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  1. That did the trick! Brilliant stuff. Thanks a bunch!
  2. I tried this early on and did so again this morning. No luck. The backglass image does seem to be processing the image in 1024x768 but then filling the rest of the screen with black, so even if I try to move it only say 150 or 300 pixels on the x axes it registers no change.
  3. I just started using PX about month ago, as I just started working on a cab solution (didn't bother with a frontend for my desktop gaming) I do have the extend display option on, so it behaves like one extended desktop across both screens. I tried the Pinballx64.zip exe file and I got the same result. The backglass image is being processed but behind the menu system and not on the second display.
  4. I didn’t notice dropped frames on the back glass but did notice them on the Playfield. When I moved to the two chipset solution, I got a much smoother game experience, especially on vpx tables.
  5. I just installed 3.37. Sadly no change.
  6. I plugged both monitors into the nvidia card and sure enough it works (granted, it flipped the monitors, but that's not an issue. Sadly the nvidia drops frames when running both screens. I'd hate to give up the backglass being punted off to the onboard card if I can avoid it.
  7. Yes. On Display 1 and Display2 I get the backglass behind the PF effect when exiting PX. On Displays 3-5 I don't. I am using both video cards. The backglass is running through the onboard videochip and works fine in VP. Do you mean switching monitors?
  8. I changed the settings as Outhere suggested and still getting the same results. but now I do see the backglass image for a split second when exiting out of PX (its apparently located right behind the playfield).
  9. I just installed the latest version. The backglass is still not showing up but now when I alt-tab I can see the full backglass image but it's not appearing on display 2. log.txt PinballX.ini
  10. Hi everyone, I can't seem to get backglass images to appear in PinballX. Playfield and wheel images work fine. I have DirectB2S turned off in settings. All I get is a normal blank screen on display 2. But when I alt-tab I can see that PinballX Back Glass is a running program. When I start table it runs normally but I do see that Backglass is showing a small fraction of the image on Display 1. Any help setting the settings of this routine, would be much appreciated. PinballX.ini log.txt [SETTINGS].log
  11. Yeah, right now I'm trying to do this on a budget (both for space savings and because I'm trying to sell the wife on it) The VP9 tables seem to run much more cleanly on my current rig... might have to add some ram in the near future though.
  12. I was thinking of that but was occassionally getting some frame skips using vpx. My hardware isn't the best in the world (i3 3220, internal intel graphics for the backglass and a GeForce GT 730 for the playfield. Only 4 GB system RAM. Was afraid vpx would simply kick me to the curve (especially with multiballs.
  13. I feel like a heel. Was just making breakfast and thought of the monitor switching as well. Sure enough, that did the trick. Thanks everyone! (I'm sure I'll run into more problems down the line, but this seems to have put me on the right track now.)
  14. Scutters: I ran setdmd and while I was able to manipulate the size of the dmd as well as the Y value, it seems to not be able to handle a negative number for the X position, even though the preview worked fine. (see attached images) Outhere: is that another add on or a function of VPX or PBX?
  15. Just tested. In both.
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