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  1. I split this from the Emulator Support>MAME sub topic into its own thread in the GameEx Evolution>General subforum as this is not an emulator support topic. This will need to be addressed by @Tom Speirs or @headkaze.
  2. Just don't slap black marble contact paper on it.
  3. There is no need to run PinballX in compatibility mode and is generally not recommended. You need to check the permissions in your VP folder. I also noticed that you are running Win 10 with only 4 GB of RAM. While 4 is OK for 64-bit Win 10, you may want to try running the 32-bit version of PinballX if you find any performance hits or compatibility issues with plugins.
  4. You had another problem - you posted in the Convert-It support forum. Please watch where you post so you can get prompt attention. Please attach copies of you your log.txt and pinballx.ini files (no copy & paste please).
  5. I speak bad English as my second language so no need to apologize! :p Thanks for reporting back that your issue is resolved!
  6. Please attach your log.txt file as well.
  7. I know that it has been a while since this was last updated. Hopefully I can request one more update and get it applied : For setting up the GameEx side of Launcher X, allow the end-user to enter the .exe and exe path to launch either GameEx, GameEx Arcade Edition, or GameEx Evolution. I may be consolidating AE to my pincab and would like the option available upon machine startup to either load AE or PinballX.
  8. Updates and maintenance do not WIP make! Is it is or is it ain't complete? :p
  9. WALL TO WALL CLASSICS ON THE FLOOR From Donkey Kong, Frogger, Street Fighter, or Tapper… WE HAVE THEM ALL!! So get down to The 1up Video Game Bar & get your name on the leaderboard. CALLING ALL PINBALL WIZARDS!! The 1up Arcade Bar has the largest collection of pinball machines around town. Work those panic flips and stay away from the drain! 3 Denver, CO Locations The 1up Arcade Bar/The 1up Pinball
  10. Could be a rights issue for the PinballX folder.
  11. I can see the need for multi-core/threaded systems for server apps requiring wide simultaneous access.
  12. Happy Father's Day! As some of you know, I lost my father about two years ago in November. My parents divorced when I turned 15. We were estranged from then until my late 20's, rarely talking or visiting. We reconciled our differences and resumed our relationship until he passed. I can wish all that I want, but I can't get those lost years back. I can say that I haven't many regrets for them, as they forced me to grow up just a little quicker, and better understand what happened in the first place. If you find yourself in an odd place with your dad, today is a good day to set aside your differences and wish him a Happy Father's Day. Talk about the weather, his favorite team, anything but the differences that separated you. Tell him you love him. Like heartbeats, there are only so many opportunities in a lifetime.
  13. Funny you mentioned that as I was going to suggest a plugin or an integration (similar to what was done with LED Blinky).
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