.3 10/20/2010: Is Media Center running? 21:01:27.3 10/20/2010: Checking/Creating LCD Registry values 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Check Media Center Exit/Start Mode 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Media Center Mode 2 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Video previews on. Warning: Only recommended on modern systems 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Snap Delay set to: 2 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Get other settings 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Desktop set to Hide ICONS and set Background to Black 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Set: Find emulator artwork on best match basis 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Start work for Form 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Getting Original Screen Size 21:01:27.4 10/20/2010: Compacting Database 21:01:29.0 10/20/2010: Opening Database Connection 21:01:30.0 10/20/2010: Initializing Component 21:01:30.2 10/20/2010: Retrieving resolution setting 21:01:30.2 10/20/2010: MAME Path is: C:\Emulators\Mame32 21:01:30.2 10/20/2010: Cannot Find MAME Path: MAME Disabled 21:01:30.2 10/20/2010: Loading Controls.ini map file 21:01:30.3 10/20/2010: Loading Custom Emulators 21:01:30.3 10/20/2010: Loading Emulator 1: Nintendo NES 21:01:30.4 10/20/2010: Loading Emulator 2: Nintendo SNES 21:01:30.5 10/20/2010: Loading Emulator 3: Sega Genesis 21:01:30.5 10/20/2010: Loading Emulator 4: Nintendo N64 21:01:30.5 10/20/2010: Loading Emulator 5: Nintendo Game Boy Advance 21:01:30.7 10/20/2010: Loading Emulator 6: Nintendo Game Boy Color 21:01:30.7 10/20/2010: Loading Emulator 7: Nintendo Game Boy 21:01:30.7 10/20/2010: Using Version 3 Themes Animations 21:01:30.7 10/20/2010: Using General Font: Trebuchet MS 21:01:30.7 10/20/2010: Using Title Font: Trebuchet MS 21:01:30.7 10/20/2010: Initialising Direct3D 21:01:30.8 10/20/2010: Applying GameEx is Loading Image 21:01:30.9 10/20/2010: Setting Resolution to 1776x1000 32 bit color 21:01:31.0 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces 21:01:31.5 10/20/2010: Creating Primary Surface - Full Screen Mode 21:01:31.5 10/20/2010: Creating Back Buffer 21:01:31.5 10/20/2010: Loading graphic Surfaces 21:01:31.6 10/20/2010: Display is running at: 1776x1000 32bit color, 29hz 21:01:31.6 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Flags 21:01:31.8 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Misc and Dialogs 21:01:32.0 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Volume 21:01:32.0 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Arrows 21:01:32.2 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces GameEXlogo Text 21:01:32.2 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Toolbar 21:01:32.3 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Backgrounds 21:01:32.3 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Toolbar Controls 21:01:32.4 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces GameEx Logo 21:01:32.4 10/20/2010: Creating Surface Unselected 21:01:32.4 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Snaps 21:01:32.5 10/20/2010: Creating Surfaces Menu and List Bars 21:01:32.9 10/20/2010: Creating Fonts 21:01:32.9 10/20/2010: Creating Game Font 21:01:33.4 10/20/2010: Creating Game Font Faded 21:01:33.6 10/20/2010: Creating Title Font 21:01:33.6 10/20/2010: Restoring Title Font From Cache 21:01:34.1 10/20/2010: Creating Font Black 21:01:34.3 10/20/2010: Creating Font Black Small 21:01:34.4 10/20/2010: Fonts Created Succesfully 21:01:34.4 10/20/2010: Initialising Bass Audio Library 21:01:34.4 10/20/2010: Creating instance of global keyboard hook 21:01:34.9 10/20/2010: Applying Language/Text 21:01:35.0 10/20/2010: Text/Language: English 21:01:35.0 10/20/2010: MAME CMD options: -nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo 21:01:35.0 10/20/2010: Loading last used Game List 21:01:35.1 10/20/2010: Loading music
  2. Using 64 bit windows 7. When trying to run application a screen pops up for a few minutes trying to load GameEx. Then it proceeds to tell me that GameEx isn't working and I'm forced to close... I have used it on this system before and have recently updated and used it a couple of times since. Any ideas?! Thanx!
  3. Got it! And I feel like an idiot. That should have been the first thing I tried. I was thinking too much into it. Instead of downloading it, I renamed the emulator file to zsnesw and double checked my config file with the one darktouch sent me. ... apparently, I changed the emu file name a long time ago. Of course it couldn't find it.. GAAAHHH lol Well, thanx for all of your help guys. I really appreciate it. I'm sure that that's why the genesis emulator isn't working as well. You guys rock! I'm sure i'll be roaming the forum at times and will run into you all again! Take care!
