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  1. Yeah I got the email about this yesterday. The design has changed a little from what was originally shown. They added a 2nd button to the joystick, and made the stick rotate for paddle games (not sure how well that will work). They also officially announced that both controllers will be Bluetooth with an optional USB cable (for charging and play-while-charging) and both will have RUMBLE. Controllers now a days pretty much have to have rumble, but my most recent controller I've been playing retro with (8BitDo SF30Pro) is supposed to have it but it doesn't work and I miss it. I REALLY like like LED's around the joystick that light up depending on the direction it's pointed.. that's awesome. Plus they suggested it might be used in games so it adds some extra external indicators for games (I'm thinking stuff like an RPM/MPH/KmPH indicator, or an active radar for shooters, etc). That might be cool. And they've gone over it multiple times in their announcement that EVERYTHING is customizable. So that's cool too, if you like to use A instead of B for jumping, etc, so it's not just configurable in-game, but at the hardware level (probably from some OS-Level on screen setup) I get more excited the more details they announce and the closer we get to release. I don't know if they plan on including a hard drive or not, but it WILL have like 4 USB ports in the back, so you can attach an external. And they haven't really spoken a whole lot about their OS and the user-accessible side to load your OWN OS, but I know that's one of their key promises and what I'm most looking forward to. Keep up the hard work guys, the console is looking good! Also (for the backers) did you see the bit where they said they added a bezel below the console to make it appear to be floating? I like it. It seems like a nice bit of polish and just what the console needed.
  2. You still beat my score. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  3. Man that really blows. I never could stand Carol Burnett so I never watched him on there. I remember him from McHale's Navy. And then as the ever loving sidekick Barnacle Boy. And his counterpart, Mermaid Man, was played by none other than Ernest Borgnine, who was also on McHale's Navy (as McHale). Sadly, he passed away like 5 years ago too. Sad to see people pass away, even more sad when it's a celebrity. They don't know you, and you only know them for their parts they played, but you still feel like you lost a close friend and family member. <3
  4. But nobody can beat Luigimakers!
  5. I only loaded this game up briefly to see what the default DIPs were. Does each stage have a timer? If not, I could see somebody just leeching bonus points off the first few levels. If it does have a timer, I would imagine it being key to learn how the stages play out and play a pattern as quickly as possible and get the most bonus points like in Puzzle Bobble.
  6. Welcome to the game MO! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  7. Thanks for updating the thread GC. I had a really bad headache yesterday and didn't even turn the computer on. Nice score FT!!
  8. WTF?? Why ??? New Star Wars, every other year, with new Avatar every other year between? Avatar is done. End of story. Why make a sequel? Sure there is potential material, but it's going to over saturate the franchise and not make it special anymore. The same is true about Marvel Movies. Yeah, we want to keep the movies coming, but there isn't much more that can top Thanos/Infinity. And a big reveal about Cruella deVille? PASS.
  9. I'll never forget when I was honored to be in the presence of the great John Williams. In school, you have 2 concerts your band/orchestra practices for each year. The Christmas concert and then a Spring concert. In 8th grade for our Spring concert, our band was learning how to play a Jurassic Park suite, which had like 4 of the major themes all in one. The movie had just come out that year, so it was cool to play it. Because I was really good, me and a buddy of mine got selected to participate in an "all-city" orchestra, which was a collection of the best players in all the schools around the city (something like 250 students total). We formed a huge orchestra and were learning to play the same suite, BUT it was much more complicated because it was actually the same sheet music the pros had used in the recording for the final end credits of the movie. That alone was awesome because you always get sheet music that has been extremely "blanded" out and re-arranged for kids. The night of our concert was going as planned. Since it was all city, we had to wait for other bands to finish first. We were 3rd of 4 total, and we were housed inside a huge college basketball arena. Then, when our turn came up, the announcer made a sudden change and said our conductor was to be replaced by none other than John Williams himself! OMFG I almost passed out I was so excited. He was there to watch his niece or something in a different band and saw in the Playbill that our band was playing the original score from the end credits of Jurassic Park. He asked if it would be alright if HE conducted, which of course was very welcome. It was incredible. We played perfectly, and he had the biggest smile on his face when we were done. The audience gave us a standing ovation, it was so loud. After he bowed he stepped aside and clapped for US! Here we were, 8th graders, playing pro music and being directed by the MAN himself. It was unforgettable. I only wish I could have met him in person afterwards, gotten his autograph or something. Then I heard he was on staff as a director for the Boston Pops and I sooo wanted to play in that orchestra, but never got to. Dreams fade, but I had one incredible night! You might think that's nothing, but I mean, it was JOHN WILLIAMS conducting ME!
  10. I think it's awesome we support 97 games. 100 would be incredible. I hate that we have to wait until 2020 to see it, but user participation has dropped into Spongebob's Rock Bottom. Maybe it'll pick up. Here's hoping!
  11. Got you score bud! Thanks for keeping it alive! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  12. Beat me to it. God's speed and rest in peace. You'll forever be missed but never forgotten. RWAR!
  13. Soooo.. I've still not played this game yet lol! I really need to make an effort on my next day off. Kinda upset with myself. Scores are still valid though, keep them coming! Updated OP, DB, RSS Mod Note - Leaderboard links need updated once a new version of our DBM is provided. Floyd Turbo's score is temporarily linked to GimmeClassics's entry.
  14. Once you figure out the funky controls, it's a great game. Updated OP, DB, RSS MOD NOTE - Due to the limits of our DBM, I was unable to remove the link pointing to wolfman24's entry. Since our DBM needs updated to support a different short URL pointer, the link to Floyd Turbo's entry (link) will need to be updated at a future date.
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