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  1. well guys, i don't know how to say it....let's get this straight , i apologize for my dumbness, i'm a moron. pbx wasnt set to run as admin, whle fx3 is. that was the problem i'm sorry for my mistake and for making you lost your time thanks tom for your last advice that pointed me to the right direction
  2. ok, no good news, for me. i've tried everything. pbx 1.47 32bit, and 64 bit. then back to 1.74 both 32bit and 64 bit. almost the same result. the only difference is that with the older version as you can see it "stays" in the game a little bit more. then it suddenly get back to pbx menu now i'm stuck, but i'm 100% sure it worked before upgrading (in fact statistics says tha i've spend a lot of time in fx3) after all those tries, i played and hour straight on the same fx3 table, outside pbx ;( here some files if anyone is able to help me out thanks for your time log.txt PinballX.ini log.txt PinballX.ini
  3. Ok, then i Will try later and post results over here. But i Will notice any difference from 64 to 32 bit? There should be any disadvantage?
  4. Ohhhhh What do i miss if i install 32 bit version of last pbx build?
  5. Not sure about that mate, I don't remember honestly. Do you think it has something to do with this? I'm sure that the version i have right now Is 64 bit....
  6. 3.47 I have updated to last one a couple of days ago. I was having issues with scutters statistic plugin. Haven't changed anything else, same pinball fx3 installation
  7. Lol, he resolved Just with no space in launch cmd? I Will try later, but i doubt this Is the problem. Will let you know
  8. "Iffy" or not, It should work in Pinball x as It works outside Pinball X. I'm making test on cab before buying a game i can't use on It I don't understand why Pinball X exits the game without any reason, with an older version It worked....
  9. i'm having an issue with latest version of pinball x. vpx works flawlessly, but when i start pinball fx3 within the frontend, it launches, it loads the table, then suddenly shuts it down after few seconds and return to the main menù outside the frontend fx3 works like it should any idea why this happens? thanks for help log.txt PinballX.ini
  10. In the video above from Mike da Spike, in system menù he has tables videos cycling. How can i do this?
  11. Thanks scutters for you work. I really appreciate this plugin, and thanks for helping me out. Could be cool to sort out how to rotate and put this cool plug-in on the playfield monitor
  12. Thank you all guys, now It Is working.
  13. Haven't had time today to try It out mate, i Will let you know tomorrow, for sure
  14. Now It shows up on plugins, but when i click configure nothing happens. (In the while i have updated Pinball x to latest build) And It shows up on playfield monitor, but since i can't configure It, It Is rotated at It takes half the screen ahahah
  15. ok mate, i have tried your other plugin, and it shows up correctly in plugin manager https://ibb.co/wYLNJDL defender and uac are totally disabled windows is 10 home 64bit pinballx version you can see in the 2 files you requested to see: again, thanks for helping log.txt PinballX.ini
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