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  1. Hmmm. I’ll check task manager next instance and report back. It may be a while because both times it was after it was in attract mode for a few hours. We’re headed out on a sailboat Saturday for a week. Can’t get the cab on the boat even though I would like it!
  2. Attached are three logs from the LOG folder. However, the frontend was behaving normally when I captured these logs. I will try to capture a log the next time I see the wheel moving several spaces with each press of the flipper button. I regret to say I am using the VirtuaPin controller. Controller works superb but accompanying plunger is giving me grief! Lane [SETTINGS].log log.txt SetupWizard.log
  3. 800 tables! When I started on this hobby I remember telling my wife that "I only want a few, really good tables loaded". Now six months later I am at 90 tables. Loading new tables is addictive! However I hope I don't get close to 800. Just going around the wheel would get tough the more tables that are loaded. I am intentionally not doubling up on tables. I stay away from two versions of the same table and just pick the one I like best and get rid of the culls. Right now I am on the fence with my FX3 tables. I love the graphics but get bored with the game play. I currently have about six on the wheel just because it is fun to show the graphics off to newbies. Same with VP9. I have one table (Kiss/Scooby Doo) that I really love. All the others I have deleted as VPX versions are created. Like I said earlier it is all so very addictive! Good luck with your trimming down. Lane
  4. I have noticed twice this week that after PinballX runs in attract mode for a length of time the game selection becomes erratic. When I press a flipper button the wheel will jump forward several games at a time. If you launch a game and then exit back to the front end the bug is removed and a flipper press only moves forward one game as it should. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I am using 4.06 version. As an aside I am really enjoying Pinball X. I have gone through and added topper, audio ect. to all my games. It is really a slick streamlined front end in my opinion. Keep up the great work! Lane
  5. Love the new loading GIFs. Thanks so much. Were getting quite a variety. Very talented work.
  6. The new "light" GIFs are absolutely perfect. You nailed it! Lane
  7. Private message sent. Thanks for all the work on this. They are a great addition to the table! Lane
  8. I am using these GIFs and they are working great. I wish that they were a little more visible on the playfield but that is probably a function of the overlay software and not your images. Lane
  9. Are the playfield images coming up randomly for you guys using the new option? I tried it yesterday and today and for example when launching spiderman I might get a playfield image of KISS table. For the time being I am back to using the derandomizer plug in and table image folder option.
  10. I installed the latest version and am using Loading images (png) that I created through PinballX recorder. I have activated PBXLoadingImage in the PBX plugin manager. I still am getting random table image displays while loading. I have attached the two logs. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Lane Edit: I got it fixed. I had "use loading images" in the general settings when i really needed "use loading folder" selected. As a side note the new "use loading images" selection was giving me random table images. I would have thought that new setting would use the table image for the table that was loading at the time. O well. Your plug in is working great. I just need to teach myself how to layer a gif on top of the table image and merge them. PBXLoadingImage_log.txt log.txt
  11. Good morning guys, I like the addition of the loading image support. However I need some special instruction I guess! I downloaded version 3.77. I reran pbx recorder and recorded table images for all my tables. I see them in the pbx>media>table images folder. I copied them to the pbx>media>loading images folder. I am getting random table images and they are rotated 90 degrees when I select "Use loading folders" in the general settings. When I select use playfield images in the general settings I get a gray screen with the "animated loading pinwheel" overlaid. A few tables correctly display the table image with the "animated loading pinwheel". I can not figure out the problem as I recorded all the table images uses pbx recorder and had no table images prior to doing the auto record. Do I need to create a "playfield image" folder somewhere and place the recorded images in it? Any help would be appreciated. For the time being I have removed all the playfield images from the loading images folder and I am back to the default "loading" image that came with the install. I don't see any error messages in the log files. Thanks, Lane
  12. I noticed this today after I upgraded to latest release of pinballX. I had to use task master in windows to exit a VPX game if using pinballX. Glad to see it’s not just me. I scratched my head for two hours on this issue. Glad I haven’t updated my cabinet yet.
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