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  1. Cheers Buddy! Happy Birthday!
  2. Improvements are always good to see. You were so close to moving a spot too. I bet you can do it if you try again! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  3. It's better than before, always good! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  4. Hey! Gets you on the board! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  5. Thanks for being our 3rd competitor! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  6. Thanks for the entry. Doesn't get you in the top 10, even after removing (tif), but that's ok. Now you know what your personal best is, and you can work on improving it over time! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  7. I just love how crowded it was with pretty much everybody smiling. Looks like a lot of fun.
  8. I built a home media server because in my future I plan to have my own place and probably won't be able to afford internet. Being offline severely limits your options when cord cutting. So my server currently holds a capacity of 84.2TB, of which 12.6TB is free. I keep TV Shows, Movies, Music, and Photos on it. Because it's a server, I also use it to store backups of my computer, and it's also a storage solution to hold things like eBooks and roms, etc. I access the media on it from a Raspberry Pi that I installed LibreElec on (an OS designed to just hold Kodi). With Kodi, I have access to all the server content. Also on the server I have a series of TV tuners that I have connected to an OTA antenna which picks up all the major broadcast networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, CW/WB) as well as a few locally broadcast channels that aren't major networks. I have a total of 5 tuners, giving me the ability to record 5 things at once, or watch 1 and record 4 at the same time. My only problem with this setup is that some of the channels don't come in very well, and signal dropping is a constant problem. Easily remedied with a better antenna or maybe a relocation of it. As for the Kodi side of things, the latest Leia+ version finally brought with it the security requirements to allow premium 3rd party services. I have an Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription, so now I can access those from Kodi. The Pi is still a little under powered to provide a high resolution stream, but 720p works perfectly. 1080p will work with some stuttering, and 4k is not possible (although I think the Pi4 that just came out does support 4k now). If you're not streaming, watching media from the server has no problem playing back 1080p, and Kodi has passthrough so I can actually get the full HD Dolby or DTS sound to my receiver for movies. Kodi is just a glorified media player. But it can do a lot more too. Through "unofficial" 3rd party apps, you can gain access to IPTV services to stream internet tv channels. A lot of cable networks and worldwide channels are available freely. There are also addons which allow you to access internet storage hubs and stream pretty much any movie or tv show you want, by providing a service which is essentially a search engine to find sources online for what you want to watch. My dad doesn't like the stuff I have on my server, so he uses these 3rd party apps on his Kodi in the living room to watch shows and movies. He almost never watches TV on the cable box anymore. If there's a show he wants to watch, he just uses the app to search for it and watches it streamed. He also uses the Amazon and Netflix apps. A Pi costs roughly $35. With a power supply, SD card, case, remote, and HDMI cable, you can get a fully working system for about $50. Firesticks, Roku, etc are other ways to get access to online streaming content. You can also use other devices like BluRay players, game consoles, and even your computer if you hook it up to the tv. These all have varying costs. What you need to decide is what content you plan access. I don't own any Amazon devices so I don't know what their cost is and what they access. They might be able to only access Amazon Prime. Netflix is everywhere, but not all devices access Amazon too. Then you have other services you can subscribe to too, like Hulu, HBOGO, or any of the new services like CBS All Access and the new Disney+. These all cost subscriptions on top of the hardware to access them. For me, it just makes more sense to have everything I want to watch stored locally. Streaming is great if you have the bandwidth and the subscription. Or the 3rd party apps that search is a great option, only not EVERYTHING is available, and you have to rely on a good quality host. But there certainly are options out there. So in closing, it's really up to you. But in my own situation, and through future planning, my setup is this. A home server housing all the media I want to watch, listen to, or view. If there's something I don't have, I'll download it. I watch everything through Kodi, installed on a Raspberry Pi. If it's something I just want to watch, I'll look for it on Amazon or Netflix. If I don't know what I want to watch, I'll use a 3rd party addon to access 24/7 IPTV stations like all-day Action Movies, Sci-Fi Movies, Disney Movies, M*A*S*H, Spongebob, etc. If I want to watch something else, there's the 3rd party addon to search for it online and stream it for me. The system works, and doesn't cost anything more than the hardware and subscriptions to Amazon and Netflix. When I move out and have no internet, I still have my server with all my downloaded content to keep me entertained until I get internet.
  9. Thanks for the submission! I've yet to have some free time to load this up, seems like there may be some difficulties. Hope I can play it too. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  10. Thanks for the submission. I'm still sick. C.Diff ain't something to play around with. Feeling better, but still dealing with diarrhea. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  11. Sure thing. A poll is a little less important, since our contributors are free to select their game at any time. Thanks for making the updates. I got a call from the ER as a follow up and was told I have C.Diff. Never heard of it till now. Apparently it's really contagious. All I know is it's painful and going to the bathroom this often is getting ridiculous. If I only didn't have to go all the time, I might be able to make it.
  12. Sorry I've been silent recently here. The last 3 weeks I've been in and out of the ER. I've got this nasty gut bug I can't get rid of. Trips to the bathroom 1-2 times an hour from diarrhea to produce very little is getting old fast. Not only am I dealing with this, but it's now starting to get painful to the point where I force myself to NOT go. I've had little appetite for 3 weeks. I just got over being really sick to with a bad head cold probably brought on by allergies. Anyway, I know it's not an excuse for not creating our new GOTM/Q. I promise to get to it as soon as I feel up to it. Of course, @GimmeClassics and/or @DazzleHP, the other mods, can go forward and create the new thread. I won't hold a grudge.
  13. I was reading the comments on the Medium page where they post their "blog". A guy was seriously pissed because he's paying $400 for a console and then will have to pay $20 a month subscription for games. Funny thing was an Atari rep replied back saying gist "You can't buy a new console anywhere in the world and not have to pay money for content". That sure shut him up quick. The console is coming WITH games installed lol. I mean, when you think about it, you're shelling $400 every few years when a new console generation comes out, and with it about $70 a game, plus something like $10 a month (for Xbox Live/etc). So you really got nothing to complain about. The games this will be capable of running is going to be on par with anything available for Xbox 360/PS3 era that are A-Rate games. Games of Xbox 1/PS4 quality will probably be limited to indie games, or inhouse marketplace/arcade genre. But it will also support through their partnership with Antstream a whole library of retro games, including arcade to N64, maybe even PS2. I'm not sure I'm going to buy in on all the services though. I might check them out, create an online profile and use the free month service to see what's offered. But my own retro library in GameEx/Retropie will easily surpass anything they can offer. But the nice thing is, there's no "gray area" here. You will be 100% legit and legal with their service. The Sandbox mode is what I'm excited to break into. If we truly get 100% access to everything under the hood, it's a game changer. People will be able to develop for the system without being limited to 50% of the specs, like the PlayStation had (cpu only, no gpu). They said you can install Windows 10 on it. I'm running Windows 7 on my own computer, and can run anything and everything I want already on the PC side of games. I don't know how much more powerful the specs will be compared to my PC. I know it's not designed to be a PC replacement, there's no substitution for a $1k video card, even if the VCS will output 4k. But it's still exciting. And it comes with the Atari brand which is just awesome if you're an old fogey like me.
  14. Did you see the latest mobo design photo? Looks like it has an M.2 slot. That's kinda cool. Still leaning towards using just the base system without any subscription service and use the sandbox mode for "other things".
  15. Yea that 60k mark is really tough to get. Good job! Updated OP, DB, RSS
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