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  1. I would try launching your visual pinball exe & going to Preferences>Configure Keys and make sure the Disable ESC Key is checked.
  2. scutters- thank you for the suggestion. Changing the main executable in the settings to vpx from vp9 seems to have fixed the issue. That change alone seems to allow for the latest score/high scores to be saved. I just left the alternateexe tags in the xml files for the vpx tables in place (since there are many to change) and added alternateexe tags to the couple of vp9 tables that are in rotation. Did a check at that point & all seems good! Interestingly, both the VPX and VP9 tables seem to remember scores doing it this way. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi there- I was hoping to get some help for an issue that I have with VPX tables when running them through PBX. I have the latest version of PBX (3.59) after updating from an older version (from 2016) and have noticed that VPX scores are not remembered once exiting back to the PBX frontend. This is a new issue since updating PBX (the first update I did was to 3.54 then to 3.59 from my old version). High scores are being saved for FP tables without issue. I've checked the NVRAM path in the pinmhi.ini file & it looks correct. I saw a previous thread on this and someone suggested exiting from the VPX table by pressing QQ on the keyboard (and then I can press the exit button to get back to the PBX list of tables). I can confirm that this leads to the last score being saved, but I was wondering if there is a fix or adjustment in my settings that can be made so that pushing the PBX exit button on my cabinet will also save the scores without having to press QQ. If I run the table directly through VPX, there is no problem with the scores being saved. I have one system set up for VP (which uses one of the VP9 exe's by default) and the VPX tables are being loaded with the alternateexe command in the VP database. PBX is being run as admin. I'll attach log.txt, pinballx.ini, and pinemhi.ini below. Please let me know if other info is needed. Appreciate any assistance/insight! SR log.txt
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