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  1. [COMMUNITY PROJECT] Game Icons Project

    Thanks, Ben, for the program and the link. I think that this will be of great help for the creators contributing to this project!
  2. Pinball FX3 Setup?

    Issue for non-Steam version reported here... Thus far I do not believe that anyone has reported a solution to this, at least not in the PinballX forums.
  3. megadocklets everywhere

    The idea is not entirely original except that I mega-sized the docklet. At least it is original as opposed to a concerted and intentional ripoff of our content with no attribution.
  4. Just for fun PinbalX Trailer2

    Just my 2 cents, but would be cool to have a collection of PinballX in action videos that the user can easily page through.
  5. Nintendo 64 Games wont load - Project 64

    Try changing your command line to read Command=Project64.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" instead of Command=Project64.exe [ROMPath]\[RomFile] (recall that link to the map, config and command lines I showed you yesterday?
  6. Humble Bundle - BRÜTAL LEGEND Free for a Limited Time A fun Rock & Roll Romp!
  7. Ootake 2.86 and ISO loading

    Can you confirm the proper command line for this emulator? Thanks!
  8. Command line to Launch Amiga gameswith WinUAE

    You can also click in the Search field in the upper-right of the screen and select All Content and type WinUAE and get quite a few hits for threads on the subject. One thing you will discover is that Amiga emulation can be a little dodgy.
  9. Command line to Launch Amiga gameswith WinUAE

    Lots of juicy stuff. Some dated but still relevant.
  10. RIP Panthro

    Mel Tillis was a staple of my mom's country collection. Too damned many deaths in my life as of late. Death sucks.
  11. Command line to Launch Amiga gameswith WinUAE

    Try checking this post first, the through the rest of the thread for command lines, map files, etc. Always check the FAQ section for guides and posts first. If you are in doubt, attach copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt files for review.
  12. RIP Panthro

    Earle Hyman has passed away. Some may recall him as Russell Huxtable on The Cosby Show, while others may remember his voice as Panthro, chief engineer and pilot for the Thundercats. RIP Panthro!
  13. AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young dead at 64. RIP Malcolm. 2017 takes another too young and too soon. 2017 can suck my !
  14. [COMMUNITY PROJECT] Game Icons Project

    Thanks Ben! Now the really BIG question - how do you make this work?
  15. Toddzilla

    OMG! Are we taxiing for takeoff or what with that thing?! I remember this from the CrapMAME pages.