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  1. sorry yet another question but is there an automatic update for gamex arcade or do you have to enter the same directory? from the configuration gameex arcade it tells me no update thz
  2. kurmi

    esc emulator

    I saw only now that there is a native output configuration, try it tonight. I would say to close ... update: ok antimicro not work i try with joytokey and work. it would seem to work now I do tests hi strange thing if I use the keyboard for alt + f4, everything works (project64), gameex responds, if I use antimicro to assign to a button alt + f4, gameex returning is blocked. Do you have any indication to close the emulator? thz for support log.txt GameEx.ini
  3. kurmi

    esc emulator

    being new, my problem is when I close some emulators, eg project64 or gen +, with a key on the joystick assigned to a macro keyboard alt + f4, gameex arcade back but it remains locked, joystik and button does not work I can only press esc key on keyboard.Do you have any suggestions?thank you
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