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  1. Sorry I couldn't respond to confirm as I was at work.
  2. After upgrading to the latest version, did you try loading your theme into Theme Editor, save it as a new theme (whatever your theme name-v2 for example) then change to that theme via Setup Wizard to see if it loaded correctly? I know that I have had to do that once or twice in the past long long ago.
  3. Are you looking via FTP or the Emumovies site? Also, I would add a +1 to @tthurman's suggestion for a membership there. Then you can leverage FTP access and manually download your heart's desire.
  4. Your e: drive is fine. It is how I am setup. Suggesting maybe installing to the root of your drive instead of under Program Files.
  5. Should just be in the advanced mame options listing and you should have a corresponding hotrod.cfg file in your mame\ctrlr directory. If not, that could be why. Any reason why you have MAME installed in E:\Program Files (x86)\Mame20764bit?> May be that Windows is seeing that path as a higher level of protected. Otherwise, MAME should not treat your Hotrod controller any differently regardless of whther MAME is 32 or 64-bit. A few questions: Does Windows 10 recognize the device? And have you tried a 32-bit version of MAME?
  6. Going forward, can you please attach your support files? Copy & paste makes for a lot of scrolling and is harder for some of us to search for specific error or configuration text to help you quickly. Thanks. Generally, you do invoke the controller configuration for MAME by using using a command line switch. I have an X-Arcade Tankstick so -ctrlr x-arcade is in my command line. You may want to try -ctrlr hotrod in your MAME command line.
  7. My guess is that they are stock portrait orientation videos. I am pretty certain that someone had put together a collection of vertical oriented MAME videos either on the FTP or on Emumovies but don't hold me to it.
  8. Can you attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files (do not copy and paste, please) in reply to this thread?
  9. Have you downloaded/installed the latest v15.62 ? Not sure if it addresses the issue but Tom just released it this morning.
  10. Should show in Windows Control Panel>Programs and Features.
  11. Attaching copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files is also in order.
  12. I looked at the log file and did not see anything that could give a clue about what was happening. Can you generate the error again and attach a new log.txt file immediately following the error?
  13. Thanks. Will review later. You may want to reread as my instructions are the same as I always request.
  14. Neither will make that much difference. Mine are stored on a 7200 RPM hard drive. Load times are minimal
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