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  1. Thanks for playing around with it! I am traveling for work this week so i am pinball-less until Friday...feel better and have a good week.
  2. Been following this thread for a bit and had no issues with this setup because of you guys...thanks so much! Question/curious...the "Extra" category that has Story, Campaign, and Zombie Invasion tables i wouldn't mind having in my Pinballx menu. I dont know how you guys find the table names as they are encrypted/scrambled in Steam unlike FX3 tables. Would we be able to add the Extra category (like Deluxe recently) and find out table names? And hell while we are at it Wheels would be nice! Just thinking as those 3 might not be for everyone but I am the OCD gotta have it guy... Thanks again everyone!
  3. Nice thanks for the heads up...I just did the same.
  4. Anyone know how to grab the table name for the latest table released "Star God 2019" ? I'm guessing it could be stargod2019 or something like that and could do some trial and error but i honestly have been relying on just finding it here! Thanks for everything so far
  5. Hi all...long time lurker on all subjects...finally setup a login to DL a few things and now after finding pretty much all answers by searching and not being a kind of person who just posts without research i just cant figure this issue i have out. So this is working great for me launching all my Zaccaria tables...this is FANTASTIC! My issue...if i "pause" the table (default 'p' for Pinballx) it pauses and goes back to the Pinballx screen where you can resume and such as normal. This function works just fine with VP and FX3. However with this it DOES go to the Pinballx pause screen like i said...but when trying to resume it just goes to black screen. I first just thought it might take an extra few seconds but it just sits at black...if I ALT+TAB i can see Zaccaria window and if i click on that it comes back up to Zaccaria in its usual "pause" menu. Anyone else have this issue and or is "pause" something that might need to be worked in? Its not critical of course as i can get to tables and exit out as needed but with my kids 3 and under i seem to need a way to pause! Thanks in advance and thanks for all the work i see everyone doing around here
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