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  1. Hi all. First time l've needed to put a query out there. I've tried searching the forums but can't find a resolution here, hoping someone can help me out. I've setup PinballX (latest version) as my frontend. I initially had 12 tables up and running and everything was running great. (Some vp9, but mostly vpX tables). In the past few days l've added another 10 vpX tables to the mix. They all run great standalone in vpX. But when I try to load them via PinballX I get an "Visual Pinball cannot load a version of that table" error. Sometimes, but not always, followed by " This file is corrupt" error. What I've noticed is that PinballX appears to be trying to load the tables via vp9 (as the vp9 program has been loaded up and l can see it on screen when the errors appear) instead of running them in vpX. I have set them up in GameManager, and have also added the "alternateexe" code in the database xml, but it doesn't appear to be working. Strangely the original tables l setup still load fine in PinballX, it's only the new ones that are effected (plus "Spider-Man_VPX_1.1.vpx" which started doing the same thing a week or two earlier. Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers
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