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  1. Hi, I have all the necessary ROMs for the latest version of MAME and should have setup MAME properly through the GameEX Wizard. When I'm updating the list in the GameEX software, not every ROM is being shown in the list. Mainly only light gun games instead of all the ROMs that I should have in my list. Any help please? I'm completely lost. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I just bought a Lifetime Licence yesterday and been trying to set everything up. I downloaded a ROM pack with 6000-ish games in it and it had a working version of MAME included in it. I tried it out and the games seemed to work no issues and the games were detected on that particular MAME version. I downloaded the MAME System Pack that is available on the forum in order to install the emulator into my GameEX. The pack installed but most of my ROMs were missing, particularly the ones I wanted to play; Neo-Geo games and Tekken 2, Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag 1. Do I need a separate emulator for these types of ROMs or am I just missing something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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