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  1. UPDATE I have the buttons working now in PinballX. What I had to do was to go into a table in Future Pinball, then map the buttons the way I wanted and save the new mapping to "Set as defaults". I guess doing so changes all the tables. Looking back.. I had re-mapped a table the first time and it worked so I went to PinballX and loaded the table and the buttons were not right, So I kept messing with it and figured maybe I should try saving the new mapping as defaults in Future Pinball and that was the ticket. Right or wrong that is how I have it working now. Does this sound correct? As for the nudge buttons I used up, left and right on the zero delay board and they are good now.
  2. I have an issue with my button layout changing when running PinballX. When playing a table (Future Pinball) things work almost as expected. (still trying to get the nudge buttons working) But when I exit a table to PinballX my buttons are remapped and some offer no response at all. But get back to the table and things are good again. The keyboard input works fine. Looking for info on how to correct this issue. Thanks
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