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  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    If an enemy throws a throwing star at you, you get a point for each one you hit. It's possible to repeatedly hit throwing stars out of the air and farm points. I imagine the same probably applies to boomerangs and knives. In my case, I just farmed off the first couple throwing star guys on the first level.
  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Yeesh.. I looked up leeching for the game on TG, and it seems like a slippery slope of yuck. At one point they were saying you could farm up to 15pts per enemy. That basically involved someone watching the game and counting every projectile you hit. I'll make this easy.. go ahead and ignore the 115 (I didn't count, but I probably went over 15 on at least 1 guy).
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    For what it's worth, the 75 and the 115 both ended with me dying on the second boss. 75 was without farming stars, 115 farmed. So technically - maybe - I guess it'd meet the rules for no more than 50pts leeched (?) But, you guys are the bosses, so I'm cool either way...
  4. Qix

  5. Frogger

    A slight improvement: 13,270.
  6. I, Robot

    Huh. Impressive game for 1983. 75,627pts.
  7. Galaga '88

    81,210. Striving to underachieve.
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Here's my first attempt: 75pts. I actually found a good way to farm points off throwing stars and had a 115pt run, but accidentally hit the exit button instead of the screenshot button on my cab when I tried to save it. EDIT: Realized that the 115pt score actually saved on the high score table at 8th place. Submitting that one, too (if I can)...
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Dang. I should play this game, given that I think I suggested it in the first place. Bummer that TwinGalaxies doesn't use the "tmnt2po" version of the ROM. Not being able to (easily) play as Donatello on my 2P cab is blasphemy, I tell you! Blasphemy!
  10. Metal Slug X

    You guys are getting these scores without even beating the first boss? Dang, I must be missing something score-wise. I can fairly consistently make it to the second level. Even to the second boss a couple times. The trick to the first boss is to stand underneath it once it lifts itself up in its legs. Don't try this on the camel, though, (unless you're better than me) because its gun doesn't aim fast enough to hit the rockets coming from the sides.
  11. Track & Field

    Photobucket must've starting really restricting how much you can view uploaded images. GC's scores in this thread are already hidden, as is the banner on the main leaderboard. To the best of my knowledge, imgur doesn't limit how much you can view uploaded images.
  12. [REQUEST] Your Builds!

    I got mine for $40 off Amazon. 7" LCD. It included a driver board with VGA, HDMI, and composite; but I had to also get a power supply for $8 or so.
  13. [REQUEST] Your Builds!

    Not sure if I've shared my build here yet, despite finishing it about 2 years ago... GameEx with GameExtender on a second display between the main monitor & the control panel. In-game, the second display shows PNGs of the button assignments generated with CPWizard. I can also swap out the control panel with a flat panel and play mouse & keyboard games. I also did a custom theme which you can see in this quick, extremely low-fi video I made of the cab in action: Since making the video, I've installed RocketLauncher alongside GameEx for it's MAME bezels (and the ability to send screenshots to my network with fancy HLSL effects in place, which I use for the GameEx High Score Competition).
  14. Tokio / Scramble Formation

    88,200. If there's a scoreboard where you enter initials on this game, I'm not sure I'll hit it anytime soon. Luckily, since only the two schmuppernauts have played so far, I can get 80pts by simply farting in the general direction of my MAME cab with this game loaded. The ground targets in this game are mean as hell. Actually, all the enemies are. Seems like most schmup enemies are somewhat less likely to shoot at you when you get really close. These ones seem to go out of their way to shoot when you're too close to dodge.
  15. Track & Field

    Aha! The trick to the high jump is that you need to constantly adjust the jump angle as you complete the jump. It's not just a one-press thing like all the other events. Quickly tap the button a single time to take off, then add angle as needed to get over the bar. 67,730