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  1. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Bosconian

    Just shows how badly I suck at video games. I thought it heated up after the FIRST round lol. I still love 'em though! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  2. hansolo77

    Juno First

    Wow awesome! Moved up another spot! And thanks for including the credit counter in your picture. It's a small thing but important to be fair. Happy gaming! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  3. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Bosconian

    Looks right. From what I remember, the default allows extra ships with lesser points, and continues to give you ships after that. This setting requires a higher score before getting your ships, and then only gives you a total of 2. The only other setting to change is the "Allow Continues" which you can't really do in our competition anyway. EDIT - I see you posted more scores on the 2nd page.. I added your best to the tables. Thanks! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  4. hansolo77

    Lets not forget.

    Weird. Michael Jackson looks like those Team America marionettes. Those things are so creepy. People have fear of clowns, I have issues with spiders... and those... things.
  5. hansolo77


    Thanks for making sure DIPs are right. I've updated the boards! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  6. hansolo77


    You jerk! You knocked me out of contention! Just kidding. Nice one! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  7. hansolo77

    Dragon Spirit

    That's weird for sure. I wonder if maybe its a bad rom? Updated OP, DB, RSS
  8. hansolo77

    Lets not forget.

    I'm still learning something new every day. I thought it was just a USA thing. Good to know.
  9. hansolo77

    Juno First

    Awesome! You beat your last score, and in doing so moved up 3 spots to 3rd place! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  10. hansolo77

    Lets not forget.

    Veteran's Day should be a global holiday. They do what is necessary to keep the citizenry of the world safe. Thank you to all who serve.
  11. hansolo77

    RIP Stan Lee

    Words cannot describe my feelings. I thought my brother was just pulling my leg when he texted it to me earlier today. Such a tragic loss. I knew he was old, and had some health problems. But I had always hoped to meet him some day. Not even for an autograph or anything. Just to sit and chat with him. Can you imagine what that would have been like? So sad. At least he can reconnect with his wife in heaven now. God speed.
  12. hansolo77

    Fast Lane

    LOL! Least you had some fun today. Thanks! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  13. hansolo77

    Pepper II

    It's still a good score. Thanks for the submission! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  14. hansolo77

    Juno First

    No worries or rush on Bosconian. I'm leaving that game up as the feature till the end of the year.
  15. hansolo77


    Yea, there's been a lot of upset individuals over at one of the the Retropie facebook groups I'm a member of because of this little device. Apparently these guys are taking credit for the work of others and selling it for a profit. They're not exactly a fair company. But hey, if you want the quick fix NOW (pending shipping) rather than build your own, go for it.