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  1. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    Don't you mean the 2nd guy, Mr. Third Place?
  2. hansolo77

    Mother of All Breaches

    Yeah he hooked me on LastPass. Seems to be working ok so far. I set up triple level security. They already guarantee the data is secured and nobody but you have access to your passwords because the databases are encrypted at time of creation. However, I have mine set up to also require a 6-digit PIN, which requires a phone app to generate (it changes every 30 seconds). My 3rd level is that the app I have on my phone will only unlock the app with my fingerprint. It's a little annoying at times, but I'd rather open the app with a thumbprint (1) to get a code to type into LastPass (2) AFTER I've given it my Master Password (3), than worry about my account info getting hacked. MOST (not all yet) of my online accounts now have 20-30+ character randomly generated passwords which LastPass can create for you. You can even have it ask you to update/create new passwords every "X" days too. I've not tried setting that up yet. It's completely free, but they do offer premium versions which as far as I can tell only allows you to share your keys with somebody like a family member should you die or something. I guess that would be nice, but unless I'm a millionaire, I don't see why my brother would need to access my bank account or email even after I die. I'm sure the banks have a way to verify him and verify I'm dead for him to get access and/or pay my bills.
  3. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    You guys are still way better than me. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  4. hansolo77

    Games You'd Like to See!

    Sure, glad to add it!
  5. hansolo77

    Vs. ExciteBike

    Jerks! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  6. hansolo77

    Time for an Upgrade!

    I've been dabbling with Raspberry Pi's for probably 3 years or so now. I'm starting to get more and more comfortable with the environment, and learning how things work with it. But, alas, I'm starting to become irritated with the hardware limitations of the Pi. Specifically for Retro gaming. The Pi 3B+ is only just BARELY capable of running a handful N64 games. There are lots of games for that system I'd love to play. Also, there are only a couple of games for the PSP and Dreamcast that the Pi is just remotely capable of playing. I've given up on the idea that I'll be able to play PS2 and GameCube games. But it doesn't have to be that way. Sure, I can build a dedicated gaming machine. But I'm limited to something in a huge case or spend a ton money on something like ITX. That's what led me to discover ODROID. Their XU4 device is a small SOC form factor, only a little larger than the Pi. They have a C2 model too that is practically identical to the Pi. The C2 supports 4k output (wow) whereas the XU4 actually has better "under the hood" equipment. Both are capable of gigabit LAN (Pi is still sitting at 100mb). Both have eMMC capabilities whereas the Pi only has MicroSD. Both are superior to the Pi in terms of onboard RAM, CPU speed, etc. Although not for me, both can run Android as well as Linux (whereas the Pi's are limited to Linux). The XU4 has 2 USB3.0 slots, Pi's are only USB2.0. It's a no brainer. Not to mention there is a growing community of users who swear by XU4 as being nearly perfect for retro gaming! So I've made my decision and I'm building a new system using the XU4! ODROID-XU4 - Currently on sale from the manufacturer for only about $10 more than the Pi! ODROID-C2 - Same form factor as a Pi but with 4k video! Perfect for Kodi! I intend to fill this thread with my building progress like I did my "NintendoPi" so it can help other would-be builders. I've already got an order processing. But here's a breakdown of what my plans are: Take my time and do it right! Once I got the ball rolling, it was easy to do rush jobs and hacks to make the system work. I really want to have a solid piece of quality. So that means no crappy drilling and sawing unless absolutely necessary. Most likely going in another NES case. The internal capacity of the case is ideal for hiding cables and things that would otherwise take up too much space inside some other case like a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. I also like the nostalgia look of the case, it instantly screams "retro". I'm ditching what I did with the current NES as far as controllers go. I pulled out all the stops by having the NES controller ports run to a USB encoder as well as installing 2 DB9 plugs in the case so I could have ATARI/SEGA controllers too. It's nice, but really unnecessary. I NEVER use them. So instead, I'm going to keep everything simple with USB and Bluetooth. The XU4 doesn't have built-in Bluetooth (or wifi, unlike the Pi's, unfortunately) so I ordered a dongle. I'll just get some inline USB adapters for my other controllers. I'd like to rid myself of having those huge ugly adapters inside the case. It was a great design idea that did work, but the way the device gets it power is different. I'll have to experiment and see where I can take this. I plan on running this on Linux with RetroPie again. I'm familiar with the system now and migrating shouldn't be that difficult. Still, GameEx would be awesome!! (hint hint). I'm going to stretch this out as my 2019 project. You know, keep me sane and not depressed, etc. Planned system name: RETROID. Step one at taking my time and doing it right is acquiring the hardware. That requires a few steps too. PHASE ONE - Computer ODROID-XU4 ($49.99) - On Sale! 5V6A Power Supply ($12) - Extra Amps for Hard Drive 16gb eMMC Module ($14.90) - Replaces the MicroSD for up to 7x faster speed! USB eMMC Module Writer ($9.90) - I need this to read/write backups of the eMMC Wifi Module ($7.90) - v5A, Supports dual band Bluetooth Dongle ($3.80) - v2, Supports v4 BLE technology Total: $97.50 ---------- PHASE TWO - Hard Drive 4tb ($99.99) - Mostly Likely Candidate ---------- PHASE THREE - Case NES Classic Case ($??.??) - To Be Determined At this point, Phase One has been ordered. Once I receive the device and the other bits, I can start building. The Hard Drive will come after more money is available. I might buy it locally rather than online, depends on how the costs look when I'm ready to buy. I know I want 4tb because I intend on having more systems installed, and the newer systems are much larger in filesize. My current build with 1tb is reaching max capacity. I also plan on having a similar setup to my current one, where I have video screenshots, so that eats up a lot of space. So right now, I'm waiting for delivery! Stay tuned...
  7. hansolo77

