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  1. hansolo77

    $100 PlayStation Classic Console

  2. hansolo77

    $100 PlayStation Classic Console

    I'm still waiting on the Atari bit too. I'm starting to be concerned since they took my money and haven't posted ANYTHING about it in months.
  3. hansolo77

    $100 PlayStation Classic Console

    Yeah, I saw it. Unless they plan on having REMASTERED or high res versions of the games, I'm not interested. The PS1 wasn't too long ago, not like the NES. This is just a cash grab to get in on the retro craze. You can still play these games. It's not like you have to resort to spending TONS of money buying consoles and games on eBay that aren't made any more, or have to play through emulation of some sort. There is absolutely no benefit to this, other than HDMI. It doesn't even come with an AC adapter.
  4. hansolo77

    Ms. Pac-man

    Not bad! I suck at all the Pac-Man games. Need to get better. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  5. hansolo77

    Solo pack launching this week

    I still haven't watched the movie. But I do have it on pre-order to arrive opening day.
  6. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    If you guys don't mind... I haven't had the time to make a new game post. Things are a little hectic around my life at the moment. I'm still trying to recover from a massive computer failure and loss of all my GamEx stuff. I have a backup but it's corrupted. Every time I try to restore from it, Windows still fails to boot, with a BSOD. It won't even load Safe Mode. Might be related to the fact I had to get all new hardware, and Windows isn't playing nice with trying to make the drivers work. All I know is, I've basically had to start from scratch again. I have my GameEx stuff installed on a different drive that (as far as I know) wasn't affected by the crash. But it won't run anything until I find the time to install all the various programs and emulators. I have a working/running RetroPie system, but it's not GameEx. I was able to snag another copy of our Database Manager software Adultry wrote, so keeping the forums and scores updated isn't a problem. Right now it's just kind of a limbo until I can find the time to finish getting everything installed properly and can work on creating a new thread for the next feature game. Thanks for understanding guys. Maybe we should change to a GOTQ (Game of the Quarter)? We've already changed from a monthly to a semi-monthly. I just don't think there are very many Triple-A games left that people would expect to see in a competition like this. We already have all the best ones. Not to mention the lack of participation and enthusiasm towards our games. I'm cool with just letting this one ride unless you guys REALLY want another game already.
  7. hansolo77

    Ms. Pac-man

    Lol you didn't have to delete it! I was just saying I don't feel like it's a fair submission without knowing the dips were set the correct way. Dazzle or GC might have voted me out on it.
  8. hansolo77

    Ms. Pac-man

    Nice. I don't know if we can accept the score though unless we know for sure that the settings match the rules.
  9. hansolo77

    Mr. Do!

    Not a bad score! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  10. hansolo77

    Do you see what I see?

    I still can't see what he thought he saw lol.
  11. Might be cool. I have so many tables in my Pinball FX library already, I hardly ever play more than 2 or 3 at most. I hope they're not going to release the tables at some ridiculous price.
  12. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    That's not bad though, considering. I mean, at least you posted a score. Not to many people can say that. And so what if you're at the bottom of the list? You're still in 4 place which is worth a heck of a lot more points towards your overall vs if you were in 10th, or never posted a score at all (like me). And we're all about having fun here. Just think of it as your "Personal Best", and strive to do better. By having scores above you, it just proves it can be done. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  13. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Not a bad improvement. And thanks for the tips! I've been getting there with my computer. Maybe here in the the next week or so I should be able to try and post a score! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  14. hansolo77

    Fast Lane

    Not a bad jump. Looks like you really wanted 3rd place. :) Updated OP, DB, RSS
  15. hansolo77

    Time Pilot

    Welcome back GC. Thanks for helping pick up my slack.