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  1. Ahhhhh. Keyboard controls. I’ll try that and report back. thanks a bunch.
  2. I’m using Gameex Arcade edition. I’m still on the free edition until I get a few quirks worked out. id like to change the menu navigation buttons. By default, I have to press Player 1 Start button to select a me you item or game. Pressing Player 1s first button acts as a “back” button in Gameex menus. I used the setup to enable custom controls, and as a test tried to change buttons. When I click on a button to change it, I get the window to “press a button” but when I do, it does not change the setting. It does nothing. I changed button settings in the custom controls.ini, but it has no effect when I go back into Gameex. if I go back to the wizard, it shows the changes I made in the ini file, but it does not change the behavior in Gameex menus. this isn’t a paid only feature, is it? BTW, This is a IPAC2 on a Win 10 box.
  3. Sorry about that. I was just trying to reference that one feature. Gameex is so much better than the others.
  4. Well, I’ve figured out a work around by following Toms suggestion. I added the rom file I wanted (gauntlet2pr3) to the DONT filter line in the wizard. After a rescan, now 2 versions of Gauntlet show up in my list. The original (4player) and the 2 player. id prefer to not even have the 4 player show up, but I’ve just added the 2p version to my favorites and it works. im sure Gameex has a way to simply change the rom file a game points to, a la LaunchBox’s right click Edit menu, but I haven’t found it yet that being said, I really like Gameex and will be purchasing a license.
  5. Thanks. I added “gauntlet” to the do not filter list in Gameex setup wizard, then ran Update list. When complete I selected Gauntlet from the wheel in Gameex, but it still launches the 4 player version, not the 2 player. Somewhere, Gameex stores what zip file is used for each game, that’s what I need to change.
  6. I’ve searched high and low and can’t figure out how to change the zip file a game is pointed to. How do I edit a specific game in Gameex Arcade? ive built my first cabinet and I am testing various frontends. In LaunchBox, you just right click a game and you can edit it. That’s where I change the zip file a game is using. I cannot figure out how to do this in Gameex Arcade. the game in question is Gauntlet. I want to use the ROM for 2 players so we can choose our character when a coin is inserted. gotta say, I am loving Gameex so far!
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