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  1. I see that but it doesn't mean the GameEx Arcade can use the custom ini file to access the games within nor as a separate menu item like the ones that filter games by vertical, horizontal, multiplayer, genre, etc.
  2. I don't believe it is possible for someone to do anything other than to program the interface (GameEx Arcade) to add these menu filters as a feature request as was previously suggested.
  3. Draco1962

    [Gameex Arcade] Emulator Gamelist view

    Agreed. I have also submitted a feature request to have the root menus available to change to Wheel menus as well to preserve a consistent view throughout.
  4. Draco1962

    [Gameex Arcade] Emulator Gamelist view

    While it may seem to some that I "pooed" on your parade, being able to leverage between list and wheel view and custom menus are not bad ideas.
  5. Draco1962

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    Sure. Just wear something. Don't want to make it weird.
  6. Draco1962

    [Gameex Arcade] Emulator Gamelist view

    You're welcome. For my setup, I have opted to leverage GameEx Arcade as I do not require the HTPC aspects of the FE.
  7. You answered your own question. Regardless of the contents of the catver.ini you are using, GameEx and GameEx Arcade determine what is displayed when you use the integrated support and the frontend's menu system.
  8. You may need to submit a request for these features via the Feature & Enhancement Requests thread.
  9. Draco1962

    [Gameex Arcade] Emulator Gamelist view

    GameEx Arcade is similar to the "Simple" view for arcade cabinets offered by regular GameEx. That said, there is no "Change View"option available for GameEx Arcade. You will need to submit a request in the Feature & Enhancement Requests thread.
  10. Draco1962

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    I think we all look a bit different than the persona we project. I have yet to meet anyone that has looked like what I pictured. What matters are the friendships made along the way. @simbamame - I'd still buy you a pint, but I'd buy you 2 if you drank them in the pub wearing the Luche Libre mask.
  11. Draco1962

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    I think we should wear Luche Libre masks instead of showing our real faces. No particular reason. Just for gits and shingles.
  12. Draco1962

    Pinball FX2 DMD videos

    You should probably post this in the PinballX > General forum for troubleshooting. Also, you should be running the latest LAV codecs. So far as I am aware, nobody has recently reported problems with mp4 DMD video files.
  13. Draco1962

    W7 - Radeon R7 - No video playback

    Read through this and see if it applies.
  14. It is pulled from the database locally for whatever system you are emulating.