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  1. Yes, the download link showed back up after 24 hrs. Downloaded now, to install this weekend. Thanks!
  2. I’ll give it another go in 24 hrs then. Thanks for the link. I’ll have to look at donating to help support the site.
  3. Yesterday I was trying to get PinballX 3.47. Being new, I created an account and started downloading the setup file. My internet is dodgy in the garage where I temporarily have my hand-made cabinet set up so it failed after a few megabytes. Then the whole site went down with the 503 error (now resolved). But now when I go back to the PinballX 3.47 page to download it says: Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. Is there some sort of waiting period after creating an account before downloading, and my partial download yesterday caused the site to go down? Or all a coincidence? Looking forward to finally getting my software setup finalized instead of launching tables manually. Is the download for 3.47 working, or something with my account?
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