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  1. You better!!!! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  2. Thanks for the submission. You should be able to get a better score if you keep at it. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  3. I still really like the retro look of the original NES. Nothing screams old like that. So I look for broken NES's. The funny thing is, 9 times out of 10 it's a simple fix. They say it doesn't work, that the cartridge slot is broke or something. There's usually just a bent or broken pin in the slot, and you can buy replacement parts for that really cheap. But the NES is so old, nobody wants to bother fixing it. I've got 4 now, 2 with RetroPi (using Raspberry Pi's) and 2 with TheRA (using an XU4 and eventually my N2). I built a RetroPi for my brother using a Sega Genesis console because that was the one he wanted. I also have a RetroPie inside an old PS1, but it's dedicated to just PlayStation games. I don't have a 3D printer, but if I did, there are some pretty nice looking "consoles" people are making.
  4. I'm not sure if it does or not. My assumption would be yes. I've never had much issue with lag and never bothered to look into it. It uses the RetroArch system for most emulation, and it does all that stuff. As for the footprint, if you're talking about power, it actually runs on 12v as opposed to 5v for most SBC's. If you're talking about measurement dimensions, it is about the same length, but maybe double the width of other SBC's like the Pi and Xu4. It's more square, and comes with a built in heat sink on the bottom. The current OS is still buggy, and in still in beta. If you're looking for a solid system, skip it for now. I'm having issues with the 8bitdo dongle being unrecognized during boot up, and it occasionally loses connection.
  5. It's still a PITA, but the TheRA group is crunching bugs all the time and coming up with new stuff. I can get nearly 99.9998% perfect N64 emulation now, and Dreamcast is maybe 98%. There are the occasional glitches, but there is a way to change the rendering mode for layers from "per triangle" to "per line". I've found that "per line" is much better in the games I've tested. The N2 can do PSP emulation too, and most games run great at 2x rendering resolution. The advantage of the PSP to DS (playable on the XU4 but not tested yet on N2) is that when the game is available on both devices, the PSP is superior because it's a single screen 16x9 resolution, whereas the DS is like playing a vertical MAME game but the game itself takes place in the top half (top screen). So you have a lot of wasted space. The N2 is just superior in everything tested so far. I think a big advantage it has is that it's a 64bit processor, whereas all other SOC boards so far are all 32bit. This opens up many new advantages as the PC side of emulation is mostly 64bit now and all tweaks and fixes can be ported over.
  6. I agree. This game was so complicated for me to figure out what I'm doing, that I just gave up and never submitted a score. I should probably do that some day. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  7. I tested Skies of Arcadia on a previous build and it looks like a pretty good RPG. Is it the first (or only) in a series? I'm trying to get in the habit of playing games in order. Another game I played a little bit of before Sonic was Shenmue. Actually, I just sat through the opening cut scene then got controller confused when I was in control and quit. I was really impressed with it because it's not a video, it's all in-game rendered, and the emulator was probably 98% accurate. There were some glitches where it didn't handle opacity very well, and some hard clipping, but other than that it was completely watchable. When I tested it before, it ran very slow and the audio kept cutting out and popping, etc. This time it was very clear and fluid. I'm excited for the future.
  8. Indeed. And it looks like you doubled your previous best. Awesome! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  9. I'm being floored now with the crystal clear and ultra smooth playback I'm getting on the N2 with Dreamcast. I've never actually PLAYED anything, other than tests to see if it runs. I actually spent like 3 hours the other day playing Sonic Adventure. It's a huge upgrade from the classic 2D Sonic. So much so it's hard to get used too. But I'm enjoying it, and that's all that matters. I tried to load up Phantasy Star Online because I read somewhere that you can manually update a file to point the game to a user-ran server and be able to play. But, the game prompts for a serial number right at the first screen, and I don't have one. I didn't bother looking, but I'm sure there are generators out there. Still, I don't even know if I really want to check it out. It's all hype from my perspective. I've never played it or seen it played. I've never played any of that game's titles either, so I don't know if it's worth it. But Sonic looks and runs great, as does Ecco and Crazy Taxi. Getting Dreamcast to run is just the start. Arcade systems like Atomiswave and Naomi also run on the same hardware, which opens up even more games! So many games, so little time in 1 life.
  10. Not a bad score! Thanks for the submission! Sorry it's late on updating. I worked late last night and early this morning, so that meant straight to bed when I got home. Update OP, DB, RSS
  11. Thanks for the tip! Yeah, in the Master System game that we had, I remember that the flame thrower weapon is actually very helpful with some of the bosses. I had forgotten that too. Thanks for reminding me!
  12. You sir, are just awesome. I've had a huge break down recently and was nearly suicidal. I know we don't like to discuss off-topic things like that, and especially of that specific topic. But let's just say I spent a long time visiting lost relatives and got my head back on straight. My personal demons are what's keeping me from playing currently. But next day I have off work, I'm definitely going to try posting up a score for this one. It's one of the few games (albeit much better quality) I grew up with. Time to get back to my roots. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  13. I see the opening frame in that video, and I'm not wanting to watch it yet (spoilers). Before I click the play button can you confirm for me it's spoiler free?
  14. NO HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN!!! Not only did he almost kill off Star Wars for me, he's not an actor anymore. They couldn't bring him back if they wanted to. I guess they could have done something with Darth Vader, as James Earl Jones is still very much alive and keen to do voice work for the series still. But he's redeemed, that's why Lucas made another edit to Return of the Jedi to include Hayden in ghost form. You can't have a ghost Vader. Like I said though, fan theory's are always better than what will happen. We already know the guy who botched the Last Jedi has been given the go ahead on the next trilogy. There will have to be some tie-in for that in this last movie. We also know where the last movie ended... The last of the Resistance consists of C3PO/R2D2/BB8, Poe Dameron, Leia, Chewie, Finn, Rey, and that asian chick. I don't even remember if any of Black Squadron survived, I'll have to (dreadingly) rewatch. As for the First Order, Snoke is dead, and I believe General Hux died too. All that's left is Kylo. I agree with the rehash of ROTJ though.. JJ Abrams is back at the helm, and that's all he knows how to do. Remember that Star Trek Movie with Khan? Same thing, just switched around. What they need to do is bring Grand Admiral Thrawn out of wherever he's hiding. Maybe they can do that with the next trilogy.
  15. Are you using a guide or walkthrough? When I played, it was just for fun, exploring, and just whatever. I never had any goals, and don't know what any of that stuff "Chilrend/Windshear, etc" is. I think I finally put the game on the shelf after a long time of not accomplishing anything and essentially giving up. I prefer a more story driven, direct line from from start finish style RPG. Free roam with thousands of things to do with no end in site just gets boring.
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