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  1. Yes joyrider3774 I appreciate the help Im early with my cab and i've come along way with all the help from the good people here. Nice chatting with you Bye For Now
  2. thanks for your patience here joyrider My launchbingogameroom.ahk must be wrong or I am compiling it wrong. I have PinballX looking right and all the folders correct, the only thing is the script file.
  3. Hi Joyrider...thanks so much for helping. Unfortunately I still cannot figure this out and it is driving me crazy Here is the files you requested. Please take a look and see what im doing wrong... BingoGameRoom.xml PinballX.ini
  4. Hey guys.....Can't seem to get it working The games are in D drive in dir BallBingo. Just wondering if someone would help me along here and let me no where to put the files that are here thanks so much Love the Bally Bingo games as I played them over 40 years ago at local establishments.
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