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  1. Chnged the settings in VP to fit my controller, Autoconfig was off. And now Start was volume down, left nudge worked And the others did nothing. VP settings are unchanged. PinballX.ini
  2. I have no idea where the button 1 settings are coming from. I reset them all to none, then reloaded PX, tried table, the nudge didn't work, but then they were back this way again.
  3. I stand corrected, my left nudge button is now the plunger.
  4. All the buttons work within Pinbll X (I have an 8 button cab running through a joypad card.) I can do all the controls within PX, but once I launch a table the only keys that work are on the keyboard. It doesn't recognize the buttons any more. When I exit VP, and PX comes back up, everything works again.
  5. scutters: The reposition of the X coordinte trick worked! Thanks! On the downside though, for some reason now my joypad button configs only work in PinballX but don't work in Visual Pinball! (just not recognized, had to go back to keyboard) I can set joypad configs in VP but then I have no way to exit back to PX. Sorry to be such a hassle...
  6. Scutters: Here are the current files. GAH1068: I had that problem and fixed it. In Vpinball 955 I get the tables working correctly, but not through PinballX PinballX.ini log.txt
  7. HI Scutters, I did as you recommended and it did in fact fix the fullscreen issue, but I'm back to the problem I had way back at the beginning of this post, the backglass isn't going to the second monitor but behind the main display. Any suggestions? Last time, Tom Speirs posted "fixed" exe for me but I'm not sure if the same exe will still work.
  8. Hi everyone, I had to take a break from my cab build due to real life. Physically its built, I tested it and it ran fine, but then I made the mistake of switching to an SSD and installing the lastest version of PinbllX. Now I can't get it to run in fullscreen mode and my old problem of the backglass showing up on the same screen has returned. Any help is appreciated. PinballX.ini [SETTINGS].log log.txt
  9. That did the trick! Brilliant stuff. Thanks a bunch!
  10. I tried this early on and did so again this morning. No luck. The backglass image does seem to be processing the image in 1024x768 but then filling the rest of the screen with black, so even if I try to move it only say 150 or 300 pixels on the x axes it registers no change.
  11. I just started using PX about month ago, as I just started working on a cab solution (didn't bother with a frontend for my desktop gaming) I do have the extend display option on, so it behaves like one extended desktop across both screens. I tried the Pinballx64.zip exe file and I got the same result. The backglass image is being processed but behind the menu system and not on the second display.
  12. I didn’t notice dropped frames on the back glass but did notice them on the Playfield. When I moved to the two chipset solution, I got a much smoother game experience, especially on vpx tables.
  13. I just installed 3.37. Sadly no change.
  14. I plugged both monitors into the nvidia card and sure enough it works (granted, it flipped the monitors, but that's not an issue. Sadly the nvidia drops frames when running both screens. I'd hate to give up the backglass being punted off to the onboard card if I can avoid it.
  15. Yes. On Display 1 and Display2 I get the backglass behind the PF effect when exiting PX. On Displays 3-5 I don't. I am using both video cards. The backglass is running through the onboard videochip and works fine in VP. Do you mean switching monitors?
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