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  1. GameEx or GameEx Evolution? There is a difference and posting in the wrong forum won't help is help you any faster either.
  2. Let's back up a minute. Is this a standalone version of Pinball FX3 or the Steam Version? If it is the Steam version, then the install directory being noted does not look correct to me.
  3. Can you attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files for Tom to have for comparison?
  4. @jbdietrich2 did you get this issue resolved or have you given up? I see that you were last on 1 October and others have provided input but no response from you since mid September.
  5. Log.txt file attached? No idea as I do not run this emulator, but we need the log file when an issue is reported nonetheless. Thanks.
  6. Rut-roh Raggy... rats not good! Atari Architect Quits
  7. Not sure what is going on but Tom may need to address. Concerned about the slowness reported and the error in the log: 00:06:53.76 10/8/2019: 21 Consecutive Exceptions Occured 00:06:53.76 10/8/2019: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 00:06:53.77 10/8/2019: at GameEx.GameEx.MainForm.d1() 00:06:53.77 10/8/2019: Trying reinitialising the display after sleeping for 4 seconds 00:06:53.77 10/8/2019: Exception count will be dropped to 15 00:06:58.55 10/8/2019: initialized display 00:06:58.55 10/8/2019: Display is running at: 640x480 32bit color, 60hz 00:07:12.72 10/8/2019: Exiting GameEx!
  8. Please attach your log.txt file as well. Thanks!
  9. Does the first part mean this topic is resolved despite not seeing Hyper Athelete (which may be broken and not working or need to be added the Do not filter these ROMs list) . Also, I split your post to a new topic to avoid a run on fix everything thread. Best to have one thread per issue being addressed.
  10. I've split this into a new thread for troubleshooting Demul. This will help keep the troubleshooting subject separate and easier to reference. Also, always provide attached copies of both your gameex.ini and log.txt files. Thanks.
  11. If you are not running the ePSXe emulator through one of the three aforementioned frontends, then you probably need to seek support through the ePSXe support forums instead.
  12. What flavor of GameEx are you using (i.e. GameEx, GameEx Arcade Edition, GameEx Evolution)?
  13. A few versions ago PinballX installer favors 64-bit over 32-bit. Generally there should be no issues, but there may be some problems still with plugins, etc. that are not otherwise optimised for running via a 64-bit frontend. Would be worth a shot to install the latest build over the top of your current and select the 32-bit install. Attach new copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files in reply with your results. It may be a quick fix for Tom depending on the results or if more testing is required.
  14. On 3.47 were you using the 32-bit install of PinballX or 64-bit version?
  15. If the ROMS you acquired from another source (please be aware that we do not discuss how or where to acquire ROMS as that is a verboten topic per the forum rules) are not the same version of the version in the System Pack, and if you missed any steps to validate the ROMS following, then that can happen. As I do not run GameEx Evolution, I am not going to be much help so someone else that does will have to help if what I noted above does not get you sorted.
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