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  1. If I install GameEx emulator can I switch games between consoles like MAME ROMs now and tomorrow I want to play CPS3 ROMs? Is this possible or I need another configuration for another console?
  2. I'm new to Demul and need your help. I followed the tutorial about Naomi games, downloaded a non merged 0.185 mame romset and use the batch files to extract Sega Naomi Emulators , Naomi2, Naomi GD, Naomi 2 GD, Gaelco, Hikaru, Atomiswave roms to differents directories. 1) In Demul, only Atomiswave games are working. For example, I get a load file error with Dead or alive 2 (Naomi); "Unable to find 'epr-21576d.ic27' in romset 'naomi'". I don't understand because I added all my rom directories in Plugins, Maple & Paths. What did I do wrong? 2) Do I need any CHD to play the Naomi games?
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