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  1. Wob

    PINemHi New version 1.3.1 released

    Ahh OK, Thanks, They should be identical to the non-color equivalent as the user actually needs to patch the original rom with a color patch. BTW Thanks for your hard work!
  2. Wob

    PINemHi New version 1.3.1 released

    Hi, Thanks for the update, seems to be working for me, except AC\DC 1.68 Colored? I can see it in the pinemhi.ini file, "AC/DC Limited Edition (V1.68) (Colored)=acd_168hc.nv" But when I try I get an error. C:\PinballX>pinemhi.exe acd_168hc.nv Not supported rom : C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME\nvram\acd_168hc.nv The nvram file exists, if I try acd_168h.nv it works fine. Thanks, Wob
  3. Hi, First, a personal thanks for the new "Launch" button, something I have been waiting for and I am loving it. I also love the addition of the "Import All" it has helped me fill some gaps in my media without having to click each table one at a time. Not a huge deal but I would like to see a extension to the import enable selection of what media you want to include, for example I don't need Topper media, so it would be nice to be able to exclude these from the media grabs, but under the "All" and the Import on each table. Thanks, Wob
  4. I can see this request in the thread a number of times, myself included, and it always gets a few +1's. Any chance it has reached a point where it will be considered? Wob Yes it has. Will do when I get time. Hi Tom, Don't want to be a nag, but just wondering if the above feature request has made any ground? Wob
  5. Thanks Tom, most appreciated. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. I can see this request in the thread a number of times, myself included, and it always gets a few +1's. Any chance it has reached a point where it will be considered? Wob
  7. Hi, Just wondering if there is anyway to see what requests are being considered? Regards, Wob
  8. Wob

    PinballX Streaming

    Hi, I am trying to test the PinballX streaming function to gameex online, but I can't seem to get it to work. I put ffmpeg.exe into the pinballx folder, and I can see it writing a temp file in the logs, but when I click on the stream on gameex online I don't get anything. I did some searching but couldn't find much at all. Thanks, Wob
  9. Wob

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    Yes as I said I am after the matching image, I can grab it, just though you might have it to save me doing it. I like to have the image as well as the video I let PinballX do the backglass as I don't want the overhead of the video playing via PinballX, and at least with VP tables if you have the image it flicks to the image rather than a blank screen during loading. Again thanks for your work.
  10. Wob

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    Hi, Love the classic look, Thanks for you hard work. Just wondering if you have matching images for the no grill versions? Considering using the static version when in game so as not to be too distracting. Thanks, Wob
  11. Wob

    [RESOLVED] Pinball FX2 issues

    I fixed this issue by replacing the XDMD ddls with the ones that call the dmddevice.ddl (included in vpinmame Sam beta) and placing the dmddevice.ddl from dmdext in the pinballx folder. Using a pin2dmd. Wob Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Wob

    PinballX 2.34 overwriting existing media

    I had a similar problem last night, but only with the wheel images, well I only noticed the wheel images, it would replace them anyway. Wob Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. The last update 2.33. This highlights my last request that i just added with the edit.
  14. Hi, First off thanks for all your work, it is a great front end. The new "All Media" buttons in Game Manager works great, but can I request an extension of that, it would be great to have a "All Missing option" to just fill missing media, so it doesn't replace my already chosen or generated media. I would also like to add to the voices for a separate launch and menu buttons. I like having the menu enabled so I can look at flyers, instructions, etc. But I would prefer a single button launch of the game, rather than going menu>launch. I was hoping to assign the menu to a second button (Extra Ball for example) Thanks, Wob Edite: Oh, any chance of a feature request tracking list, something like trello or feathub, save us all doubling up on requests, and so we can see when you have been able to action a request. At the moment it is a little hard to see if any old requests have been done.
  15. Wob

    [RESOLVED] Pinball FX2 issues

    Opps. Sorry. I'll grab the files when I am at home next. Thanks hlr53, from memory your setting look the same, except the "wait for", I'll give that a try.