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  1. that solved loading problem Thanks going to see why tables wont load in future pinball
  2. The error is pindmd is not found if I cancel the error pinballx will load but if I scroll through to fx table is will show error message again pindmd not found again problem has to be dmd it’s still acts like I real dmd. i appreciate anyone's help im trying to give all information. im not sure if this would affect my issue but display configuration seems to be a mess i had all working and when i installed pinballx monitors dont match my display there actually backward and looking in the log i sent one of the monitor says 0
  3. ok so im now able to narrow down what my problem is pindmd is not found i found previous problems that it was suggested that to install pinballx and not select dmd during installation i have done that still have the error popping up when i load pinballx ive attached correct file. its still trying to Initialize Real DMD Device. PinballX.ini XDMDlog.txt log.txt
  4. Some how settings file was under the table and i was able to get it back so that was really annoying . attached first log file moving on to next log i not being lazy with your request just not sure if its set up properly. log.txt
  5. gotcha i have an issue with the setting file will not open in pinballx. Pinballx will launch
  6. m really struggling with pinballx getting any of the tables to load pinball arcade future pinball fx3 were all working on there own before adding pinballx i went through setup video and double triple checked them ll have a lot of the video added tables go to launch and there all there go to play the game it will load the screen on most but the tables is stretched wont start a lot of the times they will act like there loading and just kicks out and goes back to the files where i launched pinballx. seems to be all over the place not sure where to start or really what to ask help for just need someone to point me in the right direction. any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. ive searched hours upon others through help videos setup videos and im stuck. obviously im new to the vpins and really like to have this up and going.
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