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  1. Thanks. It’s curious. GameEx has the update option, but not evolution. I will patiently wait for a nudge in the right direction. I suspect a few data files need deleting. Let’s see.
  2. Hi, Is there a guide somewhere for setting up gameex online? Would love to play mame games from work, instead of actually working. You know, on lunch break. ;-) Any help appreciated. I did register so I have access. Just cannot find a write up. Respectfully Tony
  3. Now that is a relative term. I spent total about 20 minutes on site. I apologize if I I offended. No disrespect , you work is excellent.
  4. Hi, I am new here. Before I pay and register, I have a couple of questions. Is development in GameEx evolution dead? I see nothing recent. And a lot of posts go no further than 2018. Can someone please share any info on the status of the company and GameEx Evolution? Resepectfully Tonycubed2
  5. Hi, I started with about 2000 zipped rom files, added today about 6000 more. But my game count in gaemeex evolution is the same!! What am i doing wrong? I tried moving the files in : E:\GameEx Evolution\UserData\Cache\Data and the program recreated them, but count is the same. I tried in setup wizard to audit roms, no difference. Any help appreciated. I included a copy of log files. Edit: I have found that if I uninstall gameex and delete all its folders, and reinstall, that it sees the new roms. But that is not efficient, obviously. Hoping for a better way? edit: I meant to post this in GameEx Evolution / General if someone can move it? Tonycubed2 [SETUPWIZARD].log [GAMEEX_EVOLUTION].log
  6. Roger! Color me noob here. i apologize.
  7. hello gang. i installed gameex evolution 3.3.0 just now, and I got it configured so it shows all the games. but it does not launch them. i see the nag screen counting down, it gets to 1 and oemtimes 0 and then plays a winding down kind of sound effect, and stops. I can alt f4 to close it but i cannot click on anything until i exit and relaunch program any help appreciated. MAME.ini MAMEUI.ini
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