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  1. please let me know what you think and i always appreciate a pic of what theme you went with also if you decide to make your own theme feel free to let me know, i'd love to check it out.
  2. the GDEMU Games List Generator is just a separate app i threw together for anyone who wants an easy way to make a list of there games on there sd card, it's completely separate and not required, however it should look like this: with a select GDENU SD button but as i said it's an optional app. as for the checker.exe just ignore it for now that is used at the end of the process and my app will load that up for you when required. as for the antivirus issue, that does happen because the app was made by me therefor it's not a recognised app so don't worry about it. all you do is load up the gdmenu theme manager and pick one of the themes on the right hand side list then click import theme, then click save and it's fine to save it as the default name which is NEW_THEME.BIN then once that's saved you will click scramble and don't touch anything and it will launch the checker.exe and fill in the info and bring up a save file box, if not click the checker app and click save once again and then scramble and it should work. once the save box is loaded direct it to the GDEMU_SD 1.10\data\files folder which is included, in that directory you should see a 1ST_READ.BIN from there delete it and save the newly created one in that directory as the same name (1ST_READ.BIN) from there you're done. close my theme app and the checker app and launch the GDEMU_SD 1.10\GDEMU_SD.exe and choose your sd card with your games on and delete GDMENU from the top of the list click save and yes to customise menu then you can click done and it will add the new customised GDMENU to your sd card and try it in your dreamcast and you should see the new theme you chose.
  3. it has a built-in readme and includes everything needed. and yes it will work with clones.
  4. If you're interested in customising this further, i have made a pc app for changing the GDMenu background/theme so feel free to check it out if you want. GDMENU Theme Manager v0.6a Download GDMENU Theme Manager v0.6a This is what it can look like on the console. (Used capture card for this image)
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