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  1. Some recent Feature Requests would like to see a return to an image based main menu or "wheel menu" using logo images in the list, especially for GameEx AE. Additionally, system videos in the background for each system, and MAME options under MAME.
  2. What section of the Setup Wizard?Wouldn't that be in the \theme\themename\media\logos folder?
  3. FEATURE REQUEST FOR GAMEEX ARCADE: Make main menu a wheel just like the MAME and other emulator submenus. Also, in making main menu a wheel, allow for use of logo files to replace text, same as the game menus.
  4. [APP] CPWizard v2.35

    Derp! Was looking for it on the product page and totally missed the Download option in the menu. Thanks, Stigz!
  5. DOFLinx_FX2 questions/issue

    No need, I was able to split it from his Pinkadia thread to the correct location!
  6. DOFLinx_FX2 questions/issue

    Can the troubleshooting taking place here be handled in the PinballX General forum? That way others will benefit when looking for a solution to their own related issues?
  7. Dedicated PC to TV

    I would be wary of Instant Sheller with the newer OS's (8 and above). I would skin the OS startup screen and background to coordinate with whatever theme GameEx was running as closely as possible, hide the taskbar, but understand that one is not going to get a complete OS hidden experience.
  8. ArcadeVGA option in Gameex Arcade

    What OS are you running?
  9. A question regarding FX2 vs FX3. Since not all tables will migrate from FX2 to FX3, will it be possible to have integrated FX3 support in PinballX separate from FX2?
  10. PC Games Preview Videos

    For grabbing videos from YouTube, well you are going to have to Google that since it the software for grabbing clips falls into one of those forum rules things. I use Audacity for cropping/modifying audio when needed. There should be plenty of free to try titles such as Filmora, but if you have any of the Adobe Suites you should be able to use Premier to do video editing.
  11. Gameex Arcade MAME menu

    Unfortunately this is the way it is with a flat menu system. You may want to submit this as Feature Request . I too would like to see a little more customization along these lines with regards to a custom menu feature or at least placing the MAME options under MAME.
  12. [APP] CPWizard v2.35

    Anyone know where to find v2.63 download link? I went to the CPWizard site and cannot locate it.
  13. GameEx AE v14.91 - CPWizard Black Screen Problem

    I took a look at the error in the CPWizard.log file and noted the second line of the error "ERROR @ TryGetCommandLineFromPid" reads "Specified cast is not valid". Did a "Google" search and all entries point to a SQL (database) error. Bottom line, not a video driver issue. Do you have legacy GameEx installed and, if so, do you get the same or similar error? Just trying to lock this down to either or both versions of GameEx and AE.
  14. GameEx AE v14.91 - CPWizard Black Screen Problem

    Do you have the Raptr Evolved suite installed?