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  1. I'm pretty new here myself. But, if I remember right, it wouldn't let me download anything until I logged in and I think I had to verify my email address... but, obviously you're logged in.
  2. I tried the one that Freezy had posted on that thread, 1.53, but it didn't change anything. The release notes for 1.72 says that " Update Pinball FX3 memory grabber to work with latest release (thanks NoEx) " I'm at a loss. I don't see version 1.73 available.
  3. So, I am still having this issue with the Williams and Bally tables on FX3. I am running dmdext v1.7.2. Using a pindmd3. It works fine on all of the other tables. My command: dmdext.exe mirror --source=pinballfx3 --no-virtual --quit-when-done Sorry to revive this old post, but it seems that you guys resolved it yet it is not working for me. Also, this is my first post on this forum because, thanks to all of you guys, I have been able to take care of all of my issues just by reading what you already had posted. Thanks for that!
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