  4. Yes, I like that idea and will give it a shot. I will let you know!
  5. This is what it looks like right now... ; Stereo Reversed. Swaps left channel with right. (0 = off, 1 = L <-> R) ReverseStereo = 0 ; GUI Disable (1 = Disable GUI, 0 = Enable GUI) GUIDisable = 0 ; New Graphics Engine (1 = Enable, 0 = Disable) NewGfx = 1
  6. Yes, I went back and forth from 0 to 1 while changing other stuff as well. Thanx tho!
  7. Hey darktouch, I'm starting to love this site too! Great people who are willing to help and I can't say enough great things about Brian and Dezblack helping me out with this! I'm pretty excited to get this working!
  8. I tried running it without a database and the same thing would happen... This is the error that I'm getting "'Zsnesw.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." Thoughts?
  9. Thanx guys! I will get to it when I can.. within the next couple of days or so.. I have a project at work due on friday and a good buddy of mine had a transformer blow up on him at work yesterday, so i'll be in and out of the hospital as well and i just put a bid on a house. Things are kinda crazy right now but I can promise ya i'm not giving up! l8r
  10. Hey guys, I tried to follow your instructions the best I could. And I will tell you how I deciphered them.. My computer literacy only goes so far unfortunately. I know enough to get by, so bare with me. Dezblack - What I did was copy the command line out of gameEx configuration and pasted it into the "run" dialogue box on my system (windows vista) and all I got was an error that it could not find file. I tried it with the N64 (which works in gameEx) command line just to see what would happen and I got the same error. I also don't know how to convert to a progra~1. Brian - The only thing that I can think of as far as not running it in a games database is to run the emulator stand alone on windows and it works just fine. I found the runlastgame.bat file you were refering to and all it did was flicker what looked like a small dialogue box for a really small fraction of a second. Again, thanx guys and I think I should be honest and tell you that I haven't donated yet but I definately plan on doing so once I get this working! You can count on it! Thank you for your patience.
  11. Thanx again for your help, but it didn't work. I tried changing the gui in the config. file with show desktop on and off and no luck. Any other ideas?
  12. Thanx for your reply dezblack! I'm pretty sure I've changed that option from yes to no a couple of times but I will give it another shot after work. I will post back whether or not it worked.
  13. MegaMartyMan

    Help! :)

    Hi, First off, i didn't even know what a frontend was until a few days ago. I happened to run into a gameEX video online showing what it does and I was impressed! The ability to consolidate and use all of emu apps from one program is awesome! Anyway, on to my problem. I set everything up using the basic setup and took my time through it to make sure I didn't miss anything. I then set up my emulators and after some playing around, I got the JNES and Project 64 to work pretty good. However, the ZSNES is not working. I've spent at least 6 or 7 hours reading forums, the submitted configs page and just making different changes to it. What happens is when i click on a game, my screen goes black for a few seconds and goes directly back to the gameEX page I was just at. The emulator does work on windows without the use of gameEX. I've tried changing the gui in my config file from 0 to 1 and then back to 0 a few times and that doesn't seem to do the trick either. I've copied a few of the user submitted configs to a "T" (minus file and emu locations of course) and no luck. I get the same problem everytime. I get the same thing with GENS as well.. Although I haven't spent much time messing around with the options on that one yet. I will paste the extracted emulator file below but I've changed it so much it probably won't be of much insight... unless i'm typing something in wrong or there is simply a space where there isn't supposed to be one etc. I wouldn't be asking a question about this unless I've spent a good amount of time trying to figure it out myself. This is quite lengthy, so I will paste the text and see what happens. I'm not computer illiterate, just "new program" illiterate.. THANX!!! [Emulator_2] Enabled=True STARTPAGENAME=Super Nintendo TITLETEXT=SNES StartPageLogo=[Console] Nintendo SNES ROMFilter=*.smc;*.zip RomPath=C:\Users\owner\_AAA Vids\A - Super Nintendo\Games RomsInFolders=True SnapPath=c:\emulators\Nintendo SNES\Snaps\ TitlePath=c:\emulators\Nintendo SNES\Titles\ BoxPath=c:\emulators\Nintendo SNES\Boxes\ CartPath=c:\emulators\Nintendo SNES\Cartridges\ ManualPath=c:\emulators\Nintendo SNES\Manuals\ ControlPanelPath=c:\emulators\Nintendo SNES\Controls\ InstructionsPath= WorkingPath=C:\Users\owner\_AAA Vids\A - Super Nintendo MapKeys=True WaitBeforeKeys= SendKeys= ReplaceDash=True ReplaceUnder=True Capitals=True RemoveBrackets=True ShowDesktop=False Debug=False MAPFile= AlsoLaunch= Command=zsnesw.exe "[ROMPath]\[RomFile]" LaunchBefore= LaunchAfter= configFile= ExcludedFiles= CustomBackground= PlayMusic= DontShowInfo= PlaySelectionMusic= SelectionMusicFolder= PCGame=False DATABASE=[Console] Nintendo SNES UseDbName= GamesIn7Zips= MergeSets= PlayInScreenSaver=False ShowMostPlayed=True RandomMostPlayed=True CDCheck=False CDCheckFile= CustomArtName1= CustomArtPath1= CustomArtName2= CustomArtPath2= CustomArtName3= CustomArtPath3= [GENERAL] DumbyValue=
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