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  1. Okay, the controls that I am talking about is the controls for any games in Mame, stuff like Player 1 up, down, left right and Player 2 up, down, left, right. I will surely send the Log file, but I am currently out of town and won't be back until Tuesday. Therefore, I will have to postpone the thread until Tuesday.
  2. Than you, it solves the problem. I have two more questions, is there anyway I can get rid of the clock here, it is overlapping with other text on the screen. And for some reason if I leave the machine running GameEx and just keep playing games, the controls won't reset, but as soon as I exit the program, the controls reset again?
  3. Okay, so I got the GameEx showing only installed games like I wanted. But now I can't setup "multiple keyboards" for my two controllers. After I bind the keys on Mame, it reset when opening GameEx, and on GameEx I can only bind for one controller. I could do this on GameEx Arcade, but not GameEx. I have also tried using a newer version of Mame (0.216) to test it, but the problem persists. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  4. I am using that version because that is the only one that I found with a complete rom set of games. I really do not want to download game by game and test them out. Unless, do you happen to have a link for a newer version of Mame with a bunch of game roms installed?
  5. Can you tell me how to setup the setup wizard for GameEx Evolution with the setting to not show non installed game? Because when I have no rom under Mame it still shows 20000 games on GameEx.
  6. Hey everyone, I am currently trying to build a Cocktail gaming machine with Windows 10 and Mame. The machine is currently running Mame 0.16b with the GameEx Arcade Frontend. I have about 30 roms installed, but on the GameEx Arcade it shows that I have 1000 games with the artworks and sometimes videos. I have checked the "Only Working Games" under MAME setting in the Setup Wizard but it did not do anything. Is there anyway I can only show the names of the games I have?
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