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  1. darktouch

    Creating Videos question

    where can i get the discount?, cause i want to purchase a membership from emumovies but i want the lifetime membership and i want to know how to get the discount
  2. darktouch

    magic engine fx

    LINK REMOVED!! here you guys enjoy its support gui and its aweson and work fine and clean im using this emulator, if you need the regular magine engine let me know
  3. darktouch

    magic engine fx

    ok ill make 2 files cause it a 2.10mb it sucks i know, but LINK REMOVED!!
  4. darktouch

    magic engine fx

    its a free full version of magine engine fx 1.1.1
  5. darktouch


    thanks for the help, ill never ask for a favorite again. i rather ask in some other forum
  6. darktouch


    How do i set up the videos on the background i ready did the background theme. but it didnt work like on the video in emumovie site. i was thinking because there for mame 128 and im using mame 133, can that be the problem? or maybe im doing something wrong?
  7. darktouch

    Emumovies discount?

    God it look like the emumovies complaint forum, jesus guys. take it easy
  8. darktouch

    MESS vs the dedicated Emulators - what's better

    wow somebody didnt have his coffee and is on the mood. lol anyways yep that what i said lmao
  9. darktouch

    Atomiswave anyone?

    sorry for the stupid question but what games does this emulator emulate
  10. jajajaja hi! im back in the forum again, bryan that was freaky funny. the vision thing and do you get a cookie. it has been a long time since i check the forum, been at work updating my system machine. i work with a cnc plasma cutter computer. but im checkin the forum more often to help the new guys.
  11. darktouch

    MESS vs the dedicated Emulators - what's better

    i try all kind of emulator for atari78000,atari5600,colecovision and vectrex, i have try all of them. but i had a hard time using them and im a new guy in the emulator config staff. but when i try mess i saw it was easy to use and config, for the reason that is just like mame32. for all those system i prefer mess. them the other emulators. when it comes to nes and snes i haven't try them on mess, because they work pefect with the other emulatos. well that my opinion.
  12. darktouch

    problem with gameboy games

    i got it, thanks alot guys finally
  13. darktouch

    problem with gameboy games

    i still have them in winrar it like zip. but before i unzipped them the extention are .gb but when i unzipped them the come out as binary. the binary extension for gameex is *.bin ? but the roms comes out on the list, the play game is not on, so i thinks is the emulator, but you guys know about this let me know
  14. darktouch

    problem with gameboy games

    hey guys i dont know how associate my game boy rom with binary, and now when i unzipped them they come out binary and the rom filter dont read it, i gotta get it back to default so i can use the filter as *.gc if you guys have any idea let me know. thanks