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  1. Oh goodie. Let's make a "grey area" program be officially supported by one of the leading gaming companies in the world! But don't talk about emulation in the forums, because that's "piracy" talk and will get you banned. That also means don't ask for help, because we won't offer any. Oh, and now that you've installed RetroArch, you can't do anything with it unless you have ROMS, which you cannot discuss in forums either. I imagine the first hour it goes live, Nintendo will shut them down. Sure, the program itself is legal. But the first time you go to load it up, realize there's no games, and go download something, you're busted. UNLESS Steam is able to work out a micromart of some sort to offer buying ROMS... that would be interesting. But even at $1 a game, I wouldn't bother. Still, it is interesting that Steam is willing to do this, publicly. Now we just Xbox and Sony to follow suit, without us having to mod the crap out of the console.
  2. I bought one a week ago when it was $25, they were price-matching Best Buy. Now that I have it, I can totally see why it bombed. Sony tried to cash in on the Mini/Retro scene and flopped it big time. They offered 20 games, of which maybe 2 are worth playing. The only A-List games they included are Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid. They failed to include any games with their mascot (Crash Bandicoot), as well as platform defining games like Grand Tourismo and Tony Hawks. Instead, they included games nobody ever heard of or want to play, like Jumping Flash and Mr. Driller. They didn't include a power adapter, so you have to plug it in to an available USB port somewhere (like your TV). My TV doesn't supply enough voltage to even power it up. They also included original controllers, not even Dual Shock. So games like FF7 and MGS that USE analog and rumble are just left without. Nope, if it wasn't for the modding community and 3rd party addons like the 8BitDo dongles, I wouldn't have wasted my money. But I did, and thanks to those things, I was able to rip my copies of FF8, FF9, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Resident Evil 2, Crash 1/2/3 and add them, and my 8BitDo dongle means I can use the wireless PS3 controller with rumble. Way to go Sony.
  3. It's not open to "anyone"... we are a close tight-knit community and these high score submissions are meant to be for those of us who have been around for awhile. Meaning, an active, supporting member of the site and a supporting user of the GameEx software. I'm sorry if this isn't what your looking for. We don't offer any prizes, and your fame will just be known as an annoyance around here. We had somebody come in, probably cheating (as many of his scores were better than those at Twin Galaxies (the "official" world record site)), snipe out and top our best players with un-matchable scores. He was rude to the admins, didn't adhere to the rules, and wasn't a supporter of the site or it's software. He was not welcome, and banned. That's not to say we don't want new players. Our "competition" has started to stagnate, and new players is always welcome. We just ask that before you start submitting scores, you must understand that we only want people who are actively supporting the forums and the software. With only 1 post under your belt, you're not exactly aged like fine wine, if you get my meaning. Hope you enjoy your time here though, and feel free to ask for help when/where needed.
  4. Yeah, it's one of my favorites! An easy classic. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  5. I'm still hopeful things will pick up eventually. I just feel like creating "feature contests" like the GOTQ is just a waste of time when you only get 3-4 participants in 3 months. That's why I suggested killing them off at 100 and just leaving the competition as is until interest picks up again.
  6. I saw a picture/meme on Facebook saying it took us 241 years, but we finally managed to sneak a mole into British ranks with Meghan Markle. Good times! Happy 4th! EDIT - Found it!
  7. Hard to believe unless you suffer them too... 4 days of migraine. I'm still trying my best to fight though them and continue to go to work. That's probably why my doctor still won't pursue looking into it further. If I actually missed work, he might be more concerned. But I can't afford to not work. Oh well. Anyway, here we go again! The next vote round for Game of the Quarter. This one will be for our fall competition up till the end of the year. Going forward after that, I'm not sure it's really worth continuing competition. Nobody is interested anymore. So to that end, I have another question to put forth in the polls. How should we handle it? One final voting round, ending out with 100 games? Continue like we are? Or just dump all the remaining "wish" games into the competition (so everybody gets their wish) and then no longer have a quarterly/monthly game? The choice is up to you. Remember, we have 3 months to vote, so think hard on it. If you have another suggestion of something to try, please comment below!
  8. Removed current GOTQ - Alien Syndrome. Please feel free to suggest more!
  9. Updated again! We're almost to 100!
  10. Here's our next game in the competition. Start posting those scores! I did a test run (mostly just to verify the default DIPS). It's a pretty good game. I had it on the Sega Master System when I was kid, so I might have a little more advanced knowledge/practice than others. I know in my home version, I made it to about stage 4. In my quick play through just now, I managed to make it to the 1st stage boss (there's one for each stage) and died shortly thereafter. One major difference I noticed is the top layer of graphics overlaying the screen, meant to be pipes in the way while looking "down" at the play field. It's kind of annoying, not having been there n the SMS version. But it's only mildly distracting and you forget about it after a while. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this game! I know I will!
  11. Alien Syndrome (エイリアンシンドローム Eirian Shindorōmu) is a run and gun game developed by Sega and released in arcades in 1987. Two players control two soldiers, named Ricky and Mary, who fight their way through large eight-way scrolling levels while rescuing their comrades who are being held by aliens. After they have rescued a certain number of hostages, the exit opens and they can pass through it in order to fight the end-of-level guardian. If this monstrosity is defeated, they are then able to move onto the next stage. Alien Syndrome features two player simultaneous gameplay and pickups which assist the player, including better weapons and maps of the current level. In 1988, the game was ported to the Master System, MSX, Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, and Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System (published by Tengen without a Nintendo license). Later, the game was ported to the ZX Spectrum (1989) Game Gear (1992) and Sharp X68000 (1992), the latter being the only arcade perfect port. The original arcade version of the game was reviewed in the July 1987 issue of Computer and Video Games, where Clare Edgeley described it as "one of the most gripping games" she "played in months", praising the Aliens like horror atmosphere, chilling sounds, special effects, graphics and gameplay. She stated it was "the first time the atmosphere and sheer addictiveness of a shoot 'em up has transported me to another planet" and concluded that it "is fantastic."[1] The Master System version of the game was reviewed in 1989 in Dragon, getting 2 out of 5 stars.[2] The game was also converted to polygonal graphics for the PS2 as part of the Sega Ages re-release program and included in the US version of the Sega Classics Collection (it was removed from the European version to receive a lower age certificate). This version has updated controls, adding the use of both analog sticks, similar to that seen in Sheriff, Robotron: 2084 and Smash TV. The original arcade game was also included as an unlockable in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. A sequel of the same name, Alien Syndrome, was released for Wii and PSP on July 24, 2007. - Quoted from Wikipedia
  12. Alien Syndrome Leaderboard POSITION USER NAME TOTAL SCORE 1 Floyd Turbo 54,000 2 GimmeClassics 45,200 Last Updated by hansolo77: 07-13-2019 Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for Alien Syndrome: ROMSet: AlienSyn Unknown: Off Lives: 3 Difficulty: Normal Timer: 150 seconds Special Rules: This is a Single Player ONLY Variation! Continues are NOT allowed! The green coloured default values match the Twin Galaxies settings. The red coloured values need to be changed! # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide: # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide: # general rules for submitting you hi-score:
  13. A lot of those games are on other systems. Whereas a few of those I think are sequels only available on the DC.
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