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  1. Thanks! I didn't know about the database manager. Downloading it now.
  2. I'm new to Pinball X. I like a lot about it, but I'm not crazy about some of the sound effects when using the PinballX interface. Is there some way to: Not hear "sure plays a mean pinball" all the time Control the volume of the bells and bong sounds for each table when I'm scrolling through them Change or remove the sound file played (during the loading animation) for individual tables when I choose to open them The first two are minor annoyances. The third one... I've got a toddler in the house and I don't really want him to start parroting "has anybody seen a Huge Ass" that plays when I open Simpsons Party Pinball. Are some of these set in the tables themselves? Can I control some of them in PinballX?
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