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  1. It could be, in part, due to the continuous scoring. You develop a leader board that allows for continuous scores and, as people get well practiced, getting to the top seems insurmountable to the newb. No restrictions on user level are implemented. I think it may be part natural lull, part lack of advertising, part other things that escape us at this time.
  2. Hope your day is a good one! It should be since it is your birthday, it's Friday, so yeah!
  3. We've seen the interest wax and wane since the start. People who are participating could help by spreading the word outside of the forums here. I can try to come up with a theme or you can solicit for suggestions, and I can design a banner for the summer comp along with some promotional text that others could simply copy and paste elsewhere with hyperlinks to the forum. You are not alone and maybe some of the other members can step up and help fill the voids left by @GimmeClassics absence and @DazzleHP's promotion.
  4. Silly Rabbit! There's almost always some tweaking that has to occur, such as disabling the DMD, or disabling the ROM in the xml if it is one that does not work well with the user's setup, etc. The user can either tweak the xml via Game Manager or directly via Notepad or Notepad++.
  5. For the path option for the location of the ROM set, I think it should be the same as GameEx and GameEx Arcade MAME path settings with multiple paths separated by ; as they are in the integrated support. Being able to separate into vertical, horizontal or all games would be a good option. Your list of items is fine. Presently, there is nothing other than the hard work of others doing it manually. While there may still be some manual tweaking of the xml file, it will go a long way.
  6. @intakan It might be a good idea to attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files in reply so that Tom can look at what resources are available with your setup. Due to the number of displays, it may come down to smaller 30 FPS ancillary videos (backglass, DMD, Topper) as TerryRed suggested previously.
  7. And what about when you do not have VP in full screen exclusive? I think Tom indicated that there isn't anything he can do if you are running in that display mode.
  8. Maybe changing to quarterly (every 3 months) starting with June. Maybe promoting them by the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Comps?
  9. I'll have to get Addams Family and Street Fighter pinball installed first. I am a version off in my PinballX installs having been tweaking GameEx Arcade Edition on my gaming setup, dealing with the real life responsibilities, yada yada yada... Gimme some ideas as to what we want to call this app officially and I'll see what I can do to knock up a logo for it.
  10. For the file picker option - I believe these files version specific to the MAME version. If so, it might be a chore finding some of them other than the most recent, but again, having another repository for older versions isn't a bad thing. I really think this is doable and that the PinballX community members running MAME on their pincabs and other setups via PinballX will be greatful for whatever we come up with and can be thrown together. You know I don't mind documenting the schiznit out of this once we get up and running.
  11. One thing I noticed is that the list.xml in my MAME directory is the same as the mame.xml I generated via command line.
  12. Should we move this topic to the PinballX forums or just leave it here for now and create an official project thread once ready for testing and release?
  13. What about exclusions, such as the mature or adult titles, mahjong, quiz, puzzle, etc.? That is crucial in addition to the orientation.
  14. Please update to version 2.34 and attach your files (lots of scrolling is killing my smartphone and thumb). Locate them and just drag them to the bottom of your reply to attach them.
  15. Of course, we could drum up some business for GameEx if we use the gamelist.txt file.. just a thought.