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  1. Star Trek Discovery

    So did you guys watch it? Are you going to subscribe to CBS's online service to continue watching it? I myself am delighted they finally came out with the show. It's been in development for years, and delayed a number of times. I'm pissed about their release scheme of presenting everybody a teaser on TV then requiring you to PAY to watch the rest. Especially when other countries are going to be able to watch it live on TV for free. I'm gonna just sit back and wait for the internet underground to release it, then I'll buy it on BluRay when it comes out (if it does.. still waiting on DS9 and VOY). I gotta say though, the acting was a bit stiff and emotionless. The science officer alien guy was better at emoting than the actors with nothing on their faces. I'm not sure about the Klingons either. But, this is just the start. Every version of Star Trek always has it rough starting out. I just hope it last longer than 3 seasons. I'm also not sure I like the special effects direction. It's supposed to be 10 years before the original series, but the special effects make it look like it's further in the future than Voyager. I've had this gripe with the new movies too (Chris Pine). They're good movies for an alternate universe or something, but according to the makers, THIS show is in the same PRIME universe as the rest of shows. I just can't understand how their 280-degree view screen is older than the 4:3 50-inch screen the original series had. LOL. But that's trivial. I gotta look past it and look for the stories and acting. Hopefully they take the show in the direction of re-interpreting today's issues like classic Trek is known for, rather than just making a special effects sci-fi epic that would be better suited as a movie. Most websites are saying it is a single story arc per season, so I doubt current issues will make much impact in the long season. The preview bit at the end of the 2nd episode has me hopeful. And Jason Issacs as the captain? Will have to wait and see!
  2. Retro Achievements

    I'm still very active there as well. I've not set up anything for GameEx yet, just my NESPI.
  3. [POLL] GOTM November 2017

    Talk to @Draco1962 - He was instrumental in setting up the idea for seasonal themed competitions. Since I wasn't interested, I've never even looked in that "other" forum. @GimmeClassics might set something up, but I'm not the guy to ask. I'm just trying to keep it simple and have a working system here without throwing more things into it.
  4. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    When I first started out, I had a really hard time figuring out the best way to navigate around the enemy fire. I was dying all the time. Then I actually had a good hour of free time and spent the time to really watch how it's working. Now I am getting a lot better. Still not as good as our top players, but I'm getting there. This game (like most) really is a money grabber. If your intentions are to get really good at the game, you'd need a LOT of money to keep pumping in quarters at the arcade to learn the nuances. Thank goodness MAME is here. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  5. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    Not true. I loved those books when I was younger. The first book published as part of the official series was published in 1979. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Choose_Your_Own_Adventure_books#Choose_Your_Own_Adventure
  6. ATTN: 32 bit CCleaner users

    Thanks for the heads up. I think I'm safe though. I'm using a 64bit version. And I've not updated in a long time. Just checked... I have v5.07.5261. They say the version infected was v5.33.6162. According to my app though, I can get v5.34.6207. I think I might get it just to be on the safe side.
  7. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    There are no special rules or limitations over at TG that says you have to use just 1 fighter. So for our little friendly comp, feel free to use 2 if it helps. I also noticed, that for me the warps happen after the bonus stage if you have 2 of the blue orbs. If you have 1 or 0, it won't work. If you have 1 though, it does launch it. I'll have to remember to watch the score to see if you get any bonus for having it. But it looks like if you don't have 2, it launches the 1 you DO have to make you reset your allocation.
  8. Toddzilla

    Looks like the kind of place Toddzilla might live..
  9. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    Here's my attempt for now... Score: 88,310 Stage: 2-8 Initials: HAN UPDATED OP, DB, RSS
  10. Toddzilla

    Or a basement with a toolbox consisting of a hammer, screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, and a wrench. That's all we got left from our fire, and all we've needed to buy since.
  11. RIP: Harry Dean Stanton

    Sad to hear/read. Peaceably Rest.
  12. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    That 40k might be a typo from TwinGalaxies. I just cut and pasted it. If you go into your dip settings, and toggle the one for test mode, it will let you access the settings to verify when you reboot the machine. Unless you went in here in the past on this machine, these default settings should be correct. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  13. The GameEx Awards 2017

    Bonkers you say?
  14. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    Not gonna get drawn in again to the BS we live in... Good score RSK, whoever that is. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  15. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    Nice! I'm a bit sick today. Hopefully when I'm feeling better I"ll post a score. Updated OP, DB, RSS