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  1. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Would have never guessed. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  2. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Hey, 2,000 points is still 2,000 points! I hate having such a weak immune system. I get sick WAY to often. I'm sick again. Been having a rough week, then went home early from work yesterday and went to the doctor. Wants me off for the next 48 hours. If I wasn't sick, I'd take that opportunity to try and post a score. But I really feel like sh!t. I will say, thanks for posting new scores and trying to keep the forum alive! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  3. hansolo77

    New Build Coming...

    I'm still 100% for a Linux version of GameEx that will run on Pi. Sticking a Pi in things is no big thing. The creator of the modkit did most of the work in this case. I don't have a 3D printer and no way to make those frames the Pi and adapter cables connect to. The NES mod I did was probably the biggest thing I ever did that was completely custom without the use of somebody else's hardware. Still, it was a good project. I've been sick lately and really down (depression), so this has helped keep my mind on something positive.
  4. hansolo77

    Troubleshooting woes

    Wow. Bad memories from when I worked at TelePerformance (originally CallTech). Stupid hillbilly hicks. You try to tell them very clear and precise instructions, and they go an take it a whole different direction. "Eject the CDRom tray and put the disc in," they say "you mean that cup holder?". They say "there's no pictures," you say "Check the cables", they say they "don't have cable", you say "is it plugged in and turned on?", they say "yes the computer is on the light is on", you say "THE MONITOR?", and they say "you mean the TV?" OMG I couldn't stand it. Why the hell do you have a computer if you don't even know how to turn the monitor on, or use a CD? I even had one guy who said his keyboard wasn't working, and the only way to figure out it was disconnected was by having him grab the keyboard and pull it away from the desk into the next room. What was the worst part, we were an ISP, dealing with INTERNET, not noobie computer user issues. But, we provided "soft support" to the users, in an effort to help them get set up to USE our software. Drove me absolutely bonkers.
  5. hansolo77

    New Build Coming...

    Here come the pictures! So that's it! I did take a couple of extra pictures, not included in this post. Mostly just extras not relevant to the "story". One is a bad photo I tried to take of the cartridge slot. The other is of the barrel jack. If you want to see them, look at the full size post here: https://imgur.com/a/D4PvZCW @Draco1962 - Hope that suffices! To everybody else, thanks for visiting and reading my story! This was a fun project. I've already got co-worker friends wanting them too. LOL! I told them to give me $300 bucks and I'll see about it. Luckily for this particular build, I didn't really have to spend all that much because I already had a spare Raspberry Pi, spare PowerBlock, spare SD card, and extra USB controllers.
  6. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Nice, steady improvement! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  7. hansolo77

    Today in Playstation history

    That's the kinda stuff I like reading about.
  8. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Thanks for submitting the first entry! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  9. hansolo77

    New Build Coming...

    Sure! I had to order a fan because I noticed last night that the thing was starting to warn of heat issues. So I will be opening it back up to install that. I'll take pictures then!
  10. hansolo77

    New Build Coming...

    It's actually 99% complete. I've been working on the software side of things for a while, and just got the mod kit from Germany on Thursday. I've hit a few snags. The power supply I got wasn't strong enough, been getting lots of undervoltage errors. Just got a new one in today, so I'm going to see how it works out. I also need a bigger SD card. I had most of the stuff already. Lucked out and found a spare Raspberry Pi 3 in a box, along with a PowerBlock (for allowing safe shutdown). I also already had a pair of USB 6-button controllers I'm going to give him. Things are coming along great.
  11. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Probably II if you remember. Wikipedia said there was no predecessor.
  12. hansolo77

    Happy Independence Day! (U.S.)

    Happy Independence Day to everybody!
  13. Thanks for all who voted last round. The next GOTM is up and running - Pepper II. Looking forward to seeing a good turn out of voters this tme around too! And remember, if you don't like these choices, they were chosen randomly from a list of suggestions MADE by you. If you would like to contribute suggestions for future rounds, hop over to the appropriate thread and make some!
  14. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Alrighty guys! You voted, here it is. Our next GOTM! I've never played this before, so I'm actually kind of excited to see what it's all about. A lot of people voted for it, so it's gotta be at least half-way decent right? The loadup of this game for me took a while. But if you sit long enough it will eventually load. Both DIP switches need to be changed. The first one defaults to a score of 40000 for a bonus life, needs to be 70000 to match TG. The lives switch needs changed from 2 to 3 also. If you don't change this one, it's all you, because we can also use extra lives. Hope you guys enjoy your summer and have fun playing this game!
  15. hansolo77

    Games You'd Like to See!

    Updated list to remove the next GOTM - Pepper II! Keep those ideas coming guys!