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  1. Using a modified copy of TerryRed's hexagon topper frame, I have decided to embark on another long-term project to convert some of the various systems teaser and launch trailers to topper videos using the frame as an overlay. Here is an example. Amusement_Park.mp4
  2. Draco1962

    Happy Birthday Draco!

  3. Draco1962

    cant get retroarch working

    Attaching your gameex.ini and log.txt files might help.
  4. These are awesome! Can you do a HUGE favor and provide these via the FTP in a single ZIP file to download all at once?
  5. Draco1962

    PinballX cannot play some F4V videos

    Probably not in the instructions, but would be cool if there were an option or link and note in the installer that would take you to the LAV codecs download once installation of PinballX is complete.
  6. Draco1962

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    Mind attaching your gameex.ini and log.txt files to take a look at any clues they might provide? Thanks!
  7. Draco1962

    Pinballx 64bit - DirectOutput Plugin

    Have you restarted since you tried to delete or rename the file?
  8. Draco1962

    Pinballx 64bit - DirectOutput Plugin

    Did you click Ignore or try deleting or renaming Flash.ocx in D:\PinballX\ and running the installation again?
  9. Draco1962

    Pincab futur

    Sexy looking beast! I like! Do you have tempered glass or plexi protecting the screens of your playfield and back glass?
  10. Draco1962

    Happy Birthday Draco!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Had a good birthday weekend overall. Yesterday we made a major dent in getting the garage cleaned out and replaced my pincab's Virtuapin v2 plunger and controller with a v3 setup after the v2 controller took a dirt nap. Now to get a things properly configured so I can actually play some pinball! Today did some clothes shopping which is something I am loathed to do but it was my once every 6 months trek and made more tolerable with my wife and daughter helping me pick out stuff. Just got back from eating some great seafood and will later end the b-day lemon meringue pie. So a good day overall with family.
  11. "Seventy f*ckin' quid? You've gotta be f*ckin' kidding me!" Too funny, but you can't disagree with him. If stream play is the way of the future, I am content to live in the past.
  12. Draco1962

    Start 2 player pinball fx3

    Pinball FX3 works with one player only. If possible, would recommend you post as a feature request.
  13. Draco1962

    VPCabs Vertigo Cabinet

    Bezels can be a major PITA but, if you have just a handful of games, then well worth it. If you are one of the "Gotta get them all" crowd, then you will spend your life creating them and not playing the games you are trying to dress up. I started off as the latter because there was so much new stuff that I hadn't encountered in the Arcade side of gaming alone. There are a few gems out there, but there are many more that are just rocks and deserve to be kicked rather than polished with a bezel.