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  1. Hi, I have problems to have just the radio channels I like to show up. In the setupWizard I enable radio and only one channel which is set to the channel I would like to listen to. Regardless if this is set or not and all of the other channels shown in the setup page is put to be not enabled, gameex shows 14967 channels and not the one I want. I usually use my own menu, but now I have disabled that until this is working. Also, if I use my own menu, I cant choose genre etc, it says that I can sort by Title, category, Artist/album, genre and when pressing genre all changes to name, category, publisher and year. If I click name I see a list of my mame games. By category says no games found (Kind of correct because I am looking for radio stations, but I guess there should be something else instead.) Right now I have stopped using my own menu until I get this to work, but I would prefer to have all up an running correctly. I am currently running in win7 64 Hopefully awaiting help
  2. I made a wrapper to work with NullDC, which work fine on 5 tested computers. OBS works only with nullDC_1.0.3_nommu.exe. If you are using some other version, amend according to that one. First have a look on gameex emulator config file. Enabled=True STARTPAGENAME=[Console] Sega Dreamcast (nullDC) TITLETEXT=Sega Dreamcast StartPageLogo=[Console] Sega Dreamcast {NTSC} ROMFilter=*.cdi;*.gdi;*.nrg;*.mds RomPath=J:\emulator\sega\dreamcast\roms RomsInFolders= SnapPath= TitlePath= BoxPath= CartPath= ManualPath= ControlPanelPath= InstructionsPath= WorkingPath=j:\emulator\sega\dreamcast\ MapKeys=True WaitBeforeKeys= SendKeys= ReplaceDash=False ReplaceUnder=True Capitals=False RemoveBrackets=True ShowDesktop=True Debug=False MAPFile= AlsoLaunch= Command=start.ahk "[ROMPath]\[RomFile]" LaunchBefore= LaunchAfter= configFile= ExcludedFiles= CustomBackground= PlayMusic=False DontShowInfo= PlaySelectionMusic=False SelectionMusicFolder= PCGame=False DATABASE= UseDbName= GamesIn7Zips=False MergeSets= PlayInScreenSaver=False ShowMostPlayed=True RandomMostPlayed=True CDCheck=False CDCheckFile= CustomArtName1= CustomArtPath1= CustomArtName2= CustomArtPath2= CustomArtName3= CustomArtPath3= [GENERAL] DumbyValue= Here are the start.ahk file (autoscriptwriter file, you need this software to run this) NumParams = %0% Param1 = %1% Param2 = %2% Param3 = %3% Run, nullDC_1.0.3_nommu.exe, j:\emulator\sega\dreamcast\chankastAlpha025\chankastAlpha025\ WinWait, nullDC v1.0.3 (built Aug 20 [email protected]:00:16), IfWinNotActive, nullDC v1.0.3 (built Aug 20 [email protected]:00:16), , WinActivate, nullDC v1.0.3 (built Aug 20 [email protected]:00:16), WinWaitActive, nullDC v1.0.3 (built Aug 20 [email protected]:00:16), Sleep, 100 Send, {ALTDOWN}fn{ALTUP} Sleep, 100 WinWait, Select Image File, IfWinNotActive, Select Image File, , WinActivate, Select Image File, WinWaitActive, Select Image File, send {TAB 2} send {DEL} Send %1%{ENTER} WinWaitClose, J:\emulator\sega\dreamcast\ChankastAlpha025\ChankastAlpha025\nullDC_1.0.3_nommu.exe, ExitApp Here are some explanation for the start.ahk file The param1 is for recieving the parameter "[ROMPath]\[RomFile]" wich is sent from gameex. Just to show, I included 2 more paramters which not are used in this wrapper, but if someone would like to use this for some own wrapper utility, you know how to implement it. Send, {ALTDOWN}fn{ALTUP} opens select boot image file send {TAB 2} activate input and selects all text allready input send {DEL} deletes the text Send %1%{ENTER} inserts "[ROMPath]\[RomFile]" end presses ENTER and off you go
  3. Is it possible to delete earlier posts
  4. Thanks guys, I will investigate and see if this is a good solution. I actually was having several tabs opened and thought I was writing under feature request. Maybe I will start a thread there if this is not what I need. Thanks for finding it and answer to me anyway.
  5. I would like to have different favorites to send games to. I really love playing pinball games and there are a bunch of crap tables, every day I come home my sons have tested a few new tables and they will also move the games they like into favorites. I would like to have my own favorites. Maybe there should be one favorite for each emulator.
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