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  1. Pressing "I" works in the frontend without a game running so its working as you explained it. As I said before, I wasn't sure how that feature was implemented, only that it had a key command mapped. Many thanks Tom. Being able to see the instructions in-game is really cool via the pause menu.
  2. Thanks guys for the very fast response. The new install got the pause menu working! Now my next question is in regards to the "I" button for instructions, which still doesn't work for me. I can view the instructions through the now working pause menu but not with the "I" button. Since I've never had that feature working, does a press of the I just pop them up on the backglass without pausing the game? I just want to be clear what to expect with the feature. I've attached a log file for a session that had a table open and a few "I" presses before closing. The log doesn't appear to show that action. Thanks again! log.txt
  3. Also attached are the video settings for VPX in case that might be helpful.
  4. Hi, I've got a 2 screen setup going running VPX that's running perfectly except I cannot get the pause menu or instructions to pop up in-game. When I press P, for instance, nothing happens. No sound, no popup, nothing. All other functions seem to works fine and all tables play great with b2s. Maybe I've got a key conflict or something. I've included screenshots of the keymaps of pinball x and vpx as well as logs and such. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks PinballX.ini log.txt [SETTINGS].log
  5. Hello, I just installed a Servostik in my cab. While I can get it to switch between 4 and 8 way using Ultimarc's Joytray app, I'm having some issues getting it to work in Gameex. Version 1.3 doesn't show up in the setup plugins list when I dump the files into the plugins root directory. If I do the same with version 1.22, the plugin is displayed but when I fire up a game nothing happens. The log file does indicate something is awry. As always thanks for looking into this. Hopefully we can get 1.3 visible and working. log.txt GameEx.ini
  6. Thanks Tom for the quick update. All is well now.
  7. I noticed the same thing this week with my setup. I have a custom theme that is based on the default. The blue animated screen does not function unless I click through a few menus then DOES turn on as normal. Is it possible that a recent update has effected the loading of background videos? I also tried to update the LAV filters but had no success. GameEx.ini log.txt
  8. has not set their status

  9. When I upgraded from version 9.93 to 9.95 and most recently 9.99 and everything seems to work fine except for the Most Played List. Games from all other emulators are displayed, but not Mame. If I go under the Mame folder, however, they are all displayed correctly. This feature worked fine for me from 9.93 and before. Anyone else encountering this one?
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