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  1. I also would love to go directly to the mame wheel. Also, showing wheel logos on top of screensaver videos and adding the same functions for screensaver to AE will be great.
  2. Hi there, new to this forum and this frontend. The name is Olli, I'm from Germany and into arcades and pinball for 16 years. Just got a lifetime membership. I'm used to setting up other frontends and some things are more obvious than others. I tried to search around the forum but couldn't find specific information on my problem. I have two questions and I hope to find some answers without having to open two threads. First, I want to have videos as screensaver. Wiki tells me there is a Video Ratio option for screensavers. I don't have it. Only options are mame games. What am I missing? Second, is it possible to skip the first screen on bootup? I'm using a single setup with only Mame on one "wheel". So I would like to enter the "all games" section right on startup. Is that possible? Thanks for all the efforts with this great frontend! Olli
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