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  1. Joyrider thanks for your last post on using F1 key
  2. Joyrider It was the settings within windows set to mute set to 100% and I have sound
  3. I will try a different vpx game and see about the sound Also was wondering if there is a area within the script that you can turn sound on. I will keep you posted
  4. I have checked inside preferences---> audio options and everything looks good
  5. Scutters no sound outside of pinballx. thanks
  6. Please look at the Other system setting and the vpx.xml file After checking to see if it would load up the VP10 game, it did load properely the game. However the Vp995 games all load up properely with sound, but I am getting No Sound on VP10 games.....I have checked sound settings which are the same as VP995. I think I am getting closer to figuring out theses problems and I do really appreciate the help from all users here.....a big thanks to everyone. Randy823 VPX.xml
  7. here is the xml file Visual Pinball X.xml
  8. Yes I see PinballX updated version to version 4. Question: As you see i am running version 3.56. If i update to the newer version will all my pinball x settings stay the same as the older version. Just wanted to make sure as I have spent many hours on setup. thanks
  9. screenshots would be appreciated thanks Mike_da_Spike
  10. The table Vp10 is in the tables that hold the VP995. Is that where they should be?
  11. Where is the vpx database xml files PinballX.ini log.txt
  12. thanks scutters This is the exact setup I have used. It still trys to load the Vp995 although the setup is exactly as you posted.
  13. Hi again here is a problem trying to set up pinballx to run VPX tables Im running visual pinball VP995 which loads up perfectly But trying to set up VPX using other systems area within pinballx While selecting the VPX table it does not load up the visual Pinball 10 table but VP995 trys to load it. Can someone explain the proper set up in PinballX. thanks In advance
  14. Yes thanks Joyrider for acknowledging this I tryed to get a hold of Pulpito Feroz_1 by email but no response so Im not sure what the problem is.
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