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  1. Sometimes connecting with the PS2 to USB adapters can be a little dodgy. Do you have another keyboard that is straight USB that you can test with? They are not that expensive to obtain.
  2. Open your gameex.ini in Notepad and hit CTRL+F. Type EmulatorGroup and click OK. You should see several entries where you have EmulatorGroup_x enabled. Below is an example: [EmulatorGroup_4] Enabled=True STARTPAGENAME=SEGA Systems TITLETEXT=SEGA Systems StartPageLogo=Sega Emulators=24;25;26;27;28;29;30 ShowUnderEmulators=False [EmulatorGroup_3] Enabled=True STARTPAGENAME=Nintendo Systems TITLETEXT=Nintendo Systems StartPageLogo=Nintendo Emulators=14;15;16;17;18;19;20;21;22;23 ShowUnderEmulators=False You will notice that Enabled=True. Change True to False within each EmulatorGroup section in the gameex.ini and then save it. Let us know if this resolves your issue.
  3. Can you please attach a copy of your gameex.ini as well? Thanks.
  4. Definitely a story and much more than a bunch of kids running around.
  5. The .lay files are not on a server here. Did you check within \GameEx\MEDIA\BEZELV2 ? In re-reading your request, it is making less sense to me as to what exactly is or isn't going on in the functionality. If it is due to missing bezel files, you will need to be aware that there are not bezels created for every game. If you are using the integrated MAME support in GameEx or GameEx Arcade Edition, you will need to set Use Bezel to Don't Use Bezel if you are using bezels that you have acquired from various sources and placed within the \Emulators\MAME\Artwork (or wherever your Artwork path is for your MAME install). You keep mentioning marquee which is what keeps throwing me as this is a different piece of artwork. Can you do a screen capture or provide more information? Also, having copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt files when reporting an issue or asking for help is often beneficial to us in helping you along. Click on the GameEx How to ask for help link in my signature for instructions on where to locate these files so you can attach them in reply to this thread (please do not copy & paste the contents!).
  6. I read the book and if I hadn't the trailer would not have made as much sense. There is much that 2-3 hours in a movie will not cover. Similar to how Ender's Game felt forced in some parts.
  7. Just a reminder to @tglopez and others that we have an FAQ section with lots of good info, especially the nicely organized list of command lines by @fRequEnCy . I personally reference this list for my setup needs first then look through the rest of the thread for all else.
  8. You can install the Origin client in its default install location and your games in a different path or hard drive and it works fine for most. There is no way to modify this in the integrated Origin support.
  9. FINALLY! The first teaser for the movie!
  10. How will it work with Pinball FX3?
  11. So he has two options to choose from. Works for me!
  12. Yes sir they will.
  13. Not sure how to answer as I haven't much to go by to visualize your setup.
  14. Glad you got it all sorted! You did the hard work, now enjoy! Another thing you must do if you haven't already is pony-up for a membership to EmuMovies. I am using the MAME HyperSpin Themed Videos (4x3) (HD) by CriticalCid for my MAME backglass videos and MAME Upscaled PinCab Vids buy Tom for the playfield videos and the look is pretty cool.