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  1. Is there a simple way to delete game titles within gameex? Instead of seeing for example... 7 titles of the same name of a game yet only 1 of those titles actually works and plays? I tried to clean up in romcenter and it deleted everything so just wondering if gameex has an option that I'm missing. This is for a mame 2003 romset.
  2. Hey, is there a way for gameex to only list the games that I do have? I have a massive romset with only a handful of working games and I'm ok with that i guess. Just would like it to only list what I have that's working.
  3. I ended up having to install the gameex version not the arcade. Please close.
  4. - EventData System - Provider [ Name] Application Hang - EventID 1002 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 101 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2019-09-11T23:34:25.000000000Z EventRecordID 5803 Channel Application Computer Owner-PC Security - EventData hideos.exe 1b18 01d568f8ef150235 4 C:\GameEx Arcade Edition\hideos.exe 9fadc857-d4ec-11e9-be31-6c626db7c02e 55006E006B006E006F0077006E0000000000 Im just getting a crash, i also did a systyem restore prior to this install too..
  5. It was working earlier but I couldn't get my Mame to play from the application. So I uninstalled gameex and reinstalled it and since I did that I can no longer use the application. It just immediately states that the file or the application cannot start and needs to be closed. When I get back home I will check to see if there is a log file. I only uninstalled because it would not see my Mame and ROM pass for some reason even though I told it where to go and name was working in Standalone. I just thought uninstalling it might be set it to default but I did notice that there was a default setting so I'm trying to install my name into the default parameters which I don't think actually exist.
  6. Hi, iam able to install gameex and it opens my wizard no problem. Bit when I close that, AB try the actual gameex app i get an crash error and gameex needs to close. I am running a fresh os with windows 7. Any idea, I have pc up to date and gameex installed ok.
  7. oilersman

    Nag screen

    I have paid the yearly fee and I still get the neg screen. How do I get rid of it?
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