    The Punisher

    Sure seems like it! Jump from 4th to 1st! That's some epic punishing right there! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  8. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    Nope, I still can't make it past the 10th guy lol! Updated OP, DP, RSS
  9. hansolo77

    Poll: 2nd GOTQ 2019

    My experience with Alien Syndrome is unique. But then again, everybody's experience with EVERY game is going to be unique. Way back when I was a kid, we had an Atari 800. For Christmas one year, our Grandma found a used Sega Master System at a garage sale. She bought it for $10 and gave it to us as a gift. We only had 2 games, Black Belt (which came inside an Alex Kidd box, but no Alex Kidd game sadly), and a combination cart of Hang-On and Safari Hunt (although, like before, it was missing something, the light gun!). So a few months go by, and my birthday comes up. I got 2 games, and picked them both. Lord of the Sword and Alien Syndrome. Well honestly, Lord of the Sword we got at Toys R Us (the only store around to buy games from) and Alien Syndrome was a garage sale find. Anyway, history aside, I found a lot more enjoyment playing Alien Syndrome than I did with Lord of the Sword (although Hang-On probably got the most use). I think I made it Level 5 once, but it was so long ago it's hard to remember. One thing I DO remember though is figuring out that the 9-pin controller plug matched the Atari's, so I was able to play it with a real joystick and not that severely uncomfortable thumb pad. It's design was similar to what we're all used to now, but this one was a big square pad with raised bumps to indicate the compass directions, unlike current gen stuff which has no bumps, or they're recessed into the pad. Your thumb definitely felt it after a while! So the joystick was a great improvement. Not to mention it was what Dad was familiar with, which meant we could play together.
  10. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    OH wow cool! I didn't even notice I was close to 5000! Don't be too embarrassed about low scores. There's still 7 "good" spots available. Even if you have the worst score, if only 4 people post scores, you're in the top 4! Personally though, I usually try to at least get recognized in the game (providing initials etc). I'm not even close to that yet!
  11. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    Oh man I hated those games, felt like I was killing the joystick! Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go!
  12. hansolo77

    GOTQ: Kung-Fu Master

    I tried playing a little of this last night. I really SUCK. Is there a trick to avoid or get out of the holds the guys get on you? I'm walking along, doing pretty good, then all of a sudden one guy grabs me and I'm stuck. Sometimes 2 or 3 guys at once and my life bar just drains super fast and it's game over. There's gotta be something I'm missing.
  13. hansolo77

    Green Beret

    Classic Mario right there! Nice score too, after taking a certain player off the board, you're now in first place! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  14. hansolo77

    Bank Panic

    Nice run! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  15. hansolo77

    Mat Mania

    Well, in the spirit of "fun and friendliness", I'll just ignore you posting a better score than me. Updated OP, DB, RSS