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  1. Draco1962

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    No idea but you may want to attach updated pinballx.ini and log.txt files with the log.txt file when the error occurs so those that may be familiar can assist. Also, if memory serves me correct, fullscreen windowed is recommended, but I may be mistaken.
  2. Great idea! .csv would also be great for those of us that like spreadsheets.
  3. You may want to attach updated copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files for others to review.
  4. Draco1962

    I'll just leave this here.

    I have yet to unbox mine and won't be able to put it through its paces until sometime next month. What I may do is perform a basic test by hooking it up to my gaming PC TV and simply swap the source and see how it performs before trying it out in the living room.
  5. Draco1962

    Been gone a while

    Edit your thread title @Adultery to flag the post to his attention.
  6. Draco1962

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    Sorry dude, but you will need to upgrade to the latest PinballX version 3.11 before anyone can help you. Version 2.38 is over a year old.
  7. Draco1962

    Happy Birthday fRequEnCy!

    He still pops in on occasion and the work he has done in the past for assembling a list of tried-and-true emulator command lines has withstood the test of time. I know it has saved my bacon a time or two. Happy Birthday @fRequEnCy !
  8. Draco1962

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    You may want to attach copies of your log.txt and pinballx.ini files in response to this thread and also explain what you mean by "custom system" so those trying to help aren't guessing.
  9. Draco1962

    IT Troubleshooting woes

    That is a good example of a support issue being reported that causes me to shake my head in disbelief. Oh. Wait. Is this legit? If so then PM Tom Speirs for account issues and not in the forums, or hijack an unrelated thread. </INSERT SMH HERE>
  10. Very cool! You've got a good thing going there!
  11. Draco1962

    [RESOLVED] PinballX wont open after 3.10 update

    Download it again and install again.
  12. Draco1962

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    If it launches via a command line, then GameEx can launch it. Maybe submitting a problem thread in the GameEx>General subforum with copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt files can help you to get the issue resolved.
  13. Draco1962


    Typing site:www.gameex.info/forums/ flip rotate cocktail via Google Search I came up with the following topics and a few more on the subject: I believe that the heavy lifting will be done by MAME when Player 2 is setup to rotate within the settings for each ROM, but don't hold me to it as I have no direct experience setting up such a configuration.
  14. Most excellent! Thank you! No edits needed.
  15. Draco1962

    Play Expo - 12th August (this sunday).

    I like the Star Gate table and The Walking Dead table. They had a raffle for TWD table when I last went to Jax Arcade Expo a few years ago.