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  1. Hope all is well for you. Just chilling. Happy Holidays!
  2. FEATURE REQUEST: GameEx and Arcade Edition display custom "bezel" to display top and bottom of 9:16 vertical displays around 4:9 or 16:9 landscape background videos. Image file could be user editable png or jpg format to fit with their theme or could be a default image. This would work well with "Vertigo" style cabs.
  3. Download a few files from Emumovies and see for yourself. Your orientation may result in "bars" below and above if centered for a 9:16 setup. Can't say I have a special place for marquees. Emumovies is where I started. I was not crazy about all submissions and sought better quality replacements via web searches for those systems and/or loaded them into a graphics program and cleaned them up if possible.
  4. You have some good suggestions. We have an open thread for them so please post them there! You should be able to modify via Setup Wizard to require an exact match for your media. Away from my setup so can't tell you where to go in Setup Wizard, but in the pinballx.ini - To use exact matching: [FileSystem] EnableFileMatching=False To use "fuzzy matching": [FileSystem] EnableFileMatching=True Hopefully that will be if some help to you where similarly named pins media is loaded.
  5. Welcome back! I split your post from the other topic so that it will get the attention it deserves. While it might not give a lot of information, would you mind attaching copies of your log.txt and gameex.ini files to review? Thanks!
  6. Why not just post your issues and attach your pinballx.ini and log.txt files so Tom can review them? Uninstalling/reinstalling is not likely to resolve whatever issues you are encountering.
  7. Glad I couldn't help but Mike and Scutters were able. Thanks guys!
  8. You will want to attach copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files, in addition to a copy of your vp xml file. Keep in mind that Pinup is a third party app and support will likely come from other members that run it in conjunction with PinballX.
  9. It will depend. MAME is continuously updated and adding compatibility with a wider range of platforms being emulated. CPS-3 titles for MAME may utilize a different ROM set than those used by the older CPS-3 emulators. I may be recalling in error as I did a quick read of several articles. If you have specific games not playable in the most recent version of MAME, then you would have to configure a separate CPS-3 emulator to run them.
  10. Atari VCS delayed for Indiegogo backers
  11. Check your junk mail folder just in case it was received there. Otherwise, please contact @Tom Speirsdirectly via private message as registration issues are not handled in the forums. Thanks!
  12. I think that they should communicate this to the backers directly rather than them having to find out 3rd party. I am looking forward to it, but this experience will give me pause before backing another venture.
  13. I ordered one. They are reportedly fully programmable which could be a great asset.
  14. I started picking up the 2-3" Super Mario figures by the check out at Walmart a few months ago. I bought some brass eye screws to put into them and turn them into ornaments. I did a little searching and found a Super Star tree topper and some lightup coins and now a Super Mario Christmas tree is born! Eventually I will make a warp pipe tree stand for it.
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