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  1. World of Metal Tank Gears Solid? </me ducks for cover>
  2. War of Gears?
  3. Even though the software solutions did not work, I appreciate your response in the event someone else attempts a similar setup, they will save some time by avoiding that path.
  4. One thing he will ask is did you confirm that it is working fine outside of GameEx?
  5. They still poke their heads in once in a while, but as Life's priorities change, so has their abilities to participate. That's where we hope that others can step in and help the community and share their expertise. The forums here are still a good resource for information but it is up to the members to search for a solution and share back what they have found that works for them.
  6. Have you tried any 3rd party options such as Display Fusion?
  7. Hi @coppermouse, just want you to be aware that I had to move your thread from the Convert-It support forum to the GameEx General forum. I am assuming that you are referring to GameEx Arcade version? If so, please be aware that the functionality of Arcade is scaled down and different from regular GameEx. We have a Features and Enhancements Request thread just for asking for this type of functionality that does not presently exist. As for the sounds, you may have to hit Tab when you load a game to adjust the volume to your liking. Preview videos will vary by volume depending on the content and author so this is likely not a possibility.
  8. Sorry, but there is no need for the same issue from the same user in two separate threads, so I merged them. That said, keep in mind that the issue you are reporting is not a common issue and may actually be an environmental issue for which PinballX is attempting to interpret what it is receiving from your system. Issues of this type can take longer to try to resolve, so please be patient and ready to dig in for a bit.
  9. I think that another clue is needed. I know the answer but had to search for it, having never played it.
  10. If you google search site:gameex.info/forums atomiswave you should see quite a few options that may or may not pertain to you for you to try. I don't run this emulator so that is the best advice I can give you. Sorry.
  11. Load your xml file in Notepad and add them manually.
  12. bug

    Does the reported behavior present itself when you do not have CPWizard enabled?
  13. bug

    Generally a good idea to provide copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt files when reporting an issue, even if there is nothing apparent in the log.
  14. Enable GameEx and GameEx Arcade to use the MAME Unified Bezels on EmuMovies.
  15. Would you mind posting your map files into the thread I linked previously? Thanks!