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  1. [GOTM] Growl

    Nice improvement! My plan is to try and post a score up on Wednesday. No promises, but it's a goal. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  2. Wonder Boy 3

    Way to go buddy! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  3. I'm running an outdated system. But I'm not going to worry about it. Just like this huge snow storm to come at me this weekend. It is what it is.
  4. Agreed. I just recently dropped +$500 on a Xeon CPU for my server for similar reasons. Encoding videos, and streaming takes a CPU hit, and typically only allows one active process at a time. And even with this awesome chip, I'm still hitting 100% CPU usage quite frequently. Gonna suck if the speed drops too significantly.. this is the top of the line, best CPU I can get for this motherboard. That's the other kicker. Upgrading the CPU once they fix the problem at the hardware level WILL require you to upgrade the motherboard too, which includes upgrading RAM also. Gonna suck all around.
  5. Retro News Round Up

    Always on the ball! Thanks!
  6. [GOTM] Growl

    I'm seriously going to make a conscious effort to try and play this game this time. I wonder if submissions might pick up if the moderator of the group makes an attempt to post scores too. I mean, if I was a new guy here, and I saw lots of games, but the moderator not even participating, I'd probably 2nd guess posting an attempt to. @rtkiii - Thanks for your submission, even if you feel it's small. There's plenty of time to improve it, and maybe you'll get some competition along the way! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  7. Games You'd Like to See!

    This was the 2nd game I ever bought on my own for Sega Master System. The first was Lord of the Sword. Master System wasn't that big around my area, so when we got one for Christmas one year from our Grandma (who got it at a garage sale), finding games was kinda hard. None of the video game stores around had anything, and the only one that did was a Meijer store, and their selection was slim pickings at best. Given our age, Mom wouldn't let us the games we WANTED, like Ninja Gaiden. So I had to settle on an RPG and a space game. Good times though. I never played the original arcade (or MAME) that it was ported from. So hopefully this will get added to a poll soon and voted on!
  8. I especially like the idea that CERT (a company directly funded by Homeland Security) posted a statement saying the only way to fix it was to get a new CPU, then later removing it saying all CPUs have the same problem so buying a new one won't fix the problem. Then they're worried that the public might start demanding replacements. Seems like there's more going on here. Like somebody is trying to put a fear out to the public even though there is no way to fix it. And OS speeds dropping, that's just BS. They'll have to sell those faster processors at the same price as the current ones and just re-market them as a slower speed.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Did it end up suffering a lot of the issues everybody was worried about? Like constantly scratching the screen going into the dock, or getting the controllers stuck together because they didn't connect right, or problems with vertical/horizontal lines, stuck pixels, etc? Seemed like they really crapped the first run from all the bad reviews.
  10. Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

    Good stuff. I'd known about the Han pistol bit, and the droids, but not the Vader shin guards. Cool stuff!
  11. [GOTM] Growl

    I completely agree about the lack of participation. But I don't think it's a problem with this game. I think it's a problem with the atmosphere. We got a LOT of games too. I tend to think everybody is more interested in playing the latest addition, rather than going back and playing the older ones. Truth is, we're running out of really great AAA level games. All the best ones are already available. So there's not any interest to play anymore. When we first started out, we had a HUGE turnout because the games we had were everybody's favorites. Now we're playing games nobody's ever heard of. But that's why I set up the polls. Try to get user input on what game to play. It's a little thing but I thought it would help generate some end-user involvement. Even if you don't like the game that is ultimately voted on, at least you got to participate in the decision making. The biggest obstacle for me is trying to generate interest. @GimmeClassics was so much better at that than me.
  12. Nintendo Switch

    I'm just not interested in tablet/handheld system. Oh you can hook it up to your tv? That's nice, but it's still just a tablet. I don't see why it would be so popular.
  13. It's a vulnerability in the way OS handles virtual memory correct? So if I have my computer configured to not use virtual memory, I shouldn't have any issues right? Granted, I don't know much about these things, least of all the problem here. But I've got my system configured to not use virtual memory because I always felt that using it was actually more detrimental to my systems speed. At least in my experience. It still sounds like a vulnerability that needs to be exploited, and like most exploits would require a direct interaction from the end user to initiate it. To my knowledge, no exploits are out yet, and I'm pretty safe with my computers. Ad-blockers, nightly virus scans, I only visit well known web pages, I only open email from people I know, and never open the attachments if I'm not expecting them. The problem is too many internet amateurs. Gotta go ruin it for all.
  14. [GOTM] Growl

    I've never played this game either. It's been on the voting poll a couple of times, and was pretty popular those times as well. I'm actually a pretty big fan of these beat-em-up games. I'm upset with myself I never got a chance to post an official score for TMNT. That's one of my favorite games too, having actually played it in MAME in the past. This game is cool in that it's sort of like a wild-west romp, but really more like Indiana Jones tying to rescue animals from poachers. Can't wait to see what our turn out will be.
  15. [GOTM] Growl

    Wow so emotionally depressive. You know.. you don't HAVE to play and put down a game that was VOTED on. Updated OP, DB, RSS