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  1. Ok when I leave GameEx on for 2 days or more it only downloads from the Gameex repisitory. If I used the EmuMovie Sync I get all my missing files. It's not connecting to EmuMovies. Is there anyway I can test the connection?
  2. Am I suppose to get the same downloads as if I were using EmuMovies Sync?
  3. I'm pretty sure GameEx Arcade Edition is not logging into emuMovies. I tried installing it from a different PC and I'm still getting the same thing. In the past when I would log into GameEx it would show logging into EmuMovies at the bottom. Then it would start downloading downloading artwork for different systems. LogArtWorkDownload.txt
  4. I still don't think its connecting to emumovies. The only videos that are downloading are the ones in the gameex repository. I have attached updated logs. log.txt LogArtWorkDownload.txt SetupWizard.log GameEx.ini
  5. I resigned in with my emumovies account. I'll let it run for day or so an see if it's working.
  6. Ok here are the attached logs. GameEx.ini log.txt LogArtWorkDownload.txt log_lastsubmitted.txt GameExOnlineLog.txt
  7. I noticed that GameEx Arcade Edition is not downloading snaps, titles, video backgrounds, and videos for the following systems: Sega Saturn, Nintendo Game Cube, and Sega Dreamcast. I manually download images and videos from emumovies and it worked fine. Could it be something with the script?
  8. Ok cool got it. Thank you.
  9. For example lets say GameEx scans my SNES games. Super Mario World comes up with no title image. Two months later a title image for Super Mario World is uploaded to EmuMovies or the GameEx repository. Will GameEx automatically detect the newly added image and update it?
  10. Hi, Just curious will GameEx download images or videos that were not found automatically, if they are added to the download site (EMUMovies) later?
  11. Fixed it I had to comment out INGAMEJOYSTICKCOMBO=0: [INGAMEJOYSTICKCOMBO] # Joystick combo for use in game to pause the system and show the menu. #INGAMEJOYSTICKCOMBO=0
  12. Under JOYSTICK for back i have button 6 set on my arcade controller. When i launch a game in MAME and press button 1 on my arcade controller it exits the game as if it was the back button. Button 1 was the default back button when I originally installed GameEx. I don't know how to change it to make it button 6. [JOYSTICK] # To assign more than 1 button to a control, seperate with | # Button Number starting a 0 # # For directions use: # Left 200 # Right 201 # Up 202 # Down 203 # POV Left 300 # POV Right 301 # POV Up 302 # POV Down 303 Left=200 Right=201 Up=202 Down=203 Select=7 Back=6 Shift1_Paging= Shift2_Volume= PrevTrack= NextTrack= StopStartJuke= custominput.ini
  13. I'm using the arcade version of gameEx. I changed the defualt back button to a different button on my arcade. When I load a MAME game the default back button is still active. I can't find where to change it in the config file.
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