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  1. Version 1.0.0


    No Good Gofers Animated Backglass WMS_No_Good_Gofers.mp4
  2. WMS_No_Good_Gofers View File No Good Gofers Animated Backglass WMS_No_Good_Gofers.mp4 Submitter ImagineVP Submitted 12/05/19 Category Topper Videos  
  3. Can someone please point me to where I can find table videos for PFX3 Williams, Universal, and Bally tables. Thank you!
  4. You don't select it in the game manager. Look in the backglass folder in the Pinball X folder and copy the .mp4 file to it. Make sure the .mp4 is named the same as the static version it's replacing. That's it. This will now play in-game for Visual Pinball versions of the table. (you might have to repeat these steps for the various table softwares within their own file structures) For Pinball FX3 versions, unfortunately they do not allow for in-game use of video files for backglasses. It will show up in the Pinball X front end selector still, but will switch back to the static version when in-game on PFX3.
  5. Someone here messaged me stating that they were trying to download my animated backglasses that I am freely sharing here and were not able to as a message kept popping up that stated they needed to pay $50. Can someone explain whats going on here??
  6. NEW / final version of Jurassic World has been uploaded. Enjoy.
  7. I find myself playing the new FFX classic tables more than any of my 400+ tables on my cabinet these days. Because of this, I do think the majority of my future animated backglass offerings will be PFX tables. Hurricane will be added to offerings in the near future. Unfortunately, some of these backglass originals don't have the same animated potential as others so that also places a big factor in my choices.
  8. Thanks. I just wish I had more time to do al I want to do! Yes, my Champion Pub and Medieval Madness animated backglasses are located here for download in the Pinball X Topper section. Champion Pub is complete while Medieval Madness is still a work in progress, but you can download the current state of production until I update it with newer versions as I get closer to finishing it. P..S. I now have my eye on Hurricane...
  9. I just uploaded my final version of my KISS animated backglass. Enjoy. Made some changes and tweaks: The sweeping close-up effect is now the shape of the KISS logo. Paul blinks and puckers his lips. Peter blinks and Ace's eyes light up. Gene does Gene. Now loops seamlessly.
  10. Version 2.0.0


    animated backglass .mp4 videos
  11. Universal - BTTF - animated backglass View File animated backglass .mp4 videos Submitter ImagineVP Submitted 05/15/19 Category Topper Videos  
  12. Version 2.0.0


    animated backglass .mp4 videos
  13. Universal - Jurassic World - animated backglass View File animated backglass .mp4 videos Submitter ImagineVP Submitted 05/15/19 Category Topper Videos  
  14. Version 2.0.0


    animated backglass .mp4 videos
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