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  1. Evolution

    Just to add, there is a lot of expectation that Evo will do all things for all people. In trying to make things as automated as possible, one should expect there to be delays, false starts, etc. I do not believe for an instant that Tom set out to defraud or steal anyone's money and he has said within several posts that if anyone was disappointed, contact him privately. If you have a beef with the progress and you spent what you feel is good money and got nothing in return, shoot him a private message. If not, just be patient. You know the man supports his products.
  2. Evolution

    If he was a paying member, it had to have been under a different name as the account was only a few days old and the only posts were very direct with their intent. Easy to see how this could be taken as trolling. That said, I will concede to the point of the expectation of an imminent release of Evolution only to see little movement several years after the initial announcement. I have no answers as to why there hasn't been a release or what is holding things up, or why there have been few updates announced. That is up to @Tom Speirs to address.
  3. Evolution

  4. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Any recent Windows updates? Have seen some transient oddness occur around them.
  5. Missing "Download Theme" setting in GameEx Setup Wizard

  6. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Does it happen when you only have either the Xbox One controller or the keyboard/mouse installed? Have you modified your Input Settings? I am not able to replicate your issue, especially the volume going back down to 0 by itself. As for the volume indicator, it has always appeared on the right side of the screen.
  7. My issue is similar in that after I added a 4th monitor (via HDMI for use as a topper) my monitor order was fragged. They now show in Windows in this order: 1 - Topper (HDMI) 2 - Playfield (DVI-D) 3 - Backglass (DVI-I) 4 - DMD (USB) I have the Playfield as my primary, but PinballX doesn't accept the Windows identity and even though I have plugged in what should work, only 3 of the four display (playfield, DMD, topper). I deleted the registration entries, etc. Same results. GPU and Monitor Specs: GPU - EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 - Supports 4 monitors Monitor 1 (Playfield 27 inch) - BenQ GW2750H 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Monitor 2 (Backglass 23 inch) - Acer S231HL 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Monitor 3 (DMD USB Monitor - 7 inch ) - MYMO NAV0010 800 x 480 Monitor 4 (Topper) Samsung Syncmaster T22B350 1920 x 1080 @60 Hz Will have to copy & paste my config and log files when I get home as I have exceeded my attachment limits from all the years supporting both apps.
  8. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Probably going to need you to attach your gameex.ini and log.txt files, Ray.
  9. Pet Peeves

    Try Mesozoic. Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous were the periods within. Barney (a poorly and annoyingly made T-Rex) would have been from the Cretaceous period, despite being ressurected from extinction and crammed into Jurassic Park.
  10. You will want to attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files. FWIW I am running into a similar issue with my 4 screen pincab setup.
  11. Pet Peeves

  12. Media player in Arcade edition

    You could try setting up Windows Media Player as an emulator. It may take a bit of tinkering, but not impossible if you are determined.
  13. Pet Peeves

    My finale pet peeve... WTF is a "pet peeve?" I have looked everywhere and I cannot find one at a pet store, in a shelter, anywhere. WTH does it even look like?
  14. Pet Peeves

    What was factual news yesterday gets recirculated several years from now allegedly as current news but is then fake news. Which leads to my related pet peeve. FAKE NEWS. Isn't that the same as a LIE? Uses less letters with the same meaning.
  15. [Resolved] Startup probs

    P.S I do it this way all the time. No problems yet