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  1. Draco1962

    PinballX Doesn't start when i'm using two monitors

    Attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files. Thanks.
  2. Draco1962

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    Thanks! Will download later tonight. As for stripping the black, I have found that using Color to Alpha and "eye droppering" the black (sometimes it isn't a pure #FFFFFF) will remove it. Then add a new layer the same color after using the magic wand or select all color in the empty spaces, grow 1-2 pixels, invert, then go to the new black layer and delete, merge the logo down, and you eliminate any opacity left over from the Color to Alpha process.
  3. Draco1962

    FX3 Williams' Table issues?

    Do you by chance have any text logos for the Solo Pack tables? I am working on some wheel images and am in need of decent Calrissian Chronicals and Battle of Mimban logos.
  4. Draco1962

    FX3 4k Table Videos

    LMAO! Thanks for your contributions!
  5. Draco1962

    Some Mame games not showing up in GameEX

    As a general rule, it is a best practice to have the version of the ROMS matched to the version of MAME you are running. Adding as you go can be problematic and result in some odd errors.
  6. Draco1962

    Some Mame games not showing up in GameEX

    My rationale is that there cones a point where the rest of the frontend and other support has "moved on" and you risk the chance of a sliding scale of additional issues to troubleshoot when an upgrade would have sufficed. Perhaps I need to take off my IT System Administrator hat and throw caution to the wind, but then I wouldn't be the me that everyone loves, right?
  7. Draco1962

    Some Mame games not showing up in GameEX

    That is QUITE an old version (around 2001 I think). Some will chastise me for suggesting this but I strongly recommend upgrading your MAME and ROMs to the latest 0.204 version to get the most you can out of MAME and ensure better compatibility with GameEx's integrated support.
  8. Draco1962

    FX3 Williams Megaballs

    @joyrider3774 and @BrandonLaw, would you mind sharing your .psd or .xcf files? Thanks!
  9. Draco1962

    Some Mame games not showing up in GameEX

    Best to attach copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt files when reporting an issue as they are almost always needed when troubleshooting. Please do so. Also, what version of MAME are you using? Are the ROMS the same version?
  10. Draco1962

    Run Redream games on Backglass

    Thanks for the share! That is an elegant solution that I am sure will help others desiring to play games on the backglass of their cabs. Several things for people to keep in mind for this solution: - First, MAME cannot be split between playfield for vertical and backglass for horizontal games using the same executible. You may be able to setup two similar softwares with different exe names (i.e., mame.exe for "vanilla" MAME and mameui64.exe for MAMEUI). Use one for vertical and the other for horizontal. - Second, the windows position profile setting noted is an example that works for his setup and will require adjustments based upon monitor size and number of monitors present.
  11. Working with the bronze porthole here is a sampling... I have to admit that this is a cool choice for a marine themed cab.
  12. Please attach copies of your .xml files in addition to your pinballx.ini and log.txt files. These will tell us more details. Thanks.
  13. Well the one we had was a 32". It was heavy as hell too. I couldn't lift it alone and the odd curved shape in the back makes picking up and holding difficult. We really didn't have any place to put it. We have Sammy's in both offices, bedroom, and living room.
  14. Draco1962

    Selecting voice used for the speech plugin?

    Can you attach a copy of your pinballx.ini?