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  1. Yes, I am certain. I reinstalled 3.76 right after the error and restarted the video capture via game manager and everything was processed correctly.
  2. Tom, I may have spoken too soon. If there are multiple tables queued up for recording, only the first one is captured properly. It attempts to launch the succeeding tables but only stays on for a couple of seconds and nothing gets recorded. Log attached. log-3.94.txt
  3. Thank you! I had mine on the default settings. Copying the LAV settings from that post fixed the playback issue.
  4. Thank you. The video capture appeared to have worked this time using the replacement exe. However, they are not playing inside of PinballX. They play fine in VLC. I also have the LAV codecs installed. Is there a recommended set of codecs to install?
  5. Uploaded 2 logfiles. One for working 3.76 and one for non-working latest 3.93.
  6. Updated post to include log and config file. For the purpose of this example, I just tried to record one DMD video. If I revert back to version 3.76 without changing any settings, it starts working again.
  7. I have used Game Manager to record videos on my 3 screen setup with no issues. However, starting with version 3.77 and up, it is no longer working. Is there any way to disable the Nvidia capture feature that was implemented starting with this version? I am running an AMD Radeon RX580 card with 2600X cpu and 16GB ram. PinballX.ini log_3.76-working.txt log_3.93-notworking.txt
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